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On April 2, DIP will be two months old. This doesn’t seem like the most momentous of occasions, and in general, it really isn’t. However we have done more in two months than some alliances have done in their entire Eve careers.

DIP started in Stain, fighting the evil French. We moved from High Sec > Stain, then across Stain to the other end of it. For a small one corp alliance at that time… it was a rough move. Stain is pretty huge and we had one guy running the logistics then.

We spent a little time in western Stain, and then through some friendships and diplomacy, got offered a spot out in Detorid crashing on DRF’s couch. We moved our alliance (up to two corps by then) down to Detorid and setup shop. At this point Rolled Out’s guys had started playing again and come onboard as well.

We had a bit of a rocky start, losing 30b in JF’s our first month, immeasurable stupid high sec losses to Marmite and other various insane and idiotic things giving us a starting alliance  efficiency of 15%. There was some inter alliance arguments and debates of a strong and loud nature determining the path and how things would run. These are all of course growing pains that any new alliance would have while growing. We have since been working on fixing our efficiency and it’s just about to go green!

We sorted through it, and in month two we cleaned our house. The non PvP guys were either removed or left of their own volition. We have picked up a couple of PvP corps from our (at the time enemies), and they have culturally and PvP wise fit right in helping us out. Our overall number count is down a bit, only sitting at just over 200 pilots, but we are far better off than we previously were.

We successfully contested and fought for SOV, taking our first station. That fight became one of the brightest spots for PvP on the map that day, with people showing up from all around Eve to contest / fight. It’s a crappy station in a terrible system, but we earned it with billions in kills that day.

Right now where we sit, is just a numbers game. We’ve had shoutouts from our friends and enemies out here. We’ve appeared numerous times of Game of Sov updates. Most people out here who fight us respect us. Politically we have some connections now, and several entities have requested we fight for / with them. Are we relevant, maybe not. Are we starting to get a little bit known… yea. We have helped turn Wicked Creek from a mess of blues and staleness into one of the most active regions in Eve. We helped propel TEST getting invited here, and helped shift the dynamic of an entire region as a small no name 200 man alliance. I consider that an impressive feat for a two month old group of guys…

What the future brings, I don’t know. DIP needs more corporations that fit our culture, and willing to PvP with us. Our issue we face as an alliance right now isn’t skill, it’s size. The groups we fight out here we can match with skill, but their numbers are much greater than ours. We will continue to recruit PvP corporations that possess the same drive, desires, and willingness to work for something apart from a blue donut. We will seek high quality corps to join us out here, and make a difference in the small world of Eve…

To our enemies / neutrals / Friends out here… a shoutout:

GClub / DEEPS – You guys always keep it classy, and win or lose are great to fight. I’m glad you guys are out here and bring it… wish you weren’t N3!

TEST – You have added a pretty crazy amount of traffic to the region. It’s caused a shift from more small gang to medium, where your numbers hold you a step above most of us smaller guys. However, aside from the insane local sperg, the smaller fights we’ve had with you have been fun, and when NoFux aren’t involved you guys have been pretty chill so keep it up…

RANE/PEST – I can’t give you a PvP shoutout because you guys are incapable of doing anything for yourselves…

PFR – You guys are a blast to fight and show more heart than most groups I’ve met in game…

BLUE – You guys were great fun to fight, and currently are sitting on the same team… you guys keep dropping more guys in our fleet than anyone else and always show up when asked, for that I thank you.

DRF  – For my first dealings with Russians… DRF you guys have been great. You are letting a small alliance chill and grow in your space for nothing. You gave us a home and said here ya go, enjoy. Because of that we have been successful and are still growing / getting better. Thank you.

RA – I knew nothing about you guys except the fact you have been on and off the map forever. Greg, you have rocked, helped out when asked, and when not asked. You have remained in constant contact and have been a blast to work with… thank you.

Almost Awesome – You guys have definitely added a pretty crazy amount of content to the region and made Wicked Creek a pretty happening place…

DIP will continue to grow, get stronger, and keep on building ourselves up to be a PvP force to be reckoned with…

If you want to be part of the challenge, and not sitting there twiddling your thumbs in the circle jerk of the blue donut…

Vitri Recruitment
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CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


First a disclaimer. This blog is written by Kasken, the alliance executor of DIP. It is a completely biased personal opinion of myself. In general, it is not the official stance taken by my alliance, nor should everything I say be quoted as gospel (if you believe in that sort of thing).

