Diplomatic Immunity. Two Months Without FailCascade

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Eve Online
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On April 2, DIP will be two months old. This doesn’t seem like the most momentous of occasions, and in general, it really isn’t. However we have done more in two months than some alliances have done in their entire Eve careers.

DIP started in Stain, fighting the evil French. We moved from High Sec > Stain, then across Stain to the other end of it. For a small one corp alliance at that time… it was a rough move. Stain is pretty huge and we had one guy running the logistics then.

We spent a little time in western Stain, and then through some friendships and diplomacy, got offered a spot out in Detorid crashing on DRF’s couch. We moved our alliance (up to two corps by then) down to Detorid and setup shop. At this point Rolled Out’s guys had started playing again and come onboard as well.

We had a bit of a rocky start, losing 30b in JF’s our first month, immeasurable stupid high sec losses to Marmite and other various insane and idiotic things giving us a starting alliance  efficiency of 15%. There was some inter alliance arguments and debates of a strong and loud nature determining the path and how things would run. These are all of course growing pains that any new alliance would have while growing. We have since been working on fixing our efficiency and it’s just about to go green!

We sorted through it, and in month two we cleaned our house. The non PvP guys were either removed or left of their own volition. We have picked up a couple of PvP corps from our (at the time enemies), and they have culturally and PvP wise fit right in helping us out. Our overall number count is down a bit, only sitting at just over 200 pilots, but we are far better off than we previously were.

We successfully contested and fought for SOV, taking our first station. That fight became one of the brightest spots for PvP on the map that day, with people showing up from all around Eve to contest / fight. It’s a crappy station in a terrible system, but we earned it with billions in kills that day.

Right now where we sit, is just a numbers game. We’ve had shoutouts from our friends and enemies out here. We’ve appeared numerous times of Game of Sov updates. Most people out here who fight us respect us. Politically we have some connections now, and several entities have requested we fight for / with them. Are we relevant, maybe not. Are we starting to get a little bit known… yea. We have helped turn Wicked Creek from a mess of blues and staleness into one of the most active regions in Eve. We helped propel TEST getting invited here, and helped shift the dynamic of an entire region as a small no name 200 man alliance. I consider that an impressive feat for a two month old group of guys…

What the future brings, I don’t know. DIP needs more corporations that fit our culture, and willing to PvP with us. Our issue we face as an alliance right now isn’t skill, it’s size. The groups we fight out here we can match with skill, but their numbers are much greater than ours. We will continue to recruit PvP corporations that possess the same drive, desires, and willingness to work for something apart from a blue donut. We will seek high quality corps to join us out here, and make a difference in the small world of Eve…

To our enemies / neutrals / Friends out here… a shoutout:

GClub / DEEPS – You guys always keep it classy, and win or lose are great to fight. I’m glad you guys are out here and bring it… wish you weren’t N3!

TEST – You have added a pretty crazy amount of traffic to the region. It’s caused a shift from more small gang to medium, where your numbers hold you a step above most of us smaller guys. However, aside from the insane local sperg, the smaller fights we’ve had with you have been fun, and when NoFux aren’t involved you guys have been pretty chill so keep it up…

RANE/PEST – I can’t give you a PvP shoutout because you guys are incapable of doing anything for yourselves…

PFR – You guys are a blast to fight and show more heart than most groups I’ve met in game…

BLUE – You guys were great fun to fight, and currently are sitting on the same team… you guys keep dropping more guys in our fleet than anyone else and always show up when asked, for that I thank you.

DRF  – For my first dealings with Russians… DRF you guys have been great. You are letting a small alliance chill and grow in your space for nothing. You gave us a home and said here ya go, enjoy. Because of that we have been successful and are still growing / getting better. Thank you.

RA – I knew nothing about you guys except the fact you have been on and off the map forever. Greg, you have rocked, helped out when asked, and when not asked. You have remained in constant contact and have been a blast to work with… thank you.

Almost Awesome – You guys have definitely added a pretty crazy amount of content to the region and made Wicked Creek a pretty happening place…

DIP will continue to grow, get stronger, and keep on building ourselves up to be a PvP force to be reckoned with…

If you want to be part of the challenge, and not sitting there twiddling your thumbs in the circle jerk of the blue donut…

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Fugue Crow says:

    TEST here. Thanks. Expect us to continue bringing fights, shitting up local, and probably outnumbering you. If there’s nothing to fight over, we’re usually pretty cool shipping down, and if you want to actually organize a fight, just hit up our diplos, ei?

    We should have a Wicked Creek tournament!

    • Mael says:

      A regional tournament would actually be pretty fun. Open to any group active in the area, winner gets their pick of 5 systems of RANE space?

      Might have to limit teams to 5 a side, not sure RANE could form 10 (j/k)

  2. White Don says:

    Hey, why nothing for GE, you jerk?!

    • Kasken says:

      Honestly because I haven’t had any serious fights with you yet due to TZ differences… Sorry for leaving you guys out.

      To be fair you do roll through and gank my guys on a regular basis…

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