Bloody Sunday – DIP’s First System

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Eve Online
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Alright, so this weekend was pretty crazy with tons of events / politics / brawling.

So, first off… Blue Alliance is now blue to us. We didn’t want their SOV, just some income. They got in touch with us, and we laid out a deal that would benefit both sides, and standings were set. I will say, we have been fighting them and haven’t seen more than 20ish people in fleet. They showed up on Saturday to help us… and provided some solid numbers. I was pretty impressed with Blue in that regard.

So Phoebe Freeport Republic (PFR) has been busy hitting Rebel Alliance of New Eden (RANE). They have been SBUing systems, stations, and causing general havoc in their quest for “Freeports” scattered everywhere. We have had our eye on this, and had already picked out where DIP wanted to setup shop.

Amazingly enough, PFR did a great job and brought one of these systems to its final timer. We waited for this, and usher in the Bloody Sunday.

First thing we did was setup a “safe” tower in the target system 3Q-VZA. We had planned on doing it the evening before but… IRL got in the way a bit. I onlined the tower, setup a Corp Hangar and a hardener and went to get more things for our tower. We had a Direct Connect WH that had cut down the jumps to like four instead of 15 which was pretty cool. I cmae back to see 20+ bombers from PFR hitting our tower. Le Sigh!

We flash formed a small Caracal / Scythe fleet and brought them in to defend. We would kill a few, they would cloak up, come back, decloak and gank a scythe and repeat. Eventually, the station timer got too close to being out and both sides disengaged (with our shields well under 50% I couldn’t add any other modules to the tower either)…

Tower Brawl #1

We start our real formup, and watch PFR cyno in their caps (handful of dreads / carriers) and a Hel into system. At this point we are just watching the station timer tick down. PFR kept their caps in their own safe tower, even when station came out and sat on the gate waiting for us. We obliged them, and started to fight. This is where things got hairy. Eventually the brawl went to the station and since PFR was keeping their caps in their tower we dropped ours. Lots of them.

Now, since PFR did all the original work… and there was a single gate in system, they owned the SBU. After losing the subcap fight they promptly went over and turned off their SBU then restarted it onlining thus “Invuln” the station. We moved the fleet over to the SBU and started killing it. Once it popped we dropped our own SBU and started onlining it. Then, since we had all sorts of dreads and a super on field, we figured let’s go annoy PFR in their large annoyingly hardened tower. We are shooting it all happy when we get intel to the effect of… “RIP DIP caps”. Apparently somewhat nearby there was a wormhole to fountain. Supers were on the field and somewhere between 150-200 man CFC fleet was heading straight at us.

Our pilot (who has balls of steel or the intelligence of a rock depending on how you look at it) got himself bubbled up… a little ways off the one in gate to this system. Frantic dictor slaughtering began has a horde of CFC dictors and PFR dictors began bubbling the entire world. Eventually all things were killed, and all of our caps safed up in our tower. The rumor is, CFC fleet got mad as their WH collapsed after them, and they went in and reinforced all the station services in PFR home system due to this…

Station Timer Brawl #2 (Note the Abso lost is because he was 3x boxing and forgot to warp him separately)

So there were a few minro skirmishes and fun very small gang stuff happening while waiting for our SBU to online. Nothing overly serious. In this time we repped our tower to over 50% and added some additional mods to it… make it a bit rougher to shoot at.

Then… the timer came out. We dropped our Caps back on station with subcaps and PFR came in again for another fight. After we killed off a solid chunk of their Caracal fleet the reshipped to bombers and came back. We also had some Snails and Frogs guys show up in a 30ish man LML fleet of Flycatchers / Talwers. As the station went down to almost nothing PFR tried to ninja the station with a bomber fleet… involving all of us holding our breath until we saw who had actually capped the station.

Finish Him!

I will give mad props to PFR for fighting us throughout the entire day for this. I know there are only three reports, but it was hours of skirmishing. Our little brawl had the system as I believe the 3rd brightest red spot on the map throughout most of the day for activity / PvP. It was an absolute blast and PFR showed guts comign back again and again to brawl. I look forward to having them as neighbors 🙂

Diplomatic Immunity now owns our first SOV and our first station. We have plans to take some more, although we aren’t greedy. We are going for a constellation give or take and that’s it. I did get in touch with RANE last night and asked them if they were willing to just transfer over what we want… since they had no one show up to contest their system.

I was told there are backroom deals being worked and we will be told to stop taking their space soon… I’ll just leave this here and keep the Kasken Komments to myself there 😉 Yesterday was one of the most fun and draining days I’ve had in Eve yet. Hours of fighting, watching caps get bubbled to hell knowing a big ass fleet was on the way in, and our first station… work doesn’t seem quite as exciting today!

Want in on the action?

Vitri Recruitment
Diplomatic Immunity Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


  1. Diana Olympos says:

    I was part of the PFR final Caracal fight.
    Let’s say there was far too much rep for our little fleet, but htat was GF nevertheless.

  2. SkyMeetFire says:

    It was actually only 3 PFR DICs trying to tackle your Aeon, the CFC ones were still a few jumps out. Based on when I saw your super aligning out, we probably both heard about them at the same time, so if felt like a mad rush on our side too. And let me clear the rumor for you – they did go and ref all of our station services, and camp us in for an hour after the fight – they do have a reputation to maintain after all.

    You guys were willing to take the risks necessary to claim the station, regardless of what we did. Much respect for that.

    Also – I’m soooo glad Dominion Sov is going away – getting in on the last timer to cap the system is a dick move, only offset by us trying to dick cap the station ourselves at the last percent. Can’t wait for those mechanics to be gone 🙂

    • Kasken says:

      I don’t get that heart racing in PvP much anymore like I used too… but sitting in my Moros with eyes on your cap fleet and waiting for an epic brawl was pretty awesome. If both sides caps had gotten involved… the isk lost there would have been pretty impressive…

      It was solid fun either way, you guys were hella good sports to fight, and even though you lost local was mostly smack free and good fun which is what Eve should be. It probably helps neither one of us thinks we are among the elite and don’t need to chest beat like we are 😉

  3. Heh read the evenews article about you taking station and was like, ‘wtf, I thought they were shooting blue alliance (for moons) not blueing them’.
    Well if RANE is talking about backroom deals and you being told to stop soon, that only means you have to move fast in capturing stuff for a better negotiation position?

  4. Caldari Joans says:

    Good work DIP and excellent write up. Nice to see you guys on the map. Looking forward to the content you guys will bring to WC.

  5. Fugue Crow says:

    TEST here. Looking forward to having you around. No idea what our diplos plan to do with or to you, but I’m really hoping Wicked Creek in general ends up keeping blues to a minimum and small fleet fights to an all time high. Put the fear away, we’re not bringing 400 man slowcat fleets or giant blobs of supers or shit. I hope you can fight 50 guys in HACs though. 🙂

    • Kasken says:

      Honestly… I have no idea what is going on there either. Longer term I think a general Frenemies with NIP in place is the way to go, but I let my diplos do their work and come up with a plan overall. Your entrance right as we begin our SOV war is more a pain in the ass for me currently but we will see how it all plays out 🙂 Hard to take sov with 3278434 people dropping in to say hi ;p

  6. Rhaeghar says:

    I would prefer to see growing groups take and hold the space instead of space cancer like rane, and pest. glad to see you guys doing good.

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