I mention that because people complain how unfair and biased my blog is…. obviously. I am writing it.It’s from my perspective, colored by my take, and is used partially as propaganda to recruit for DIP. I’m not a journalist reporting “objectively”.  I write because I like it, and to get readers / feedback to improve. Boring bland pieces don’t attract much attention so….

Now that being said, Wicked Creek got even more ridiculous than usual. I was told a few weeks ago by PEST (Hellion Vlad) that he was calling TEST out here to absolutely obliterate NoFux (Almost Awesome) and I should choose my side carefully. TEST actually did come out here, ‘standing on their own” and were transferred a couple of systems. There was drama, BL/PL showed and more explosions happened. Politics, blues, reds, and everything else seems to change about 20 times a day out here.

DIP was unconcerned either way. We are still a small 200 man alliance, and we were obliterating RANE/PEST as both alliances… are, to be blunt, some of the most worthless groups I’ve seen in Eve. Neither of them are capable of anything in the slightest. The first station we took from RANE was fought over by PFR / DIP / third parties, not the owners. They have drawn their line in the sand for the station in M-M though. How do these elite sov holding PvPers hold this station one could ask…. by going “TEST PLEASE SAVE US!!!!!!!”

I’m not kidding, RANE has called in TEST to save their station / IHUB three nights in a row now. Last time they went so far as to get 10ish TEST carriers in the station to help rep it. I actually feel bad for TEST. Since they outnumbered us by a solid amount we didn’t fight them. They just killed the SBU and left. I wonder how much those two SOV systems and payment were and how long it will take before TEST realizes how useless their pets are…

I did think being told to choose a side was hilarious too. RANE/PEST are probably some of the worst flip floppers in Eve. Hey N3 thanks for the SOV… wait you want us to deploy and PvP, no thanks we are done with N3. Hey Gorgon, we welcome our new Russian overlords. Of course we will pay you for protection. Nevermind, we won’t pay you anymore. Oh help, DIP is attacking us, DRF/RA please make them stop we will pay you. Actually nevermind, TEST we welcome our new best Bro’s to Wicked Creek.

If a 200 man alliance could wreck them as easily as we have, when new SOV hits RANE is completely screwed unless they keep up their method of paying the entire world to save them,…

Now as far as TEST being in Wicked Creek…the region was pretty lively before. Small / Medium gangs were pretty common and many good fights were to be had. They’ve to some extent, ruined that partially. Their fleets are on average bigger, and more people are coming in to farm TEST in larger fleets as well.That being said, TEST does TEST things and allows for kills such as:

Lols Freighter

Either for good or for bad, TEST has completely changed the dynamic of the region, and turned it more into a mini Catch 2.0. Farmers are coming from all around, fleets are floating around more often, and GClub got a boost in US TZ as TEST helps them as well. DIP will keep on doing what DIP does, build numbers, poking at various entities around here, and pulling in more PvP corporations that want to break off the Donut. We are recruiting for those of you tired of tidi blob fests …. 😉

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

The politics of Wicked Creek… are one of the most insane, convoluted things I have ever seen. Seriously, I live here, and it’s a murky quagmire on fire inside a cave full of rotting eggs. That’s how pleasant the politics are.

That being said, this writhing mass of blues, frenemies, and in general savage debauchery… lead to some highly entertaining kills. Basically DIP continued our work assaulting RANE, which lead to a trading of SBUs and a reinforced station on RANE’s end. After all was said and done, we were told there was a dread floating gates down near TEST staging. So we burned off in that direction.

Upon arriving near the TEST hive, we were told by a neutral in local they had the Nag tackled off a gate. We went over to help, Nag jumped gate and we proceeded to kill it.

