Nice Relaxing Weekend

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Eve Online
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This was a nice quiet weekend for once. Surprisingly, it was nice having a quiet weekend. No major ops planned, no crazy alarm clocking, just some simple logistics, grinds, and few small fights.

We have been conducting Operation Cleanup around our new space. Aka cleaning out hostile / neutral random crap floating around. We’ve been slaughtering dead towers, reinforcing live ones, and in general cleaning out the area. It’s not the most exciting of things, but it’s a little bit of content. Claimed our fifth system as well. This will serve us as a logistics system in the future.

We did have one small gang show up to shoot at us. It was an adorable attempt. Splitting them up was pretty easy. The Eris warped onto me and bubbled me, 100k away from his friends. That was a pretty quick and easy kill for the VNI. By the time his buddies got out to us, in a nice and orderly spread out fashion, it was a rampant slaughter as our guys undocked too.

Cruiser Kills

Other than that, DIP has been a bit quiet recently. We are still settling in our new home and focusing on setting up our infrastructure, logistics chains and the like. We managed to acquire Gorgon cloaky campers, that took all of three days I think. We are mostly focusing on recruiting and getting those quality corporations into DIP that will fit in with our culture and give us additional firepower. It is coming along slowly, but it is indeed still chugging.

We did get a new corporation into alliance. DIP welcome Sonic Jihad into our growing community. A N3 corp is in the process of dissolving and merging into Sonic as well including a N3 coalition level FC. This will provide a solid boost to EU timezone and FC leadership. I look forward to the rest of their guys getting moved over, and into DIP to get them integrated and running ops with us.

This week we will slowly start picking up our PvP activity again. We have some operations planned for this week, and will start to mess with our neighbors… and say hello. It’s happened a bit, and I was so close to convincing a renter group to rebel against their rental overlords. They offered to pay us rent if we flipped their system for them, which I thought was pretty funny. I encouraged them to rebel anyway, because I don’t think N3 will reconquer the area, but alas some people will just not take the risk.

Finally I wrote an article for EN24 today. It is an article discussing some of the perils and challenges faced by a young growing alliance. I used DIP as an example of course, since writing what you know is typically a good idea. We will see if it gets published or not. If it does maybe I can start writing for EN 24 as well…

Lastly, DIP is still looking for corporations to fit in with our culture not afraid of the challenge. If the groups that I am talking to all join… we will be in an extremely strong position and ready to go for June. Hopefully with N3 falling apart, CFC preparing to abandon some of their areas and consolidate, PvP corps looking for something new and fresh will link up with us…

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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