Ancient Eve Artifact Destroyed by History Haters

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Eve Online
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Late yesterday evening, an ancient Eve artifact was destroyed through the callous actions of Wormhole groups who have no appreciated for history. A carrier class vessel of the Archon variety was destroyed when foolishly coming to the rescue of another doomed carrier class vessel of the Thanatos variety.

So how did this all begin…

I was hanging out in my Thanatos killing the evil Angel rats who were creating Havens in epic numbers around the system. Being an overconfident PvPer who was expecting a Gorgon Empire hotdrop (that never came). So when a lone Stiletto came in and pointed me, my response was, adorable. I sent a large flight of Warriors onto him and he proceeded to leave. He wasn’t a part of any major group I had heard of, and a quick glance at the killboard didn’t give me any major cause for worry so I continued about my business.

He came back within a couple of minutes, and straight back to me. I still wasn’t worried as I had a slowcat on standby and friends in local. As expected another neutral showed up and it was a Macherial. I was actually pretty excited and called for tackle to come in and return the favor. A small stream of neutrals came in, nothing overly major right away, and we lost tackle but killed one of the Macherials. However they were keeping me pointed.

I still wasn’t worried, until local kept rising. Even then it was manageable and we warped in some slowcat support. We were holding without it be muching of an issue, but sadly hostile Scimitars appeared and also prevented us from killing anything else. That and any tackle we brought it was wiped off field extremely quickly.

We made the decision to stop bringing in subcaps while we attempted to organize a proper fleet. As we were prepping the fleet, local spiked seriously as Hard Knocks, and a random smattering of wormhole groups came flooding in. At this point we were pretty confident we were dead, and did what we could to make an effort to remove ships but were unable to break reps or do much.

The Archon that died on Heartcarver was roughly, six-seven years old I believe. It still had large rigs on it and was built / mined by myself waaaaaaaay back in the day. This was back when you could put industrials in a carrier full of mods. That isk value was not crazy, but that sentimental value… sigh.

What I found surprising about the entire situation, is the general style of Hard Knocks and crew. I haven’t really fought them before, and I know they appear from Wormholes and gank stuff everywhere. Having them in local was almost the same as having TEST in local. There was a constant spew of local sperg and trash talking on us. None of us were mad and I genuinely enjoyed the fight even though I lost two carriers personally.

Mistakes were made of course, mostly by me. We shouldn’t have brought in anything else to save me, but more importantly, when I had the chance to leave I should have. I got a bit overconfident, and wasn’t too worried about getting ganked. Bad things happened, and I died. It was a stupid  mistake to make, but it could have been far worse. It also could have been much better and had no losses.

Either way, thanks for the fight, and at a minimum one Macherial kill was the same price as a carrier!

DIPs Carrier Whelp

In other news… my first EN24 article was published. People who comment there seem even worse than Reddit when it comes to hostility… the joys of Internet anonymity I suppose. It was a fun article to write, and I hope to continue writing articles of a similar nature and style. I appreciate the feedback I have received on both my blog and article.

DIP is still looking for more PvP corporations… we are prepping to sound the drums of war soon 🙂

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. ThirdSin says:

    Many interweb people are souless douchebags behind a monitor, keep writing these for the rest of us, we enjoy them.

  2. When I read your blog I look at an entertaining story about stuff happening in EVE and I don’t care if is a propaganda piece or perhaps biased in your own favour.

    When I read an EN24/TMC article I look for the propaganda and bias in between the information. So I have a bias towards an article just based on what site it is on, probably other people are the same.

    Even if Fox News and Jon Stewart literally tell the same story I will probably hear two different things.

    • Kasken says:

      I did make an effort when writing that to, keep as much bias out of it as possible. It was supposed to be an example of issues faced with a young alliance, using my own for examples. I tried to keep it… not necessarily pro-DIP so to speak while doing so.

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