Lol Nag

Then we proceeded to jump into TEST staging, and head to their undock where a constant flow of things were docking / undocking. We killed tons of random things, probed stuff out, warped around, and in general caused some mayhem. We tried to fight a TEST fleet but they took off. Finally they came back and landed on our friendlies in system. We started heading towards them to engage…suddenly GClub appeared. Long story short… we weren’t bubbled, I hit fleet warp, nothing happened. I hit it again, and about 15 seconds after that the bubble appeared around us that had apparently been there the entire time. Local spiked into the 300s if I recall, like 374 or something.

The bad part of that… the logistics were farther from us and were successfully warped off. So our Navy Augs were pretty much whelped. Although… never fear, the mighty DIP still came out ahead in the ISK war even though we lost pretty much our entire fleet!


Wicked Creek, in my opinion, has more and better content than anywhere else in Eve right now. Small guys everywhere battling and brawling for space, justice, and the American way of life! Betrayals, backstabs, throat slitting, and shifting alliances are the normal course here. Wicked Creek feels like Eve the way it was designed to be, dangerous, dark, and all kinds of fuxed up. Like I keep saying, it’s been more fun in the last month than it has in the last year of Eve. I am having an absolute blast again playing.

DIP is getting some recognition now. Since we are showing up on battle reports, Booms Game of Sov threads, and being content generators we are poised to keep growing and getting better. The only issue DIP currently faces at times now is a lack of numbers. If I had a handful more solid PvP corporations, we would be an extremely solid force to be reckoned with…

Vitri Recruitment (Corp)
DIP Recruitment (Alliance)

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity

Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

Alright, so this weekend was pretty crazy with tons of events / politics / brawling.

So, first off… Blue Alliance is now blue to us. We didn’t want their SOV, just some income. They got in touch with us, and we laid out a deal that would benefit both sides, and standings were set. I will say, we have been fighting them and haven’t seen more than 20ish people in fleet. They showed up on Saturday to help us… and provided some solid numbers. I was pretty impressed with Blue in that regard.

So Phoebe Freeport Republic (PFR) has been busy hitting Rebel Alliance of New Eden (RANE). They have been SBUing systems, stations, and causing general havoc in their quest for “Freeports” scattered everywhere. We have had our eye on this, and had already picked out where DIP wanted to setup shop.

Amazingly enough, PFR did a great job and brought one of these systems to its final timer. We waited for this, and usher in the Bloody Sunday.

First thing we did was setup a “safe” tower in the target system 3Q-VZA. We had planned on doing it the evening before but… IRL got in the way a bit. I onlined the tower, setup a Corp Hangar and a hardener and went to get more things for our tower. We had a Direct Connect WH that had cut down the jumps to like four instead of 15 which was pretty cool. I cmae back to see 20+ bombers from PFR hitting our tower. Le Sigh!

We flash formed a small Caracal / Scythe fleet and brought them in to defend. We would kill a few, they would cloak up, come back, decloak and gank a scythe and repeat. Eventually, the station timer got too close to being out and both sides disengaged (with our shields well under 50% I couldn’t add any other modules to the tower either)…

Tower Brawl #1

We start our real formup, and watch PFR cyno in their caps (handful of dreads / carriers) and a Hel into system. At this point we are just watching the station timer tick down. PFR kept their caps in their own safe tower, even when station came out and sat on the gate waiting for us. We obliged them, and started to fight. This is where things got hairy. Eventually the brawl went to the station and since PFR was keeping their caps in their tower we dropped ours. Lots of them.

Now, since PFR did all the original work… and there was a single gate in system, they owned the SBU. After losing the subcap fight they promptly went over and turned off their SBU then restarted it onlining thus “Invuln” the station. We moved the fleet over to the SBU and started killing it. Once it popped we dropped our own SBU and started onlining it. Then, since we had all sorts of dreads and a super on field, we figured let’s go annoy PFR in their large annoyingly hardened tower. We are shooting it all happy when we get intel to the effect of… “RIP DIP caps”. Apparently somewhat nearby there was a wormhole to fountain. Supers were on the field and somewhere between 150-200 man CFC fleet was heading straight at us.

