March 7th, 2015 – A Day That Will Live in Infamy… (in Eve)

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Eve Online
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I ask for a moment of silence for the almighty VBI has perished…. (insert low monk hymns here)

The Untimely Death

Now to get to where this happened…. we must first go back several hours.

The daily events began with a Rattlesnake on a gate. I was in my VNI just chilling as I logged in, and noticed local had a few neutrals. I saw a Rattlesnake on scan, and headed to his most probable way. By the time I landed he was out of local, and I followed. He managed to warp off as I decloaked and tried to get into point range, but he went to another gate. I chased, and since I was solo I took a chance and jumped the gate hoping he would follow… but sadly he didn’t. I did discover he had friends in this local though, in a VNI / Maelstrom and figured he must have an escalation to run. So I rang up some alliance mates and they started probing.

We realized the Rattle was warping Poco to Poco… not in safes. My favorite line was, as he warped off one Poco… “No kills for you today hahaha”

Thirty seconds later he is pointed and we warp in for the kill.

Rattlesnake Down

Now normally this would end here, but these gents were obsessed with running this site, which ended up with more probing, and ships arriving on both sides….

Save the World Stabber

Then… as the Confessor took off running, and mouthed off in local… this happened

Confessor Boom

Once again, we thought this was over….

But they once again returned (Hurricane / Legion escaped from this fight)

Lil Brawl

The Legion who had successfully escaped from the fight, took a gate to gate route back to his home…


While killing the Legion… we were probing out the Hurricane…


Now…. it was finally over….. Although I received this fun little evemail from the Legion / Confessor pilot…

From: Erikanos Destroyer
Sent: 2015.03.07 20:58
To: Kasken,

dude coem to our space fucker stop playing arround and running like litlle boys when our fleet comes so funny to see you try gank all day long gank gank gank not even an reall fight lols. stop saying erik i do deul screens that other ship was mine 2 dickhead”

Awesome sauce….

After a little bit I headed into their space and messed around a bit on gates, probed out and killed a MTU, and discovered the worst Domi in the entire world…

Make My Eyes Bleed

Alas I stayed around there too long, and got cocky, eventually losing my VNI to a returning fleet that ganked me. That VNI has been on so many kills, and survived so many fights…twas sad. I wish I could figure out a way to look up all the kills I received in that ship specifically!

We went out on a roam a little later but everything was quiet. We lost two ships… a newbro who realized when he was trying to pin a Bestower… scroll out and look for a POS first, and a Crow who was told to tackle the noob ship regardless.. He failed his tackle and lost a Crow to rats… good times!

Managed to get two more halfway decent fun fights though.

A couple of  our guys were in a WH and thought they could get a fight, and got camped in by a Sabre / Taranis / Myrm. We figured,  we can fight that and show up. We end up seeing, couple of Svipuls, Sabre, Phantasm, Cnyabal, Myrm, Ferox, Keres, and some other misc. stuff I forgot about.

The fight spread out over a handful of systems as we were nanoed more than they were but ended up losing:

RIP Nomen
Keres + Svipul

It was a good little brawl, lots of good flying and the like, and too many ships got out barely (Cynabal / 2nd Nomen) should have both died. It was a really fun fight though. At that point, I was getting ready to go to bed when DeepSpace rolled past with five Talwars and two Bursts. I decided to go play, although they hit hard enough I couldn’t pop a Burst until Maelcum I showed up with his Thorax to give me a hand. After much positioning, and warping around we finally landed just right for this to happen.


Then naturally the Talwars without logi head for home, and we caught a few more on the next gate…


At that point I finally decided to go to bed.

However, I will miss that VNI. It’s the same one who killed the three Confessors in GClub space and some frigs before warping out on my alt. It survived wrecking tons of Blue ships,  It lasted through a few whelps, and had a good 3bil or so in kills I believe… RIP My beautiful VNI of the ages….

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

Vitriolic Animosity
Diplomatic Immunity.


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