An Exciting Weekend

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Eve Online
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Oh where to begin, was most definitely quite the busy weekend. I’d say the first noteworthy thing (in the Kasken world of ships anyway) was my overwhelming awesome baiting of some Gorgon guys. They  had been rolling through several times with Navy Omens.. absolutely wrecking several of our guys who had trouble with the concept of not being in a belt with neutrals in local. As they were leaving they sent in a neutral alt scout. So I started “ratting” in my pvp Gila. As expected he decloaked and pinned me. I grinned and proceeded to sit there and wreck the Manticore. My grin faded when a cyno went up and those Navy Omens came back in three black ops. Being overconfident and stupid I had just been sitting there next to the bomber as well without even trying to move…

RIP Gila

Then there’s this extra special DeepSpace pos we keep reinforcing. Every night they were batphoning Gclub, although claiming they weren’t. As soon as we showed up, a cyno should would make it’s way over and GClub would pop on over. Well on this particular evening we took off, as we were just in bombers and the like. They brought a Harpy fleet that evening, and then left as soon as we didn’t engage. DeepSpace, being super special as they are, didn’t realize we didn’t all leave system. Managed to catch one of their scythes and wreck it. They came to rep pos that we were shooting at again. Tower reinforced again…

The next night, basically the same thing, they brought in reps and a frigate fleet, we left in the bombers, and came back in ships to mess with them…

Report 1

Report 2

I think this was the fourth time in as many nights reinforcing the tower. Saturday it came out again, and they finally gave  up. They had other plans in the works as we discovered.

Tower Kill

GClub + DeepSpace started moving in force and came to 2-X. GClub SBUed our system, while DeepSpace was reinforcing towers with a small bomber fleet. There was plenty of running around that evening, silly kills on our alliance and the like. I ended up killing 3 DeepSpace bombers and an Executioner of DeepSpace. They were crazy ridiculous to split up and just kill over and over.



Dual Bombers

The evening was amusing though because we had a direct WH to Deklein (one jump from VFK). SIDETRACK, I discovered that when you try to kill a ratting ishtar, make sure you turn defensive mode on in the fight before you hit structure. Ishtar killed me with 1/3 of his structure left… SIGH  /SIDETRACK. So when GClub was chilling nearby a 50 man Goon fleet came through chased them off, and went to kill a random TCU. Eventually Goons left and DeepSpace came back.

We of course got trash talked and the like for how fail we are and stuff. One of my favorites was DeepSpace mocking us for being pets… They were a renter alliance who moved and got kicked out of their space, who now relies on GClub for protection. If it was my small little alliance, we could wreck DeepSpace by ourselves, but their masters (GClub) keeps them around. Maybe they like Poodles 🙂

Our tiny, irrelevant alliance has managed to poke GClub + DeepSpace into action though, getting them to reinforce the station we are living in as a result… which comes out tomorrow morning in the Russian tz. Whatever happens… happens at this point.

The next day (Sunday) was a pretty fun day for me as well. I’ve decided the Confessor is actually a pretty awesome ship so I started rolling around in it. I saw a Armageddon and figured, I’ve got friends a couple jumps away… what’s worst that can happen. For once a poor decision paid off.

Free Ice Cream

Then a bit later, I discovered a Malediction + Devoter chilling on a gate. I jumped into my VNI and jumped in. The Malediction came right next to me, and got wrecked pretty fast. Once the Devoter realized I was able to tank him and slowly chewing through, he deagressed and dropped his bubble. Here I made an amazing tactical blunder and didn’t point the Devoter… who warped off.

My final kill of the day yesterday, was just amusing to me. I was in my Malediction scouting for someone when I saw a Sigil warp past. I figured why not and chased him, eventually catching him. To my surprise, he ejected and I couldn’t cycle point off fast enough to catch it. It obviously wasn’t an elite PvP kill but I thought it was funny.

Sigil Kill

Diplomatic Immunity. is doing well. I am proud of what we have achieved in our first month of operation. We aren’t super well known, or elite PvP yet. Our KB still looks pretty terrible but it’s getting better. I’m excited to get a couple more PvP corporations. As soon as we can start putting numbers in fleets with additional PvP pilots… we will be a force that can be reckoned with.

So, join us, bring over a PvP corporation. Try a different Eve lifestyle where you don’t bow to N3 or CFC and fight for what you want. Stop renting, stop being a pet, and go for something new…

Vitri Recruitment
Diplomatic Recruitment

Finally before you release you in peace… I was on another podcast. It was a good time again, where I put forth some unique ideas for an alliance now-a-days…

The Podcast (I shall call this, a KaskenKast)

Fly Dangerously my Friends

– Kasken

  1. Ignorant FC says:

    You realize that 2-x was hit literally to generate content, by one corporation in GCLUB? That was no alliance plan whatsoever. Literally a single corp looking for fun.

    Side note. CFC didn’t chase us off. We moved to a titan to re-position behind their fleet to avoid jumping into a pre-set ishtar fleet. And we killed their TCU/chased them back to the WH (le-sigh).

    Anywho, you should def fight, form a fleet with some number and you may get an even fight (though cmon, machas are awesome)

    • Kasken says:

      I have no problems going for an even fight. My alliance is younger and smaller than yours, and as a general rule we aren’t fielding the number or ship types to fight you guys. I’m not going to whelp them simply to whelp them ;p

      I didn’t see that side of the CFC portion, I saw them come back and have you outnumbered and your guys took off. I was trying to shoot down an SBU with 4 bombers so I didn’t get the chance to follow that ;p

      • DeweyQ says:

        We’ll never tell folks to stay home, so our fleets will tend to be kinda “blobby”. We used to get so annoyed at big blobs — now we are them! As your alliance grows, your FCs naturally learn to choose which fights to take. An occasional whelp can be fun and instructional, but yeah, not something to do just to do it. I think last night you were picking off stragglers, which is always a good “guerilla” tactic for smaller entities. It is our policy in GClub to keep it classy — no baiting or trashtalking in local. We are enjoying the content! 🙂

  2. Rhaeghar says:

    Its good to see new groups getting into sov!!! You just joined the wrong side 😛

    We are honestly happy to see new groups, ESP us tz groups nearby, now if you guys could band together some and form some bigger fleets we can have some fun!!

  3. G♣Bro says:

    It has legitimately been fun having you guys around, but yeah, all those DRF systems were poked because they are DRF systems, not because you were there. A corp roam escalated to an alliance strat op that ref’d a bunch of DRF towers and poked around at AA, CFC, and Gorgon fleets as we did it. The comment about us repositioning was spot on as well. We reinserted behind the fleet to avoid needless losses.

    • Kasken says:

      I’m curious… did you guys unanchor the SBUs overnight or something? We came out in force (well for us anyway) and realized the SBUs were gone before station was out of reinforced…

      You guys are fun to fight, usually we are just to outnumbered or outshipped to legitly fight. Blue alliance on the other hand… now they’ve been fun 😉

      DeepSpace has been a blast to poke at, it just sucks when they run away from us and bring you gents back!

      • Deeps says:

        Deepspace falls in line with the N3 boss of the area, GClub. If you are seeing Deepspace in an area chances are they were sent by GClub and GClub has a very close eye on what is going on, so anything and everything you do to them is noticed by GClub, Kadeshi and Nulli. Typically they will not engage unless it is for fun or to dunk your fleet.

        You guys form up good and put up a good fight though 🙂
        Were actually really happy your here.
        We will try to squeeze in some Deepspace only dunks for you :O

  4. moi says:

    I like reading your AARs. They are informative and detailed.

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