Our pilot (who has balls of steel or the intelligence of a rock depending on how you look at it) got himself bubbled up… a little ways off the one in gate to this system. Frantic dictor slaughtering began has a horde of CFC dictors and PFR dictors began bubbling the entire world. Eventually all things were killed, and all of our caps safed up in our tower. The rumor is, CFC fleet got mad as their WH collapsed after them, and they went in and reinforced all the station services in PFR home system due to this…

Station Timer Brawl #2 (Note the Abso lost is because he was 3x boxing and forgot to warp him separately)

So there were a few minro skirmishes and fun very small gang stuff happening while waiting for our SBU to online. Nothing overly serious. In this time we repped our tower to over 50% and added some additional mods to it… make it a bit rougher to shoot at.

Then… the timer came out. We dropped our Caps back on station with subcaps and PFR came in again for another fight. After we killed off a solid chunk of their Caracal fleet the reshipped to bombers and came back. We also had some Snails and Frogs guys show up in a 30ish man LML fleet of Flycatchers / Talwers. As the station went down to almost nothing PFR tried to ninja the station with a bomber fleet… involving all of us holding our breath until we saw who had actually capped the station.

Finish Him!

I will give mad props to PFR for fighting us throughout the entire day for this. I know there are only three reports, but it was hours of skirmishing. Our little brawl had the system as I believe the 3rd brightest red spot on the map throughout most of the day for activity / PvP. It was an absolute blast and PFR showed guts comign back again and again to brawl. I look forward to having them as neighbors 🙂

Diplomatic Immunity now owns our first SOV and our first station. We have plans to take some more, although we aren’t greedy. We are going for a constellation give or take and that’s it. I did get in touch with RANE last night and asked them if they were willing to just transfer over what we want… since they had no one show up to contest their system.

I was told there are backroom deals being worked and we will be told to stop taking their space soon… I’ll just leave this here and keep the Kasken Komments to myself there 😉 Yesterday was one of the most fun and draining days I’ve had in Eve yet. Hours of fighting, watching caps get bubbled to hell knowing a big ass fleet was on the way in, and our first station… work doesn’t seem quite as exciting today!

Want in on the action?

Vitri Recruitment
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Fly Dangerously my Friends


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


It has begun…

Most of you fine gents who read my blog know that Diplomatic Immunity. has begun beating on Blue alliance and taking their money moons. They finally, on the third system have decided to fight back and put out a rousing mail about it:

the way of thing
druid 99
Sent: 2015.03.18 17:54

the way of thing

not much to say guys we have been attaked buy d.i.p our poses are reo and we need to make a come back

so i need all carriers on standby we are gona fight them we are not just gona let them walk all over us like this yes they are us timezone so make sure every timer is set to eu
like we discused in the eu timezone we can get help in the us not so much

we need to continue to grow as an aliance

the fight back

we will be hitting there towers tonite we will not let this lie there will be a war in this we will show them that we as blue aliance are still here

so at this point i say this max numbers in fleet when a fleet gets called its a max number dont rat or mine please all hands on deck needed carriers will be widely used in this fight so be prepared
need all ships ready to go

this means tengus/caracals/bombers

rr carriers needed slowcats triage carriers

slowcat = heavly tanked carrier

so we fight bigtime we wont let them fuck us over

treat every op as i big big timer max numbers needed


Less than an hour later they tried to reinforce one of our towers and ended with this…

Reinforcement Failure

Now this being said… last night Blue did reinforce two of our undefended small towers. They manage to pull this heroic victory off, as we were taking a station system from them and didn’t realize our tower was getting hit as no one from that particular corp was online at the time. We found out right before the second tower reffed what they were doing. We went to engage but were a bit behind. We did manage to kill an Ishtar however.

However, in a single night the first Wicked Creek station system fell. We were greenlit from DRF to begin our assault yesterday afternoon in our TZ. DIP immediately went and SBUed 5H-SM2 and watched them start onlining. By the time I got off work we went and began to grind. Almost Awesome came in to assist and we finished off the TCU (with a brief break as we had to go shoot at Blue).

We sold a few TCUs to Almost Awesome who started anchoring / onlining them while we ground down the station. As there was no IHUB and the station / SOV were owned by different people… we flipped the station over to Almost Awesome. As of downtime 5H is in NoFux’s hands and we are prepping to start a serious push for DIP SOV.

