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Yes, I have indeed started you fine gentlemen off with more terrible photoshop! That is now the official FC hat of Diplomatic Immunity. I finally got a chance to break off form the ungodly amount of tedious work that is Executor, and decided to take a flash form fleet out. Allow me to explain…

After LP1M was successfully defended by TEST, without RANE, err PFR interference, DIP decided to hit G9L as it was nearby, and had no SBUs present. After a fairly epic evening of fighting with PFR, and winning, the next night local was almost 200ish (hostile) and system was saved.

The final IHUB timer came out the day after however. We had no SBU’s up, but PFR  had caps they were bouncing around and it appeared they might try to rep IHUB with said caps, so we flashformed a fleet (and I use the term loosely here) and rolled on over. We ended up around 35ish pilots give or take, 3 Scimitars (one of which apparently ended up being AB fit), a Scythe, and roughly 15ish Ishtars with misc support (including a small handful of Blackbirds).

We show up in system, and PFR has a Sabre on gate that bubbles us to slow us down so their logistics repping the IHUB can safely dock. PFR has us outnumbered, with more Logistics but far less DPS than us. Once we realized they were going to refuse to come out, we warped over to one of their onlining defensive SBUs and started to shoot it. I figured maybe we could force a fight somehow.PFR reacted as expected


TEST was rang and they started heading out in our general direction with a small Tornado fleet and miscellaneous support. I nodded my head and kept shooting the SBU waiting. Fast forward a bit and TEST arrives next door. I misheard the intel here, and we had roughly 40ish TEST next door combined with 40 PFR in our local. I have less than 40 in fleet, what could possibly go wrong.

I later found out a roaming TEST Caracal fleet linked up with the Tornados and came in to get in on the fight. I did was any sort of madman would do, and setup on the gate to fight incredibly outnumbered. As expected PFR warped in, and TEST jumped through their Caracals and random ships, leaving Tornados out of system briefly. Our handful of Blackbirds did fine work, and since PFR was close to us, we started popping their logi with ease. The Tornados jumped in, and I went to primary them, but they began pinging around.

We lost a Scimitar who had gotten out of range of the Ishtar fleet and was literally alphaed by Tornados when he reversed course to head back, and then a Scythe because… it’s a Scythe. We were officially down to two Scimitars, and I was considering warping off when TEST got on top of us, webbing / scramming myself and poof went my Ishtar. I don’t even think Scimitars got a rep cycle on as they were still fixing their range.

We lost a few Ishtars, not terrible though and rest of our fleet escaped. I had fun, and even though we were terribly outnumbered we won the isk war…barely. I will concede, we won it because TEST managed to kill a PFR Sabre / Basilisk without assistance from DIP as mistakes were made. Ishtars are by far not my best fleet to FC, as I simply put hate them and when I fly in Ishtar fleets it doesn’t require skill so paying attention to how to FC them…meh.

Battle Report

It was a really fun fight though, and we popped something like 40+ ships which even though many were cheap, made it entertaining. Thanks to TEST for showing up and PFR for undocking once TEST came in.


This lead into the weekend in which we had a burn PFR tower plan setup. A hellcamp was setup in 4-C on PFR home station staging and DIP with friends burned and reinforced several PFR towers in the area. It was a fun day with tons of kills to be had, mostly on DIP side and the ensuing drama in PFR was highly entertaining. Of course all drama will be denied and I will probably be told how wrong I am by those Reddit masters of the downvote button, but I should start recording PFR comms and saving chat logs because they are great.

Hell Camp Report

Many thanks to Boom over at Game of Sov for making the battle report easy for me!

In other news, I recently discovered (IE buddies of mine told me) that I have the best tears on reddit. This actually made my day and I laughed. PFR smug posting about how I cry terrible when i lose (loose and lose are not the same thing). Thankfully I rarely have to cry.

Finally I would like to add, many of the people on Reddit who read my blog, seem to think that I am an angry fellow. Like everyone else, I can get mad, but in general I am not supermad. My dislike of PFR stems from two things, distrust of PFR leadership, and the hypocrisy in which they exist.

