It’s Just Been Revoked…

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Eve Online
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Lethal Weapon 2 quote for all of you…

So this weekend DIP has been purged. One of the corporations who have been contributing to feeding Marmite kills, dying endlessly, and struggling with the concept of null sec in general… has voluntarily left prior to possibly being removed. In the day and a half since they left… our killboard has gone Green!

We also lost two additional corporations, both industry. I have nothing bad to say against them, but their goals and focus is significantly different than ours. Longer term, sure industry will be useful in maintaining sov, but that’s still three months away. I need my alliance to solidify its PvP so we can take and hold SOV before I worry about indexes…

We also picked up a small PvP corporation from one of our competitor alliances out here. Their alliance had a bit more drama and they liked the fact we are out PvPing all the time. So we gained ourselves another small group to add to our PvP fleets. Ironically, even though we technically lost 100 pilots, PvP wise we gained more pilots than we lost.

So what does this mean…Well as my other blog gave the politics of Wicked Creek, we are in a wonderful amazing staging point. Everyone wants us to help them, in two months we have come a long way. We went from a no name rag tag group in Stain to an alliance that is starting to get some recognition out in the great world of null sec politics. We aren’t big yet, but we are rock solid. We have knowledge, and skill, still just trying to build numbers of course.

So with this new forging of our core, we will be moving ahead in order to recruit like minded corporations who are poising and preparing for upcoming SOV changes. If we can take some before then I am definitely game of course. I am absolutely loving the state of DIP at this moment in time. Everyone wants us in our area to help them. I am pretty sure we could take almost any alliance down here in a stand up fight (excluding of course the overlords: GClub / DRF / RA / Gorgon Empire). Hopefully the politics work out where I can prove that statement of course.


I was floating around space near us the other day just looking around. Teneferis / a good Half of Detorid.. is so completely unused. N3 owns it of course, and it reminds me of my four year old daughter. Well actually, it reminds me of her a couple of years ago but still. My daughter had a bunch of toys next to her. She was playing with a single toy. Another child tried to take a toy she wasn’t using that was near her. My daughter got mad and took it back saying it was hers. Then the kid tried taking a different toy, to the same effect.

This is exactly like nullsec now. There’s a couple of stations right near us unused by anyone. Kadeshi owns space in Teneferis that I had a wormhole too a couple of days ago. It was 100% unused with tons of sites there because no one was running. I asked someone I knew in Kadeshi if they would mind if I took a little space. The answer I received was they would be pissed if I did. Just like a little kid playing with toys… no one else can use them

Even though I am not a huge fan of the upcoming SOV change,s I truly hope this helps change it. There is soooo much unused space being held for no reason other than it can currently be held. I hope small groups spring up all over with little groups of space everywhere. Turn null sec back into a fun exciting place to be where there aren’t overlords ruling them all.

Also.. it’s about time N3 / CFC went at it. Propaganda machines are already at work in the N3 saying it’s all for fun not seriousness. Parts of N3 weren’t entirely invited either… and I have no idea what the PL status of this is. I wish they would make a real fight though. I hope it is a full on three month war where bajallions of isk goes poof and these blocks get shaken up in time for June festivities…

So I have a message for all you small groups out there that read this. Get off your ass, quit paying rent to all these people, and do something. Why rent a system in Eve, because in all honesty, if there was a mass uprising neither side could prevent it. Now the big boys would disagree with me here, but it’s true. If my little alliance SBUed say 10 systems at once in a GClub (only using them as an example since they are right next to us) off time they wouldn’t respond super fast. Can they beat us in a straight fight, yep, won’t argue that in the slightest. However we could still reinforce some systems and get things rolling. Imagine if an entire rental group did that. Take the first step gentlemen…. throw off the chains…


Also for you pilots / corporations interested in a challenge, or getting up and doing something for yourself for once…


Vitriolic Animosity

Diplomatic Immunity.


Kasken (The Lobster King)

CEO of Vitriolic Animosity

Executor Diplomatic Immunity.


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