Wicked Creek Sprung a Leak!

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Eve Online
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Wicked Creek is a very special place to be. The drama that goes down there is, well, pretty epic. The center of most of it is currently TEST and Almost Awesome (N0Fux). TEST has launched a propaganda war via Reddit, which is revitalizing their alliance and providing content to their members. N0Fux, lead by Roweena, is doing whatever it is he does.

So allow me a little back story.

RANE hold large quantities of SOV in Wicked Creek. They have no formidable presence there, but operate under the assumption they are indeed God’s chosen rules of this region. In order to maintain this chosen status on the map and not just in the confines of their collective minds, Gorgon Empire was paid vast sums of isk for this right.

Gorgon / RA / DRF all had a NIP with each other. As DIP and assorted other small coalitions were living in DRFRA space… we had to abide by their rules. You can’t be a guest of someone and not follow their guidelines. Once the NIP broke down between the Russian powers, we were given the greenlight to invade.

The US Powers nearby (Gentlemen’s Club) also have an extremely strong dislike of RANE. So Roweena (according to him with DRF’s blessing) worked with GClub to take away a PEST station system that dropped SOV. He also got furious at me when I posted it on my blog, because apparently it was a big secret known only to every alliance who lived out here and my blog somehow spoiled this epic surprise.

Gorgon promptly returned and slapped down N0Fux and took the station back once they woke up and had their morning vodka shots. At this point, Roweena went on a Skype tirade, reset PEST and claimed the end of their existence. Hellion Vlad, informed me that due to his contacts, TEST would deploy here and wipe N0Fux off the map. I should choose who I ally with carefully.

Still with me here… it gets even more complex…Fast forward a few days to when we get the greenlight to invade. We SBU 5H-, and plan on taking the station that night. I get home, and Roweena convos us stating if N0Fux isn’t allowed to take the station, GClub will come drop all of our caps and we would be unable to touch said station. We had more people on field, more caps, and had to sell Roweena the TCU’s as he was completely unprepared for this. At this moment in time, I was not aware to the full depths of the madness that lurked in Roweena’s mind. I chose not to argue and gave them the station.

Fast Forward a few more days. DIP enjoys the success of our first station, taking it from Phoebe in a fight (RANE was not present to defend their station) and much fun was had. Then came TEST moving in with the fanfare of thousands of Reddit masters. They blued up a good chunk of people in western Wicked Creek to so they could move in. Things get murkey, because I was asleep during this part. however…

During the SOV transfer from PEST/RANE to their new (current) overlords, TEST, Black Legion came in took the station from under TEST. N0Fux appeared, supposedly while blue to TEST and shot at TEST assets as well. Drama bomb cut short… TEST reclaimed station with PL help. Headshot TEST failed, they are moved into region and pretty angry.

So the US guys, who are greatly outnumbered by TEST decide to form up mutual fleets with each other to give us a chance at fighting back. Roweena brought in another small alliance (Corvos) to help. Rumors are they were paid as mercs, I have no idea if any isk exchanged hands for this. After some time passing with absolutely no cohesion or unification of this “coalition” DIP said screw it and started trying to organize and take charge of this. This culminated in our first attempt at a unified fleet (lost to TEST). We attempted to get N0Fux onboard with us the next day via Skype. I’ve heard from Roweena several times how they can get massive fleets, are incredibly skilled, and the best thing ever out here. They are basically the US Superpower in our region, everyone else is Shit, and blah blah blah. They had two guys in fleet, eventually got to five. We told Roweena to get registered on coalition comms… and then this happened.

Leaked Logs

This was not the first of these type of conversations I’ve had with Roweena. As an example, when I put my first blog post on Reddit, I received almost 2k views. I was pretty excited about this and the response I got from Roweena was:

[3/20/2015 1:15:42 PM] Roweena Azur – N0FUX:u start mentioning my alliance things happen bro
[3/20/2015 1:15:43 PM] Kasken: I wrote it this morning
[3/20/2015 1:15:46 PM] Roweena Azur – N0FUX: we have a very loud reputation

I’ve been told to stfu, how terrible I am at Eve, and all sorts of fun and exciting things. He wrote EN24 a letter stating that the story of us taking the station was wrong, and without N0Fux it wouldn’t have happened. He did all the “damage”. Mathematically speaking, I believe it came out to DIP did 9m+ damage in the fight they were there for (not the fight for the actual timer when we re-SBUed) and his guys did a little over one million damage. I get irritated at times, but I figure it’s just an unstable kid whose real life sucks. I now, actually feel that we as an Eve community, should get a fundraising campaign and get Roweena the professional help he needs.

