Quick, to the Batphone!

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Eve Online
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So DeepSpace (yes ….that alliance) has several small towers in Detoid. Someone (ironically not us) reinforced most of them the other day, so when we discovered the timers we figured we would see what happens and go from there. We scouted them, and they had roughly 15-20 or so pilots, with a Sabre, Devoter, several Feroxes, and a Thanatos / Scythe repping their tower.

We formed a massive fleet of… 8 Caracals, 3 Scythes, and a Crow i believe it was. We figured we would go say hello. Once we get there… and land on their tower. Their fleet takes off. I believe they went into a different pos and waited. We noticed two things, their Thanatos was a little ways off the bubble… and it was using shield hardeners. Hoping to bait their fleet to come back, we bumped the Thanatos off the bubble and kept him away from it, while shooting him. Now bear in mind, they have us outnumbered, outshipped, have carrier reps + a couple of Scythes kicking around. They did the only logical thing and BatPhoned GClub to come save them…………. Seriously?

BattleReport (Local was up to almost 90, so more people were showing up that didn’t make the kills)

I have no idea why GClub would tolerate them. Why would you have such a terribad alliance living there… that’s obviously incapable of even making an effort to defend their own towers. When you have to batphone to save a carrier (who was under half shields when they arrived) to a couple of Caracals….why bother with them. Don’t get me wrong, our alliance isn’t exactly the top dog in the block for PvP and I know it. We at least make an effort to fight, and although as a general rule we are gettign blobbed left and right down here, we still are hholding our own. Our efficiency is as ungodly bad as it is due to the 30b in JF kills more so than our PvP…

In a side note:

This morning I went to run a 10/10 escalation I got, and apparently DeepSpace had more towers exiting reinforced, as I jumped in with my Raven / Cerb into a system with 20+ pilots. My Cerb (which had all the loot from said 10/10 warped away fine), but they caught my Raven. I thought I was going to kill the Heretic, but alas shield reps saved him. So they were definitely not afraid to PvP vs 2 ships… so I guess if it’s 10-1 odds they are willing to give it a go?

Anyway, Don’t forget to vote for CSM X. I doubt I’ll make it this year, as the big Coalitions have all stated their “required” people to vote for CSM and I’m not on it. If not though… I intend on running next year and trying to make a real campaign out of it.

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.

Vitri Recruitment
Diplomatic Immunity. Recruitment

  1. DeweyQ says:

    Great content both here as you write it up and in-game as you establish your new alliance and learn the ropes in null sec. Full disclosure: I am a GClub guy and your willingness to engage in fights is the same show of spirit that Brave Newbies originally showed.

    • Kasken says:

      Haha thank you man. Some of it is frustrating, as we have lots of experience in our group, and lots of younger null sec new guys. So when in a fleet, thing i take for granted (such as locking via broadcasts) a group doesn’t know and it causes complications. It’s fun though, and GClub always forms to fight, even if it is thirty frigates for our 10 guys killing a Mach 😉

      • DeepspaceBro says:

        Yeah….. On this one…..
        We were trying to bait you guys and see what you could bring and honestly we were hoping you would drop dreads on the thanny. Deeps did an excellent job baiting you guys but we were hoping for a bit larger of a fleet. We waited and waited and then eventually GClub piles in thinking we were not responding because you formed up too big. There was a bit of confusion as we were looking for big targets and there was just Caracals.
        We ended up blowing our load early on this one and hardly got any kills 😛
        Truth is we are normally uncontested in US TZ with the exception of the Wicked Creek guys and about 20ish that the Russians can field when they are lucky, but you guys creating content is super welcome and were glad to have you here 🙂
        We will try to form up cruisers and frigs for roams against you guys in the future.

  2. Chucky obrian says:

    Actually, if you’d like to know, we specifically told Deepspace to burn off and act derpity with the thanatos hoping you’d do something foolish like drop dreads. Unfortunately, you ended up being leaving it at caracals and Deepspace. ended up warping back to grid. At that point I just bridged in my ishtar fleet. On a personal note, I do feel bad blobbing 10 caracals w/ 50 ishtars.

    Keep bringing the fights though, everyone enjoys content.

    -Chucky o’brian

    • Kasken says:

      The Thanatos was trying to get back into the shield when we bumped him off…

      Either way, it’s been fun overall. Good content on both sides, with you guys “teaching” my younger guys by ganking them. They are getting better though, slowly but surely, now I just need enough numbers to challenge you guys in some of these fights 🙂

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