Begun the Creek Wars Have…

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Eve Online
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It has begun…

Most of you fine gents who read my blog know that Diplomatic Immunity. has begun beating on Blue alliance and taking their money moons. They finally, on the third system have decided to fight back and put out a rousing mail about it:

the way of thing
druid 99
Sent: 2015.03.18 17:54

the way of thing

not much to say guys we have been attaked buy d.i.p our poses are reo and we need to make a come back

so i need all carriers on standby we are gona fight them we are not just gona let them walk all over us like this yes they are us timezone so make sure every timer is set to eu
like we discused in the eu timezone we can get help in the us not so much

we need to continue to grow as an aliance

the fight back

we will be hitting there towers tonite we will not let this lie there will be a war in this we will show them that we as blue aliance are still here

so at this point i say this max numbers in fleet when a fleet gets called its a max number dont rat or mine please all hands on deck needed carriers will be widely used in this fight so be prepared
need all ships ready to go

this means tengus/caracals/bombers

rr carriers needed slowcats triage carriers

slowcat = heavly tanked carrier

so we fight bigtime we wont let them fuck us over

treat every op as i big big timer max numbers needed


Less than an hour later they tried to reinforce one of our towers and ended with this…

Reinforcement Failure

Now this being said… last night Blue did reinforce two of our undefended small towers. They manage to pull this heroic victory off, as we were taking a station system from them and didn’t realize our tower was getting hit as no one from that particular corp was online at the time. We found out right before the second tower reffed what they were doing. We went to engage but were a bit behind. We did manage to kill an Ishtar however.

However, in a single night the first Wicked Creek station system fell. We were greenlit from DRF to begin our assault yesterday afternoon in our TZ. DIP immediately went and SBUed 5H-SM2 and watched them start onlining. By the time I got off work we went and began to grind. Almost Awesome came in to assist and we finished off the TCU (with a brief break as we had to go shoot at Blue).

We sold a few TCUs to Almost Awesome who started anchoring / onlining them while we ground down the station. As there was no IHUB and the station / SOV were owned by different people… we flipped the station over to Almost Awesome. As of downtime 5H is in NoFux’s hands and we are prepping to start a serious push for DIP SOV.

This might not be a super massive war like Fountain…. but it’s way more fun. We are getting kills, taking the first steps to becoming a powerhouse, and having an absolute blast doing this. Another solid PvP corp dropped Blue and apped in to us. DIP is growing at a solid and steady pace…


Want to do something different… fly with us gents

Vitri Recruitment (Corp)
DIP Recruitment (Alliance)

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Sounds exciting, if only I wasn’t such a carebear 🙂
    Grats on having fun and creating content.

  2. G♣Bro says:

    Glad to see you forming up and having fun. I know our alliance loves having you around 🙂 Yum, content.

    • Kasken says:

      Speaking honestly, as a whole, you guys are one of the classiest alliances I’ve been able to fight. Not much trash, usually in good humor win or lose, and overall a great group… if only you weren’t N3 🙂

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  4. […] called Diplomatic Immunity. have also moved into the area, and managed to ninja a station system from under PFR’s nose. They appear to have a significant cap force but are mostly unaligned with the larger Russian […]

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