If a person in the real world thought they were a superhero, people would question their sanity. Roweena believes himself the equivalent of a superhero in a video game… and we just mock him. Seriously, this boy needs help. He cannot llive his life in these delusions where he is indeed the center of a fictitious world. I do not want one day the Eve servers to be shut down, and some scraggly kid wandering the streets wasting away demanding people call him Fleet Commander while living in a fantasy world of spaceships… Someone get a kickstarter campaign going for this guy.

As far as Wicked Creek goes… it’s a giant disaster. Politics are still insane, rumors abound, threats are made, towers are killed, reffed, and being put up like it’s going out of style. Numbers matter, sadly, and DIP stands on the low end of the totem pole there. The bright side is we did push our KB green. Not bad within two months if you consider we started with the equivalent of a super loss, and several billion more in special people losses…

On a last note, I applied to write for EN24 In order to prove my writing I need to submit a sample story. I’m far too biased for a “journalistic” approach. I was thinking of writing an article about how the Phoebe changes have created a group of players who have the “I deserve it, give it to me now” mentality over the players of old. Thoughts?

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. druid who says:

    lol kasken i never thought this would go on ur blog, gona make this weekend intresting hehe

    on another not i was almost in tears of laughter thanks

  2. This is a wonderful perspective piece for us.
    Your posts are a refreshing bit of sanity since we’ve moved here.

    Things will calm down in time.

    The slope-NOFUX campaign is overshadowing the actually-important happening in the region: the great fights that’ve been happening over income moons.


  3. CoffinQueen says:

    would like to cite one or two sentences in my bio but cant decide which, there are so many good ones 🙂
    I guess I take this one “I do not want one day the Eve servers to be shut down, and some scraggly kid wandering the streets wasting away demanding people call him Fleet Commander while living in a fantasy world of spaceships” – hillarious
    thanks Kasken, gonna read you blog more regularly from now 😉

  4. DeepsSpai says:

    DEEPs approves this post =), great stuff man!!

  5. Orion says:

    You all sound like a good group. Hang in there, and hope you all keep what you get.

  6. Mino Noud says:

    You make me want to write for EN24 again as it’s been some time but this is absolutely delightful. I’m reading it whilst chatting to some TEST guys on comms and it’s causing quite the laughter. I do feel sorry for the man, I convo’d him after having known him in the past to simply say hello and he went on some ridiculous tirade as well.

    I do feel he needs help.

  7. Xilia says:

    > Gorgon promptly returned and slapped down N0Fux and took the station back once they woke up and had their morning vodka shots.

    As a Gorgon member, I like your style.

  8. […] One of the real oddities of the EVE blogosphere is the relative lack of nullsec residents writing about what they do. Thus, it is a real find when you not only find one, but find one with some really interesting tales of what goes on in the Great Zero Zero. Kasken does just that over on the Kasken Kronicles, bringing us some really convoluted political storytelling. […]

  9. Wicked Creek sounds like the most interesting and awesome place to be in EVE right now.

  10. Rhaeghar says:

    At no point did GCLUB ever work with roweena in any shape for clarification

    • Kasken says:

      GClub most definitely was on the field grinding 1L for Almost Awesome. As to who made the deal for that to happen I do not know. I was there for that however, and physically saw Almost Awesome shooting with GClub.

      • Marr21608 says:

        O.o AA has burned N3 bridges so hard it’s insane. My guess is it was a corp he was trying to poach or something. I am not joking when I say no one likes AA at all. That guys an ass hole.

  11. Leicester says:

    I can remember the instance you are referring to Kasken, the word we (the line members) got was that Rots Mijnwerker had taken over from Roweena as head of AA. thus changing GClubs attitude towards them, we have worked with Rots in the past and respect him, so with that change we were more than happy for AA. to take over 1L-OEK.
    In the end it proved a moot point as -GE- came in later that day before the TCUs were online and grabbed the system themselves, but seeing as they freeport it makes no great difference in the grand scheme of things.

    I’m really not sure what the machinations were behind the scenes, whether Roweena used Rots to hopefully grab himself a system with GClubs help – he knew damn sure we weren’t going to help him with anything other than a quick ride home.

    • Kasken says:

      Roweena did a similar thing to us with 5H. We did a good chunk of the work, had TCU / SBUs ready to go and told us GClub was going to drop our cap sunless AA was physically in control of the station. Now TEST plans on taking it if sov drops, and DIP kinda got screwed out the system we had originally wanted for logistics support. Roweena…. was a special boy.

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