Surprise! PFR Invasion and DIP Growth Coming Soon!

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Eve Online
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It’s been a busy week last week. I wrote another controversial opinion piece for EN 24 in which some people loved it, others hated it, and I got accused of all sort of amusing things. I think one of my favorites is how risk averse I personally am, because everyone knows I shy away from anything I cannot win.

For starters, let’s go with the PFR surprise. Walter and I had seemed to have an understanding about Wicked Creek. We both agreed RANE needed to be killed, and neither of us had an interest in attacking each other’s SOV as we had fun fighting each other and didn’t want a real war…just content.

Suddenly, Walter started ignoring me on Skype, planted a safe tower in 3Q, and began to shoot at our SBU. They also dropped a Hel and several caps on the field, so I kept poking around playing with their fleet, waiting for RA to get in position to kill the Hel. RA dropped in two carriers, and PFR warped their caps including the super onto the SBU. My Sabre died before I could get close enough, and when the RA cyno went up, the titan pilot had about a ten second delay before bridging, which allowed their caps to warp off a mere second or two before bubble could catch them.

The rest of the day ended up having various brawls in which I whelped a handful of small ships while fighting with PFR. Our newest to DIP FC (Omar) lead Navy Augs against PFR on their tower and had some amusing engagements. After PFR spent a couple of hours grinding the SBU with a kitchen sink fleet, RA dropped some triage carriers and repped it back up. PFR basically quit trying at that point.

Battle Report

The report is slightly skewed as RA and DIP were mostly there fighting separately at different times. PFR had an “emergency” meeting later in which they basically decided to move across Eve and attack a new region in order to further their ideals of freeports that no one will use. They claim they are not planning on giving up Wicked Creek, but moving across Eve, leaving a single corporation to defend, has caused quite a bit of dissent so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

I am tempted to go after their stations while they leave, just to annoy them. Force PFR to come back and defend or lose a station to either DIP or TEST who more than likely would show up to take it. Now that I know SOV attacks and the like are fair game for each other, maybe it will be time to start building DIP unity with the new corporations coming in…

DIP has successfully completed negotiations with another solid PvP corporation. Sometime early next week we will be gaining a large talented PvP corp. As we also have recruited a small PvP corporation, and have another small but growing PvP corporation joining this week as well, we are definitely in a solid place moving forward. DIP’s numbers will increase well past 300 and are still in talks with additional groups.

I am looking forward to getting these new pilots settled while we plan  and build for June. It should be a blast (literally) once we can start brawling for Space soon…

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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