“We want to fight DIP 1v1”439069-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Black-And-White-Outline-Design-Of-A-Boring-Speaker
“We stand on our own military might”
“We don’t want blues nor need them”

If you would like to face just DIP, please stop calling in every third party within two regions.

You do not stand on your own military might when constant reliance on neutrals for support is obvious. Nor can it keep being blamed on the fact RA has supers. They were dropped on structures, and on your Hel once…. which is a super. Beyond that, RA is not dropping supers in at fights we have.

You may not have many blues, and I would commend PFR for that, except, you call in everyone and expect not to get shot in fights with them. So you treat tons of people as blue, but don’t blue them. At least DIP is honest with our friends and don’t “use” them when it’s convenient.

Finally, in general, narratives drive Eve. PFR is an excellent narrative for DIP currently. We are using you as a rally point for DIP, flexing the small muscle we have been building, and getting good fights out of it. It is akin to the Third Crusade PFR attempted. PFR exists on the supposed narrative of Freports, IE Diana’s Crossing Zebra post. Reading the comments made me chuckle though.

Anyway, despite everything else, this campaign against PFR has been a blast for DIP, and thank you PFR for bringing it, and as annoying as it is to be required to fight a larger entity who calls in even larger entities, it has been an absolute blast. I look forward to seeing you out in space more 🙂

DIP vs PFR has been providing more small gang and fun content then most anywhere else in Eve currently…


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Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.



Yes, I have zero graphical talent and I can’t be bothered to make the picture look good in Paint… get over it.

So I hadn’t posted any battle reports or interesting things because I was trying not basically draw attention / drama to this fight. Why do you ask? Because we took apart LP1M and PFR chose the RANE style defense. This defense entails, doing nothing being unable to accomplish anything, and praying TEST saves you. Sounds terrible if you have any self-respect, but it does work if TEST likes you.

So we decided to refocus briefly on G9L. Early this week both station and IHUB was reinforced. The first timer was last night and a three hour battle ensued. Three hours is a pretty long time considering there wasn’t super epic massive numbers fighting. DIP formed up our Aug Navy fleet, logistics, and a handful of Zealots mixed in and started to shoot IHUB. PFR took their JB, and chose to come in with a Railgun Moa fleet initially. It went about as well as expected, they lost a handful of things and left to reship. We went back to shooting said IHUB, and had dreads cycle on it. IHUB hit 60% armor when PFR came back (dreads were safely out of system by then).


PFR showed back up in a Phantasm fleet. They brought ECM and Maulus using lots of Damps. We spent probably a good hour warping around each other picking smaller stuff off, trying to break through ECM. PFR sat on the ihub with four basilisks repping shield. There was a turning point, when their links was probed out on the edge of a POS. We landed blapped it as it went back into shield, and poof links down. The wreck had coasted into shield sadly but c’est la vie.

At this point we had reports that a neutral A4D fleet was nearby and en route to us. When they got into local, we convoed them and asked if they wanted to shoot PFR as we were struggling with the ECM at the time. We received some noncomittal responses, and suspected they were there to help PFR. They brought roughly 45ish man assault frigate fleet. They landed on grid with PFR, and gunned for us. One guardian managed to get tackled due to a late warp off but that was it. We played bounce bounce games for a while waiting for A4D to take off. They finally did, and we headed back to IHUB. PFR landed on us and the real fight began.

After they died and filtered home, we went to work again on the IHUB. More dreads were dropped for a single cycle, and then we hear, handful of neuts next door, only six. Not TEST or PL, alright we good. THey jump in… it’s Verge of Collapse. I immediately flashback to my carrier whelp a few weeks ago and brace myself for incoming dread losses. They end up finishing cycle and jumping out without incident though, and IHUB is at 52% armor. We received word PFR is enroute back with Typhoons, a Geddon, and guardians with additional miscellaneous support.

At this point it becomes a race, fighting a large group of typhoons + ECM with ANI is a bit less than optimal. They took their JB into system and landed on a ping on IHUB grid. As they landed, IHUB went into reinforced and we moonwalked out. It was an overall pretty fun fight, although ECM is extremely annoying. It was for most of the fights specifically DIP vs PFR which is nice.

