The Scantily Clad Scandals of Wicked Creek

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Eve Online
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So most of you know I live in Detorid. I also read Boom’s daily Game of Sov updates. Wicked Creed / Detorid usually gets a small footnote as the politics of this area are such a mess no one really knows what’s actually going on down there. I decided to clarify this for the world of Eve…

Detorid is run by DRF which is by DRFRA coalition. (This is where my alliance Diplomatic Immunity. is currently living). The official alliance coalition channel lists: RA / DRF / Lux Authema / Independent Operators Consortium / Diplomatic Immunity. as members. Also, blue to DRF / DIP is also “Almost Awesome” alliance. Almost Awesome is neutral to RA however.

Wicked Creek on the map is run by RANE, whom pays 45bil a month in rent to Gorgon Empire (GE). Basically WC is GE’s turf they rent out to their “property managers” aka RANE.

RANE / PEST / Blue alliance are the “major” players in Wicked Creek under the GE overlords.

DRFRA is blue to the WC residents and neutral to Gorgon Empire. DIP is neutral to all the WC residents, but must abide by the NIP as we are crashing on DRF’s couch so to speak. We haven’t made a push for SOV because even though GClub has a ton of systems they don’t use, as this is Eve, they will not just relinquish systems even when they are 100% unused. The DRFRA  NIP with GE also means I can’t just start SBUing Wicked Creek and taking the space there either.

This is where it gets a bit murky. Almost Awesome owns a station in Detorid and is blue to both DRF / DIP…but not RA. GE and DRFRA have a NIP with each other. The terms of this NIP indicate moons that are towered are not allowed to be attacked, nor are any SOV fights about to happen. GE thought this included supers, but as RA ganked GE super recently they apparently disagreed.

Enemy to everyone there is GClub and their little brother DeepSpace. GClub has drawn the line in the sand and wil now contest all SOV moves by DRFRA in Detorid. GClub despises RANE / PEST as they were former N3 who left N3.

Ok, so now that standings of people have been sorted, enter the drama. GClub came through and wiped PEST out of H6- which had been their home system. GClub then hit 1L. PEST let SOV drop in 1L. So Saturday evening GClub showed up to finish off the station. When it was close to dying, Almost Awesome showed up with dreads and a small fleet, landed on the GClub fleet who let them flip the station. Then working together, GClub provided most the muscle to finish off the TCUs, SBUs, and everything else in the system.

Almost Awesome declared the system “safe”, and after an extended dramatic Skype convo reset PEST. The Gorgon Overlords disliked this, came back early Sunday morning , popped the Almost Awesome onlining TCU, and took it themselves. Later on Sunday Almost Awesome went through and reinforced the station again. Almost Awesome owns a station given to them by DRF. is working with GClub to take currently parts of Wicked Creek, and actively broke the NIP by reinforcing a station owned by GE. So I am quite curious to see how this whole situation will play out. PEST promised to relieve Almost Awesome of their station in TYB as well which would break GE’s side of the NIP with DRF…

So that’s where things currently stand. Now for the rumor mill around here.

1. Fact: DIP has been contacted by at least 4 groups  thus far to ask for our help / allegiance in the coming conflict. We are small but have as much firepower as any of the independent groups out here. Each group seems to think they are far more powerful than they are, and DIP obviously hasn’t shown our full extent of abilities yet either. Each group seems to think they are the most badass group ever out here, and capable of wrecking everyone else… which is adorable.

2. Rumor: TEST is deploying to help Wicked Creek kill Almost Awesome

3. Rumor: DRF will be resetting Wicked Creek / ending GE NIP.

4. Rumor: DRF will be resetting Almost Awesome

5. Rumor: Diplomatic Immunity will become overlords of the entire southeast (might be less factual than the rest)

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I have literally been asked by almost every stakeholder in this to assist them with promises of SOV, constellations, moons, sexy fun time, and everything else to help each group. Obviously DIP doesn’t have the firepower the the big guys out here, but vs anyone but GE / DRFRA / Gclub we can match or exceed them in firepower / fleets. I look forward to the small but turbulent times in Wicked Creek area.

VItri Recruitment
Diplomatic Immunity. Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Kahn says:

    As a member of another group in the area, I look forward to good fights with all of the above.

  2. Tahn says:

    I concur as shooting lots of spaceships is super fun time. I am amused that you were offered Sexy Fun time.

  3. Iam Lynch says:

    “Obviously DIP doesn’t have the firepower the the big guys out here, but vs anyone but GE / DRFRA / Gclub we can match or exceed them in firepower / fleets. I look forward to the small but turbulent times in Wicked Creek area.”
    You can match PFR in firepower now can you? 😀
    Also you didn’t mention PFR’s involvement in Wicked Creek =(, let me provide those details: PFR broke NIP with RANE/PEST/BLUE/RACK, has begun to actively attack RANE station systems. Attack initially focused on the 760 constellation however is now being focused on the 5Y1 constellation =) Gorgon is actively defending RANE in this conflict.

    • Kasken says:

      I hadn’t considered you guys in the mix because I haven’t seen you much. Not that you aren’t doing anything, but you guys have been focused more so in a different area than us. Most of our fighting has been roaming southern Wicked Creek and brawling around there. If PFR is getting involved seriously… are you guys looking to actually own Wicked Creek or just working on driving out RANE and their ilk…? I know you guys are pretty much running Scalding so I didn’t know you were looking to expand outwards quite so much.

      • Iam Lynch says:

        Our intentions right now are to get some good fights and open up some freeports. It is no secret we dislike RANE partially due to their ethos and partially due to our whole ‘we hate renter overlords’ dogma =)

      • Kasken says:

        Although I don’t want freeports everywhere… otherwise SOV = NPC Null… I agree with removing rental overlords. Especially those who can’t control their own space 😉

  4. TheCohagen says:

    What about LIFI? 😦


  5. DeepsSpai says:

    This is great stuff. It nails down the politics of WC pretty well. LIFI guys are scrappy and will bring fair fights, as does PFR night shift. PFR day shift was kinda shady when we lived in the area. It should also be noted that we had an NIP with BLUE, that they wasted no time in breaking.

    • Kasken says:

      I have not as of yet seen Lifi guys do anything. Not trying to be mean to them or anything, but the most I’ve seen them do is fight when we pin 1 PVEing somewhere and that’s been mostly it. Their standard practices I’ve seen are a scout one jump out, dock when anyone shows up near them…

  6. Neitos says:

    LIFI has lost about 3 quarters of its membership is over the past few months. What happened?

    • Mael says:

      I talked to some ex [LIFI] guys in XEN yesterday, sounds like the majority of the alliance formed a new corp called ‘Giant Robot Company’ and joined Test.

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