Something Wicked This Way Comes…. Oh Hello TEST

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Eve Online
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First a disclaimer. This blog is written by Kasken, the alliance executor of DIP. It is a completely biased personal opinion of myself. In general, it is not the official stance taken by my alliance, nor should everything I say be quoted as gospel (if you believe in that sort of thing).

I mention that because people complain how unfair and biased my blog is…. obviously. I am writing it.It’s from my perspective, colored by my take, and is used partially as propaganda to recruit for DIP. I’m not a journalist reporting “objectively”.  I write because I like it, and to get readers / feedback to improve. Boring bland pieces don’t attract much attention so….

Now that being said, Wicked Creek got even more ridiculous than usual. I was told a few weeks ago by PEST (Hellion Vlad) that he was calling TEST out here to absolutely obliterate NoFux (Almost Awesome) and I should choose my side carefully. TEST actually did come out here, ‘standing on their own” and were transferred a couple of systems. There was drama, BL/PL showed and more explosions happened. Politics, blues, reds, and everything else seems to change about 20 times a day out here.

DIP was unconcerned either way. We are still a small 200 man alliance, and we were obliterating RANE/PEST as both alliances… are, to be blunt, some of the most worthless groups I’ve seen in Eve. Neither of them are capable of anything in the slightest. The first station we took from RANE was fought over by PFR / DIP / third parties, not the owners. They have drawn their line in the sand for the station in M-M though. How do these elite sov holding PvPers hold this station one could ask…. by going “TEST PLEASE SAVE US!!!!!!!”

I’m not kidding, RANE has called in TEST to save their station / IHUB three nights in a row now. Last time they went so far as to get 10ish TEST carriers in the station to help rep it. I actually feel bad for TEST. Since they outnumbered us by a solid amount we didn’t fight them. They just killed the SBU and left. I wonder how much those two SOV systems and payment were and how long it will take before TEST realizes how useless their pets are…

I did think being told to choose a side was hilarious too. RANE/PEST are probably some of the worst flip floppers in Eve. Hey N3 thanks for the SOV… wait you want us to deploy and PvP, no thanks we are done with N3. Hey Gorgon, we welcome our new Russian overlords. Of course we will pay you for protection. Nevermind, we won’t pay you anymore. Oh help, DIP is attacking us, DRF/RA please make them stop we will pay you. Actually nevermind, TEST we welcome our new best Bro’s to Wicked Creek.

If a 200 man alliance could wreck them as easily as we have, when new SOV hits RANE is completely screwed unless they keep up their method of paying the entire world to save them,…

Now as far as TEST being in Wicked Creek…the region was pretty lively before. Small / Medium gangs were pretty common and many good fights were to be had. They’ve to some extent, ruined that partially. Their fleets are on average bigger, and more people are coming in to farm TEST in larger fleets as well.That being said, TEST does TEST things and allows for kills such as:

Lols Freighter

Either for good or for bad, TEST has completely changed the dynamic of the region, and turned it more into a mini Catch 2.0. Farmers are coming from all around, fleets are floating around more often, and GClub got a boost in US TZ as TEST helps them as well. DIP will keep on doing what DIP does, build numbers, poking at various entities around here, and pulling in more PvP corporations that want to break off the Donut. We are recruiting for those of you tired of tidi blob fests …. 😉

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. DeepsSpai says:

    You nailed down PEST/RANE’s attitudes and abilities spot on. We fought them multiple times, and were successful unless the batphoned GE to bail them out, which they did frequently. Hellion is a legend in his own mind, and generally sneered at by most folks in the game.

  2. Leicester says:

    I’m not sure if or for how long GClub will remain blue with Test, it’s above my pay grade – I guess it was originally until they got established in the area and now with them having secured two systems in that pocket and publicly declaring to go after Almost Awesomes sov I guess you could say that’s been accomplished.
    I’m guessing that we may reset them on a day-to-day basis in order for more fights but with an NIP, and team up for an objective in the same manner as you guys and PFR do.

    They’ve definitely brought some excitement to the area, and I’m glad to have them around!

  3. Fugue Crow says:

    We have no interest in staying blue to GClub forever. We are bros, but we want to shoot each other. I would expect temp blues over timers, but TEST has no interest in a blue donut.

    As for my opinion of DIP: you’re doing really well for having no diplomatic presence. Your fleets are a serious threat in our space, so we get good fights. If you don’t fuck with our sov, we won’t call blues and blob you out of existence. It’s as boring to us as it is to you, mate.

    • Kasken says:

      I’m not intending on going for your SOV. We didn’t even go for it before you arrived. Your defense of RANE is irritating to us of course, but such is Eve. Eventually I think TEST will get tired of saving RANE and we will take their space so we have our own SOV to base from instead of hanging out on DRF’s couch…

      Either way TEST has provided lots of fights…

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