Final Battle Report


Walter Cohen gave his SOTA last weekend that I got to sit in attendance for. It was a little dull. My personal suggestion is to liven it up a bit but, some interesting nuggets for DIP were mentioned.

One of my favorites is that Third Crusade was a success. Not financially, territorial, or military, but because they learned things. That is always a good thing. I will congratulate PFR on their alliance logo submission being accepted, That is actually sincere.

They want to harass DIP’s mining fleets and income. It worked on RANE (an Industry alliance) so it would on DIP was the rational. We have welcomed then in but alas have yet to see them show up. A shout out to Rolled Out however who seem to be saying hello nightly now that Tri is neutral. PFR also wants to build three stations, that’s a rough feat to accomplish without much in the way of money moons. Naturally if you build them, DIP will come 🙂

The rest of their SOTA was overall boring, basically they want no blues, which I can respect, except they call in neutrals for everything anyway so why not just set them blue. PFR obviously isn’t looking for “GoodFights” as they keep going out of their way to make sure there isn’t one. They claim we use RA to drop supers all the time, but most real fights don’t involve supers so not sure why they keep saying that. Apparently supers reinforced for the initial timer so that’s the claim. I do know A4D was contacted almost as soon as engagement happened last night, so they didn’t even wait to see how it would turn out. Last time we fought in LP1M it was the same thing, Snails and Frogs were called because we had caps on the field. I believe I was told if we come into PFR local and request a fight and sit politely waiting that is how we can earn a fair fight. Eve most definitely works that way…

Also TEST bros who read this, DIP won’t be taking SOV in those systems if you don’t interfere you know. I wasn’t lying, I do not want any of those systems. I haven’t even purchased a TCU for any of them, whether you guys call it and let PFR drop them or not 🙂

Either way, the fight last night was an absolute blast, and I wish we could have more engagements like that where it didn’t involve numerous third parties. Walter pretty much promised to bring them though sadly. Either way, to motivate players one needs narratives, and PFR is an excellent narrative for us currently and I know they are using DIP to help solidify their alliance which is chilling on a very shaky foundation currently. I hope PFR believes me when I say I don’t want them dead, just sitting in a corner thinking about their life for a bit!

We’ve cleared 400 members now… looking for more pilots / corporations to join and fly with us!

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Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


Diplomatic Immunity. was founded to be the alliance where it’s fun to be, and I knew it was going to be challenging. I knew going in as a little guy to null and trying to play against the bigger groups would be extremely rough. Occasionally, you meet a group that has somewhat similar virtues and become friends. Of course, Eve being Eve, means frequently these friends wait for an opportune  moment and ram the knife into your back.

Welcome Phoebe Freeport Republic. The first few times I fought them, things were cool, mutual respect for each other doing their own thing in their own corner of Eve. We got to know each other, and then two incidents happened. Iam Lynch joined DIP, and DIP managed to win a station contested by PFR.

Allow me to clear a few things up, Iam had ZERO to do with the station. I became friends with him via Before he joined DIP, we had already discovered a station was in its final timer in the pocket we planned on taking from RANE and decided to see if we could nab it. We successfully contested PFR (and the several different neutral entities that were called in to help them) and won the station. It was good fights all around, and an epic day. Iam was unaware of the station attack until we went to save a staging tower and it went from there.

I bring this up, because after Roweena’s chat logs were posted, and DIP’s actual stance became public, I was approached by Walter (guy who runs PFR), and we chatted on his TS3. I was of course warned about how evil Iam Lynch is (who also warned me how Walter is evil) and told that PFR would be willing to work with DIP.  Temp blues for ops, joint hits on RANE stations, and a NIP was in place between our entities. Fast forward a bit, TEST protected RANE, and pretty much took over Wicked Creek.


DIp / PFR still fought for things, and then Walter launched a surprise attack on our sov. We held the field, with help from our allies, and just missed killing PFR’s sole super. We got trashed on for having friends. This does have a point… keep reading.

