A Gentlemen’s Brawl & Income Spanking & DIPStance (TM)

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Eve Online
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Yesterday my friends…. was a fine day. I would even go so far as to say it ended up being a wonderful day. You see, we have been given the green light to fight over towers with Wicked Creek residents. Now, they tend to be upset by this but I will clarify our position a bit later.

So to start off our day, Blue alliance had a tower near us that was coming out of reinforced. My buddy let me know he was watching a Wreathe heading to the tower. I figured, hey , maybe this will get silly, grabbed my Sabre and went onto the gate while doing some admin stuff. Amazingly… he came through….He tried self destructing.

Free Moon Goo!

We finished off another Blue tower and continued on with our day. Well, it was a super nice day outside here, so I grilled some steaks that evening and had a nice dinner with the family… and retired upstairs to the computer to await what I thought was going to be a brawl with Blue Alliance over another tower. With a little time to spare, I accidentally discovered a ratting Archon. I swapped out my Bellicose (for random testing of it) to a Sabre and went back. Sadly.. the Archon was gone. But they replaced it with a Rattlesnake… Long story short…

Boom (Cyno ship was friendly killed cause he accidentally lit a cyno…)

After that we all grinned and went back to prep for forming and I popped over to Blue system in my Sabre again… just cause you never know. Indeed… this happened a a result…

More Moon Goo!!!

Soooooo zoom ahead to our actual tower bash. Blue didn’t form, and apparently didn’t relate to anyone that their tower had been hit. In sadness, we killed it and went to reinforce more stuff to get a fight… still nothing. Finally, we figured, why not and dropped into middle of Blue’s home system. We reinforced a tower there… and waited. Nothing. Then a miracle occurred, almost as if someone had let them know exactly where we were and what we were doing… the GClub bridging titan logged in.

Gclub popped on over with a small fleet (props for not going crazy blobbing us) and came straight at us. I don’t know if they just underestimated us… or had terribad intel (thank you whoever told them we were there) but… The fight ended as follows:

GClub Brawl

It was definitely a good way to cap the evening…

Clarification of DIP’s stance on Wicked Creek Politics.

We came down here as a small entity that no one knew. We aren’t blue to anyone here but our benefactors DRF / RA. There were a couple of other entities out here we were suggested to blue with as well such as Almost Awesome.

Since we have been out here, several different sides have approached us as we have grown stronger. I’d like to make something clear to everyone else out here. We aren’t a bottom of the totem pole around here. Everyone seems to have a seriously inflated sense of their worth. DRF / RA / Gorgon / GClub are the reasons anyone out here owns SOV. None of these other alliances (mine included) could exist in this area without the say so of said entities.

I keep being “offered” sov or moons. I am told there are NIPS in place for protection of everything. First of all, we have the blessing of the higher powers out here to do what we are doing. Second, most of the people who are offering us stuff… aren’t even in a position to keep what they own. Third, we can field as many people in fleet, and use as many big boy toys as anyone else out here. Among the smaller groups out here, not counting the overlords, we are no one’s little brother, no ones servant, no ones beggar boy. We can hold our own just fine, and will not be indentured to any of you.

Before you all claim how powerful you are all, and how weak we are… look in the mirror. How many people do you have in alliance that are actually PvP. How many can you get into fleet on a regular basis. How many actual real fights are you having right now? Sure… our KB efficiency isn’t amazing. Take a look at it since our recent departure of certain corps and see how we are doing. Notice we are steadily growing in PvP numbers, fleet size, composition, and ability…

That being said, also… grow some balls. Seriously guys. There is so much political maneuvering and backstabbing out here it’s hilarious. GClub is the “enemy” but are frequently informed of things or used to help kill each other off. I’m told I am supposed to be part of a “coalition” to fight the evil GClub overlords… and they people who are most upset with us are the ones calling for them… seriously?

If you are out here and you own SOV… stand on your own two feet for it. At least what we are doing, we are fighting for ourselves. We haven’t called in people, we are just going out balls deep and going for it. DRF giving us a couch to crash on while doing so which we greatly appreciate. Stop relying on everyone else to save your ass, stand up, and fight for it or leave with your tail between your legs…

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends

– Kasken

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity

Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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