Where the Wild Things Are….

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Eve Online
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The politics of Wicked Creek… are one of the most insane, convoluted things I have ever seen. Seriously, I live here, and it’s a murky quagmire on fire inside a cave full of rotting eggs. That’s how pleasant the politics are.

That being said, this writhing mass of blues, frenemies, and in general savage debauchery… lead to some highly entertaining kills. Basically DIP continued our work assaulting RANE, which lead to a trading of SBUs and a reinforced station on RANE’s end. After all was said and done, we were told there was a dread floating gates down near TEST staging. So we burned off in that direction.

Upon arriving near the TEST hive, we were told by a neutral in local they had the Nag tackled off a gate. We went over to help, Nag jumped gate and we proceeded to kill it.

Lol Nag

Then we proceeded to jump into TEST staging, and head to their undock where a constant flow of things were docking / undocking. We killed tons of random things, probed stuff out, warped around, and in general caused some mayhem. We tried to fight a TEST fleet but they took off. Finally they came back and landed on our friendlies in system. We started heading towards them to engage…suddenly GClub appeared. Long story short… we weren’t bubbled, I hit fleet warp, nothing happened. I hit it again, and about 15 seconds after that the bubble appeared around us that had apparently been there the entire time. Local spiked into the 300s if I recall, like 374 or something.

The bad part of that… the logistics were farther from us and were successfully warped off. So our Navy Augs were pretty much whelped. Although… never fear, the mighty DIP still came out ahead in the ISK war even though we lost pretty much our entire fleet!


Wicked Creek, in my opinion, has more and better content than anywhere else in Eve right now. Small guys everywhere battling and brawling for space, justice, and the American way of life! Betrayals, backstabs, throat slitting, and shifting alliances are the normal course here. Wicked Creek feels like Eve the way it was designed to be, dangerous, dark, and all kinds of fuxed up. Like I keep saying, it’s been more fun in the last month than it has in the last year of Eve. I am having an absolute blast again playing.

DIP is getting some recognition now. Since we are showing up on battle reports, Booms Game of Sov threads, and being content generators we are poised to keep growing and getting better. The only issue DIP currently faces at times now is a lack of numbers. If I had a handful more solid PvP corporations, we would be an extremely solid force to be reckoned with…

Vitri Recruitment (Corp)
DIP Recruitment (Alliance)

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity

Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Ignorant FC says:

    Fleet warp is glitchy in those situations BTW.

    veeeery glitchy.

    ANI’s are pretty cheap, extreaaamly sturdy, and do decent DPS.

    Hell, they were our MAIN doctrine not too long ago (Gclub)

  2. Lobal says:

    ANI’s a great “gateway” doctrine to the T2 stuff and perfect for up and coming alliance due to the effectiveness in combat as well as the price. As it was our part of our armor doctrine(Gclub), and with links those things have a beastly tank for a t1 cruiser.

  3. Leicester says:


    Fixed your Battle Report. There were only two sides in that battle, and you are allied with RA & Co.

  4. Leicester says:


    Somehow linked to the original and now evf seems to have gone tits up… vOv

    Anyway, you get the point.

  5. Leicester says:

    As were we and Test, you and RA were not shooting each other on the field, hence you end up on the same side.

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