This might not be a super massive war like Fountain…. but it’s way more fun. We are getting kills, taking the first steps to becoming a powerhouse, and having an absolute blast doing this. Another solid PvP corp dropped Blue and apped in to us. DIP is growing at a solid and steady pace…


Want to do something different… fly with us gents

Vitri Recruitment (Corp)
DIP Recruitment (Alliance)

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

Yesterday my friends…. was a fine day. I would even go so far as to say it ended up being a wonderful day. You see, we have been given the green light to fight over towers with Wicked Creek residents. Now, they tend to be upset by this but I will clarify our position a bit later.

So to start off our day, Blue alliance had a tower near us that was coming out of reinforced. My buddy let me know he was watching a Wreathe heading to the tower. I figured, hey , maybe this will get silly, grabbed my Sabre and went onto the gate while doing some admin stuff. Amazingly… he came through….He tried self destructing.

Free Moon Goo!

We finished off another Blue tower and continued on with our day. Well, it was a super nice day outside here, so I grilled some steaks that evening and had a nice dinner with the family… and retired upstairs to the computer to await what I thought was going to be a brawl with Blue Alliance over another tower. With a little time to spare, I accidentally discovered a ratting Archon. I swapped out my Bellicose (for random testing of it) to a Sabre and went back. Sadly.. the Archon was gone. But they replaced it with a Rattlesnake… Long story short…

Boom (Cyno ship was friendly killed cause he accidentally lit a cyno…)

After that we all grinned and went back to prep for forming and I popped over to Blue system in my Sabre again… just cause you never know. Indeed… this happened a a result…

More Moon Goo!!!

Soooooo zoom ahead to our actual tower bash. Blue didn’t form, and apparently didn’t relate to anyone that their tower had been hit. In sadness, we killed it and went to reinforce more stuff to get a fight… still nothing. Finally, we figured, why not and dropped into middle of Blue’s home system. We reinforced a tower there… and waited. Nothing. Then a miracle occurred, almost as if someone had let them know exactly where we were and what we were doing… the GClub bridging titan logged in.

Gclub popped on over with a small fleet (props for not going crazy blobbing us) and came straight at us. I don’t know if they just underestimated us… or had terribad intel (thank you whoever told them we were there) but… The fight ended as follows:

GClub Brawl

It was definitely a good way to cap the evening…

Clarification of DIP’s stance on Wicked Creek Politics.

We came down here as a small entity that no one knew. We aren’t blue to anyone here but our benefactors DRF / RA. There were a couple of other entities out here we were suggested to blue with as well such as Almost Awesome.

Since we have been out here, several different sides have approached us as we have grown stronger. I’d like to make something clear to everyone else out here. We aren’t a bottom of the totem pole around here. Everyone seems to have a seriously inflated sense of their worth. DRF / RA / Gorgon / GClub are the reasons anyone out here owns SOV. None of these other alliances (mine included) could exist in this area without the say so of said entities.

I keep being “offered” sov or moons. I am told there are NIPS in place for protection of everything. First of all, we have the blessing of the higher powers out here to do what we are doing. Second, most of the people who are offering us stuff… aren’t even in a position to keep what they own. Third, we can field as many people in fleet, and use as many big boy toys as anyone else out here. Among the smaller groups out here, not counting the overlords, we are no one’s little brother, no ones servant, no ones beggar boy. We can hold our own just fine, and will not be indentured to any of you.

Before you all claim how powerful you are all, and how weak we are… look in the mirror. How many people do you have in alliance that are actually PvP. How many can you get into fleet on a regular basis. How many actual real fights are you having right now? Sure… our KB efficiency isn’t amazing. Take a look at it since our recent departure of certain corps and see how we are doing. Notice we are steadily growing in PvP numbers, fleet size, composition, and ability…

That being said, also… grow some balls. Seriously guys. There is so much political maneuvering and backstabbing out here it’s hilarious. GClub is the “enemy” but are frequently informed of things or used to help kill each other off. I’m told I am supposed to be part of a “coalition” to fight the evil GClub overlords… and they people who are most upset with us are the ones calling for them… seriously?

