SOV Thoughts and Angry Old Man Ranting

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Eve Online
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So it’s been a busy week in the world of DIP. Had some fun fights, had some amusing ganks, had some whelps, and tower repping.
But more importantly than all the super sexy kills I’ve had, or the rest of the silliness in the world of Eve…. I know you are all anxiously awaiting Kasken’s SOV thoughts. 
At first, after reading the super long blog I was quite excited. I was thinking of DIP, and thinking our smaller group would be able to take SOV pretty easily with these changes. I wouldn’t need to drop tons of supers or try to ninja something without getting blobbed.
Some of CCP’s points I agree with. Spread out the fights across several systems so it’s not just a giant blob fest. Force people to live in the space the hold, brilliant. My gut reaction was, rentals are done, CFC / N3 will have to consolidate down a bit and that would leave plenty of SOV for lots of other people to brawl for.
Now… these changes seem pretty stupid to me. I’ll use GClub as an example since they are our neighbors (and lots of them read this from the links on their forums). They set a 4 hour window for their SOV. They are mostly US, and have us outnumbered 5-1 at a minimum. They have a Titan / JB network setup. Anywhere I choose to hit they can appear in their region, especially since there is a specific time frame for this.
Not too mention, Detorid is a mini battleground right now. There isn’t a super serious SOV push by DRF / Gclub on each other’s portions.. but after this patch, whatever is owned is pretty much there to stay. GClub won’t be able to kill DRF in their primetime, and vice versa. All these doomsday people saying everyone is going to move out to NPC and just troll everyone… I don’t think it’s going to happen.
Let’s say I go attack a GClub system during their primetime using this whole into at 100k away speeding around thing people are whining about. What could they possibly do to stop such an incredible tactic… oh yea, drop a super on it with the module on and chill. Problem solved.
Sure, maybe someone can get a bait with that and on rare occasion kill one, but odds are, you can just chill and be fine.
 So what if I successfully reinforce a non station system. Really, who cares if I even take 1. It can either be taken back with ease or ignored for a bit. What am I going to do… live out of a POS?
Rentals are still going to somewhat be in trouble though. These guys who pay to live somewhere, and beg others to protect them are going to be an issue. Either that or these big boy groups will have to shuffle some of their PvP guys around to successfully hold said systems.
I think at first alot of SOV will change hands as a huge rush to do so happens, and then things will settle down and this patch will accomplish… nothing. The big guys, N3 / CFC will still sit there, and claim to be super awesome entities and do nothing beyond build and hoard more isk. The great war that everyone is waiting for will still not happen, and the stagnation of null sec will perpetuate. That is one thing, having been around Eve for as long as I have, and being unable to do much currently is driving me nuts. As I said in the podside the other day, if my alliance was big enough to do something right this moment, I would be out wreaking havoc somewhere. Eve is dying, not because of a lack of players, as it is holding its own there, but because of a lack actual content. Players are in the process of ruining this game by refusing to do anything noteworthy in a game of online pixels.
PL… go do something useful. You have one of the largest cap fleets in Eve. Go do something besides play with your e-peens by shooting at Brave and having to outship them because you die in subcaps otherwise. You claim to be elite PvP… go try some.
CFC – You have become BoB entirely. You own a huge mass of space, do nothing but talk crap and rent. Make a move somewhere, do something. What good is trilions of isk when it’s being unused for anything.
N3 – You guys do nothing but stare at wallets. You are giving space away to terrible alliances because you have too much SOV as it is. You guys used to be amazing at pvp as a whole, when’s the last time we saw anything noteworthy from you? You are  basically CFC MK II at this point.
Provi – …Lol
Brave – I know you guys have the most active region in Eve because everyone goes to fight you. Great job… why dont you go pick a fight with someone else now. Expand out a bit.
XDeath – Just let those systems go… you aren’t going to be able to hold it until you pay PL again.
DRFRA – Finish taking Detorid
Wicked Creeks Guys: Just quit Eve.. seriously
I know most of you at this point are thinking… “stfu you are just a scrub tier guy in a tiny alliance thinking he is relevant”… sure that’s true. At least though, I am trying to do something. I might have a small irrelevant alliance at this moment in time. I haven’t joined a huge block and then trash on little guys. I’ve been in N3. I could go almost anywhere in Eve. I chose to do something different, and to at least try to change the status quo…. too many people are trying to protect it and driving the game into wormholes because there is naught much else left elsewhere…
For the record, I’m bored with my job, irritable and tired today which probably explains this bittervet style overtone. I think I need a new career outside of IT now!
If you are a PvP corporation, and actually want to do something besides pretend you are awesome… 
– Kasken
  1. lowrads says:

    The real problem is the changes just lurch from one extreme to another. There should be a middle ground, and some viable target for the FC of a fleet of any size. That doesn’t mean you can attack anything, but there should always be something to attack.

    Ideally, entosis modules would focus on SBUs, and fighting over sov anoms would push timers forwards or backwards. Then we would have sov war every minute between the key timers.

    I do like the idea of spreading all the big fights across multiple constellation anoms though. The entosis part seems unnecessary if we just adapt FW buttons for TCU and Station fights after vulnerability is triggered.

  2. moi says:

    If the renters won’t be able to easily call on their masters and so their masters will need to place pvp orientated corps here and there I wonder if that will see an increase in small gang pvp rather than blob tactics that seem to be the thing now?

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