Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Carrier Save Fleet!

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Eve Online
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So this weekend, we got ourselves lots of kills, some stupid losses, and plenty of solid fights. Well, the weekend culminated in the way it should Sunday evening…

It started off when we noticed PEST was evaccing from their station that was entering it’s final timer. We decided to be…. dicks and bubble camp their route. We only a handful of guys and got a couple of small meh kills, when one of our guys goes, uhh how close are you to 1-L?

Two jumps man why, I have a carrier going through gate…

CHARGE! Our small kitchen sink fleet turned and burned, catching him in Blue’s staging system. It was a Chimera, so we pinned him and started in. He was tanking us fine, until the neuts started doing their work and his shield started dropping. When he got to about 25% the “Blue omg save me fleet” appeared. It was a hodgepodge kitchen assortment. But we were hoping to kill the carrier so round 1:

Round 1 (total fight in MN involving two rounds of brawling)

I went and reshipped. Since we still had guys playing… we decided to keep messing with them when a Prophecy was tackled on the gate.

Round 2 (start of Round 2 before we made it into MN again)

I’m not entirely sure how to separate the battle reports for the different individual times. There are two highly amusing things to note though. One, our Loki which contributed to our efficiency losing.. was near the end of the fight. Gin + meh + tiredness didn’t help though.

Two…. the Prowler kill was hilarious. A standing fleet when warping to save a carrier should make note of the random dudes who are apparently chilling outside of station within warp range… He came in with his fleet to save the carrier and provided us with a hilarious kill…

Either way it was a good fight and lots of fun. They ended up bringing out logi, and a semi organized fleet by the end so even though we could pilot better than them, we couldn’t get any more kills and took off. Out of everyone I’ve seen from Wicked Creek, most of them are carebears who don’t venture out of their holes. So many of htem hold SOV at the whim of someone else, couldn’t defend it, and do nothing but rat / mine for it.

A good chunk of Blue pilots (no offense guys) are pretty bad pilots. But… they do at least fight. Their US TZ pilots I have respect for, as they keep coming out to brawl with us regardless. So far the only EU ones I’ve seen was the gentlemen subject of yesterday’s blog 🙂

Props to those guys… I wish I could snag them for DIP. They actually PvP, could benefit from training / bigger fleets, and seem like decent dudes overall 😉

Either way, hopefully Dip Dudes have some major news soon. I know I keep saying that, but things are being put in the works, sometimes it just takes a bit longer to get those gears moving…

Anyway, give me one or two more PvP corps gentlemen… fights everywhere, and we can start making bigger things happen! I just booted all the inactives from corp so I’m also looking for 20m+ SP PvP pilots who want to make a difference…

Vitri Recruitment
Diplomatic Immunity. Recruitment


CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. moi says:

    Kasken, are you USTZ or EU? I suspect US.

  2. Kasken says:

    I personally am US, and my alliance is a bit more US heavy. We do have an EU presence though, and are recruiting for both TZ. I leave my client logged in most of the day and still can chat / do admin work throughout the day

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