Once More Into the Fray…

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Eve Online
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So as anyone who as ever read Reddit or something else is aware, TEST is launching a full scale propaganda war against Almost Awesome. As mandated blues of Almost Awesome we take a pretty good amount of trashing as well since we are affiliated with “the evil non tolerant NoFux guys”.

A small, I can’t even call it a coalition yet but will anyway, was formed in the US TZ to give us at least a chance of fighting TEST head on numbers wise. I will henceforth refer to this as the FunDIP coalition… as DIP propaganda works for me. We had our first “joint” operation last night to see how it went, how many guys we could get in fleet, and to see if we could even get them all registered on comms.

Then we proceeded to head over to where TEST was repping two small POS and engage. We had 60+ guys in fleet, but a substantial chunk of them were not “doctrine” ships. We had several light tackle, random ships, and Vexor Navy Issues instead of Ishtars. Our logistics was also a bit short too. We held our own at first, and then the Nidhoggur (not sure if the other 3 carriers there we actively repping the fleet or not) from TEST was able to start repping people. Once that happened we were struggling to break the targets, and to make it worse our logi suddenly called out they were off grid… within 100k of the tower.

It was at this point, I saw the yellow boxes hitting and pretty much insta popped. I went back for an interceptor and listened to the rest of the fight. A handful of mistakes were made, which caused us to lose a bit more than we should have. I personally also am so bored with Ishtar fleets, definitely not the most fun fleets ever to fly or FC. Our FC was popped, secondary FC was going down, and I was already dead so the choice was made to leave since we weren’t breaking them anymore at this point anyway. +1 fight for TEST.

Battle Report (Numbers definitely aren’t overwhelmingly accurate here, they had more logi + Carriers that aren’t showing, and I’m not sure where other guys in our fleet were either…)

I had fun coming back with a Malediction though. Killed a Condor, and then had a Raptor willingly engage me on a gate. I was annoyingly out of EM rockets and had to use kinetic which made it take longer than it should have. I noticed blaster fit though, and just orbited him at 7500 which lead to him not quite finishing off my shield before he popped. He requested in local that I add it to my blog so here it is!

Raptor Kill

Overall for a first effort of the newly named FunDip coalition, it wasn’t terrible. There is always a period of adjustment when pilots from several groups come together. I was happy on our first attempt we got as many pilots as we did and managed to get a chunk of them at least into Ishtars / Scimitars. Hopefully we can whip this into somewhat of a fighting shape so we can actually fight TEST since as a general rule we are significantly outnumbered. We hold our own just fine doing the gank random people tactics and small skirmish brawls. SOV / Moons / real warfare though requires head to head fights which right now TEST most assuredly has the advantage with.

Wicked Creek is definitely changing. The sheer volume of pilots floating around is significantly higher than there used to be. It’s still a pretty crap region overall, but content wise it’s currently one of the best in Eve. This area is not my longterm goal, nor where I want to live forever, but currently it’s pretty awesome. We just need to get the useless entities out of here that provide nothing (RANE/PEST) and bring in some more small alliances willing to brawl like PFR and crew do…

Also on a final note… FunDip coalition is NOT lead by Roweena. It is more a join effort that DIP is currently working on trying to organize and get moving together. There is no mastermind overlord of the coalition, and it is not a grand scheme of Roweena’s either. It started originally to remove RANE/PEST from Wicked Creed, and now has shifted to fighting TEST a bit more. It was… encouraged by allies that DIP step in and try to smooth out communications / organization and we are doing so. However, half the people in this group aren’t blue to each other, and at times things liek politics / ego get in the way. So it’s a process, but getting there…

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Mael says:

    Skoal Coalition

  2. hey. we’ve seen the logs of your coalition chat. it’s on our twitter. dreddit is recruiting. for real. hit us up. don’t do this to yourself, you deserve better. reddit.com/r/evedreddit

  3. Sodoko says:

    You guys need to ditch N0FUX, ASAP. Toxic and nothing but trouble. They’re legit a bunch of homophobic racists with southern accents. Hang out on their comms when nothing interesting is happening, listen to the conversation they make. Feel the frustration of trying to deal with Roweena. You know what I’m talking about.

  4. DeepsSpai says:

    Yeah, whatever iteration of NOFUX you’re dealing with is no better than RANE/PEST leadership, as much as I hate to agree.

  5. Fugue Crow says:

    Seriously, as someone in test who’s been following you: ditch NOFUX, but don’t blue TEST, and we’ll fight you and not fuck with your sov.

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