To SOV and Beyond…

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Eve Online
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I’ve actually been asked why I haven’t posted in a while. It’s nice to have a following đŸ™‚

So lots of stuff has happened in the last week. For non DIP starters, N0Fux has cascaded into oblivion. Roweena apparently has quit Eve as the undisputed hero FC of the entire Eve universe. I am sure the entire Eve universe will probably pause and have a moment of silence for such a sorrowful occasion. I hope that his departure from Eve is because of an enrollment into a mental health facility.

Wicked Creek is still a pretty crazy place to be. TEST is continuing their rampage through the space claiming moons and taking SOV. The “FunDip” coalition as I had previously named it is a bit quiet. Corvos tried for some SOV when N0Fux dropped it all which TEST violently contested. TEST seems to be more organized and fleets are out and about regularly stirring up trouble and causing general havoc. DIP has given up on designs for Wicked Creek currently excluding our system that we plan on maintaining. For now we are focusing on alliance growth, building, and fixing our infrastructure.

Oh yea, did I mention DIP has gained SOV in Insmother so we have our own home now, and don’t need to sleep on DRF’s couch. Our activity has been slightly quieter, with some alliance changes going on. We had some turnover in corporations and picked up an additional corp. A N3 corp is dissolving and merging into a new corp in our alliance. We are picking up a coalition level FC as well in this which should provide some solid additions to our E Utz especially. I’m also in discussion with a handful of other corporations so I am looking forward to the future and where DIP will be come the June changes.

It’s been a quiet week, but just did some structure grinding, moving, and prepping. This weekend should be pretty relaxed as people get moved in and prepped before we start running ops next week. It will be a bit more relaxing and calm weekend without timers or anything to mess with. It should be a good time, and DIP is focusing on DIP now, recruiting, growing, and prepping for our June plans đŸ™‚

As always… DIP is recruiting!

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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