Dramatic Week

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Eve Online
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This has been quite the week in DIP. I lost my cool, mighta blown up a bit on some stupid losses and made a snap decision to split my alliance into a PvP side and an Indy side. That didn’t go over so well, and I’ve  had some pretty fun little brawls. So let’s delve into it shall we…

The Diprama:

A downside of knowing PvP, and being used to flying with solid pilots is when you look at a killboard and see losses in high sec to groups like Marmite… it gets annoying. Then when you look at your own efficiency, and look at your alliance’s efficiency.. combining that with a bad day can make anyone a bit irritable. So I might have been a wee bit irresponsible and rampantly declared I would split the alliance into the indy / training side and the PvP guys. The reaction went pretty much as expected where people got pissed.

So we reached a compromise and basically gave them a couple of weeks to get things squared away. One of the corps decided it wasn’t worth it and were in the process of pulling out. They were are a good group of guys, but didn’t quite fit in with us out in null sec so I wish them all the best.

Either way after a flame war on our forums we got things settled down a bit and are working on getting some of the losses under control. Granted we seem to still have plenty of them, but we are at least countering them somewhat with our PvP roams. We picked up another corporation that should be dropping in their app later today as well… a PvP corp 😉

I’ve had plenty of kills this week but only two fights that are worth actually mentioning. We got to test our little Navy Aug fleet vs a small Severance fleet that appeared in our local one evening. One of our Guardians disconnected mid fight and we couldn’t keep tackle sadly. They ran pretty quickly.

Severance Brawl

My favorite kill of the week goes to one of my favorite ships…. the Confessor. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and in between warps was stirring stuff in the kitchen when I saw a Gnosis on scan, from a small alliance living in Wicked Creek. They live in a dead end system so I headed in that direction. I was pretty far behind but managed to catch up in their home system on the gate. I did the only logical thing and pinned him, as he started calling for help in local. At about half armor ships starting appearing on scan, and t hen the unthinkable happened… he MJDed away.

I was long point fit, and burned out towards him as a Svipul, Slasher. Scythe, and Hurricane all landed. I don’t know what the Gnosis pilot was thinking, but he basically hung out and sent drones back out after me…

Couple of Fun Kills

I tried fighting the Svipul after, but couldn’t stay in prop mode long enough to catch him with his buddies there so I got out fine. Sadly I lost my my Confessor a bit later after chasing an Ishtar out of a site a couple of times. I was providing bait so we could Blops them coming back… but our cyno was a little late and Blue alliance gets super excited to kill me so alas I lost it.

I shall miss thee…

Overall it’s been an interesting week, in game and of course in the diplomatic world. Lots of super top secret things happening there that cannot be named…

As usual, our PvP core is growing. It’s about getting more people in fleets that fit in and are good dudes…

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment

– Kasken

CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.


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