The Second Battle of 3Q – RANE Style

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Eve Online
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Diplomatic Immunity. made a name for itself by brawling with Phoebe Freeport Republic for 3Q-VZA. Game of Sov updates mentioned us, EN24 did an article on us, and a small alliance took it’s first bit of SOV. Since then there has been a tremendous amount of drama and changes in Wicked Creek as N0Fux cascaded, TEST arrive and claimed several systems, Gorgon Empire strolls around casually olbiterating fleets and people left and right, and Wicked Creek has turned into an autistic battlezone.

The notable “Overlords”, and I use that term incredibly loosely here, RANE were pretty much absent from anything involving PvP in the region. However with TEST here to back them, RANE has once again regained their courage and began their own assault on several non-key and overall useless systems such as 3Q.

RANE began their incredible assault by bravely going forth to do battle with the lone defensive SBU held by DIP in the system. A handful of bombers, a Maelstrom and a cloaky, yes I said cloaky Macherial started bashing. After several moments of sheer and utter panic we determined the only course of action left to us would be to fight these incredible PvPers and hope that we could indeed of a desirable outcome.

We had a lone Phantasm who decided to occupy them and do what he could to slow down their incredible assault. He ended up soloing a handful of bombers and a Tengu… alone… in a Phantasm. By the end of the evening, RANE had manged to call in a TEST fleet of Caracals, who got bored defending their retarded stepbrother and left them alone. We ended up killing everything RANE brought except the cloaky Macherial. As soon as TEST left RANE was back on the SBU shooting at, somehow managing to think that we would just hide and let them be. Obviously that didn’t happen

Battle Report

I lost a Sentinel hero tackling and fighting the Svipuls waiting for my guys to land on grid with them. I survived long enough for my guys to get hands on and kill them both. It was highly amusing, how incredibly bad RANE attempts are at PvP. How long will TEST keep saving them before finally saying enough guys, stand on your own…

In other news, DIP started attacking Spire, and promptly got told to back off or we would get decimated as Spire “belongs” to someone else. We were also told all the moons we hit aren’t ours and we can’t have them. Ironically by a group who is fighting “against” the exact same thing they are perpetuating sadly. However this is Eve, and I am not yet in the position I need to be to handle the fights it would entail still. However, there are several group son the horizon that if they join DIP will explode into a force that is unexpected very quickly 🙂

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Canenald says:

    Kind of embarrassing to have RANE as blues, really. I’d gladly exchange them for DIP. We could help each other a lot when the “big fish” inevitably turn their eyes on Wicked Creek for content.

  2. > We had a lone Phantasm who decided to occupy them and do what he could to slow down their incredible assault. He ended up soloing a handful of bombers and a Tengu… alone… in a Phantasm.


  3. Ribor says:

    Never forget the blood that was spilled in defense of our home-away-from-home. RANE blood to be specific.

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