If you are out here and you own SOV… stand on your own two feet for it. At least what we are doing, we are fighting for ourselves. We haven’t called in people, we are just going out balls deep and going for it. DRF giving us a couch to crash on while doing so which we greatly appreciate. Stop relying on everyone else to save your ass, stand up, and fight for it or leave with your tail between your legs…

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends

– Kasken

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity

Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

Lethal Weapon 2 quote for all of you…

So this weekend DIP has been purged. One of the corporations who have been contributing to feeding Marmite kills, dying endlessly, and struggling with the concept of null sec in general… has voluntarily left prior to possibly being removed. In the day and a half since they left… our killboard has gone Green!

We also lost two additional corporations, both industry. I have nothing bad to say against them, but their goals and focus is significantly different than ours. Longer term, sure industry will be useful in maintaining sov, but that’s still three months away. I need my alliance to solidify its PvP so we can take and hold SOV before I worry about indexes…

We also picked up a small PvP corporation from one of our competitor alliances out here. Their alliance had a bit more drama and they liked the fact we are out PvPing all the time. So we gained ourselves another small group to add to our PvP fleets. Ironically, even though we technically lost 100 pilots, PvP wise we gained more pilots than we lost.

So what does this mean…Well as my other blog gave the politics of Wicked Creek, we are in a wonderful amazing staging point. Everyone wants us to help them, in two months we have come a long way. We went from a no name rag tag group in Stain to an alliance that is starting to get some recognition out in the great world of null sec politics. We aren’t big yet, but we are rock solid. We have knowledge, and skill, still just trying to build numbers of course.

So with this new forging of our core, we will be moving ahead in order to recruit like minded corporations who are poising and preparing for upcoming SOV changes. If we can take some before then I am definitely game of course. I am absolutely loving the state of DIP at this moment in time. Everyone wants us in our area to help them. I am pretty sure we could take almost any alliance down here in a stand up fight (excluding of course the overlords: GClub / DRF / RA / Gorgon Empire). Hopefully the politics work out where I can prove that statement of course.


I was floating around space near us the other day just looking around. Teneferis / a good Half of Detorid.. is so completely unused. N3 owns it of course, and it reminds me of my four year old daughter. Well actually, it reminds me of her a couple of years ago but still. My daughter had a bunch of toys next to her. She was playing with a single toy. Another child tried to take a toy she wasn’t using that was near her. My daughter got mad and took it back saying it was hers. Then the kid tried taking a different toy, to the same effect.

This is exactly like nullsec now. There’s a couple of stations right near us unused by anyone. Kadeshi owns space in Teneferis that I had a wormhole too a couple of days ago. It was 100% unused with tons of sites there because no one was running. I asked someone I knew in Kadeshi if they would mind if I took a little space. The answer I received was they would be pissed if I did. Just like a little kid playing with toys… no one else can use them

Even though I am not a huge fan of the upcoming SOV change,s I truly hope this helps change it. There is soooo much unused space being held for no reason other than it can currently be held. I hope small groups spring up all over with little groups of space everywhere. Turn null sec back into a fun exciting place to be where there aren’t overlords ruling them all.

Also.. it’s about time N3 / CFC went at it. Propaganda machines are already at work in the N3 saying it’s all for fun not seriousness. Parts of N3 weren’t entirely invited either… and I have no idea what the PL status of this is. I wish they would make a real fight though. I hope it is a full on three month war where bajallions of isk goes poof and these blocks get shaken up in time for June festivities…

So I have a message for all you small groups out there that read this. Get off your ass, quit paying rent to all these people, and do something. Why rent a system in Eve, because in all honesty, if there was a mass uprising neither side could prevent it. Now the big boys would disagree with me here, but it’s true. If my little alliance SBUed say 10 systems at once in a GClub (only using them as an example since they are right next to us) off time they wouldn’t respond super fast. Can they beat us in a straight fight, yep, won’t argue that in the slightest. However we could still reinforce some systems and get things rolling. Imagine if an entire rental group did that. Take the first step gentlemen…. throw off the chains…


Also for you pilots / corporations interested in a challenge, or getting up and doing something for yourself for once…


Vitriolic Animosity

Diplomatic Immunity.


Kasken (The Lobster King)

CEO of Vitriolic Animosity

Executor Diplomatic Immunity.