Walter then decided to go on their third crusade (it doesn’t deserve capital letters). I think it lasted roughly three days. They couldn’t accomplish much in Querious, bought SOV in Catch and promptly lost most of it. There was massive internal debate in PFR about these… ideas. Walter stated, it is not open to discussion. PFR, thoroughly disheartened, came back to Wicked Creek to lick their wounds and try to salvage things. As TEST protects RANE space, they have a NIP in place with entities in Scalding Pass (not that NIPs mean much to PFR), they apparently decided to once again hit 3Q as their revitalizing battle cry.

DIP stood firm, reinforced their tower, and spent the day back and forth with defensive SBUs. This was DIP, not a massive coalition fleet. At this point, our alliance got annoyed. PFR, although three times our size, was being held off by us, but we needed to explain to them going after us numerous times… is not an option they should pursue. Walter claimed it was just for content, and then declared a full on CTA to defend their staging tower. A CTA which consisted of the ever amazing… Caracal doctrine.

DIP had different plans. We entered into Operation Payport. PFR exists on the ridiculous notion that creating NPC null, ahem I mean Freeports, all over Eve will create content. The fact no one will live seriously there, or trust assets in them because they can be removed at anytime doesn’t appear to factor in. Diplomatic Immunity has decided to fight to take away PFR’s freeports (excluding their home). We are doing this because we keep getting pushed around by larger alliances who think their numbers make them better. It gets frustrating, and since PFR is only 3x our sidz we figured we have a chance. Luckily for us, our friends and allies are annoyed with PFR too, and we formed a very substantial fleet, and reinforced a PFR system. We also killed their defensive SBUs in another system, and saved 3Q…all in the same day.

Walter has since declared a massive alliance meeting upcoming, this weekend I believe. PFR will no longer be freeporting. They are choosing to not defend their freeports that DIP is attacking. Ironically, I don’t want the SOV. I’ve got plenty as it is. I even offered to sell Walter 3Q that he keeps attacking but I was told, PFR will  no longer conduct relations with DIp diplomatically, only on the battlefield. I guess you could say we have….immunity. ha    ha    ha

So we will drive PFR down to their home, and let them rebuild and grow. I have zero desire to kill PFR, as they are great fun to fight. Their line members are gung ho, ready to brawl, and always bring it… although lately they seem to be going nuts on the overship versus us now.


One of the things Walter mocked us for was “PFR stands on our own military might.” Interestingly enough, every time I’ve had a real fight with PFR…neutral entities magically appear and come swarming at us. Granted PFR doesn’t have many blues, but their bat-phone list is pretty damn long. Yes DIP is part of a coalition, and they do support us when we ask. PFR acts superior due to not being in one, but if people are called in over and over to help… not much of a difference there. DIP just doesn’t deny the fact we ask for help at times. We are 360ish man alliance, fighting a 1k+, I’m not ashamed of that.

It’s a great time to be in DIP though. I should thank Walter for completely unifying us, and giving us a solid focus to fight on. I could care less about 3Q. I just refuse to let it be overtaken by people who I thought were friends until they slid the knife in. PFR stood for Freeports, the little guy, and what could be accomplished by a small entity right after Phoebe changes. Now it’s just another null sec alliance trying to push around smaller groups to feel bigger and more important. It’s sad PFR is losing their identity, but it happens.

We are looking for more people who want to join a relaxed environment. As a whole, turnover in DIP is one of the lowest rates I’ve seen. Obviously pilots leave, but in general they like where we are, what we are achieving, and what we plan to do. A four month old alliance with plenty of SOV, solid numbers, and a killboard that’s recovering from the initial JF losses immediately after opening its doors is somewhat unprecedented. Get in touch with us to learn more about being a lobster!


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Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


The last couple of days have been quite interesting for some of my capital ships. The adventure began on Sunday, as we had an annoying wormhole in our home system, so I decided to be a good executor and close it so people could get some of the taskings done I wanted completed.

Unbeknownst to me, apparently someone had done this partially before, as when my Archon jumped into the wormhole. Now I am not completely slow, I checked and made sure the wormhole was not critical. It said stability had been affected but not critical. I assumed I was good. I jumped in… and watched it dwindle and close behind me.

Compound this level of oh crap by a few additional factors. I had no fuel in the Archon. It wasn’t even completely fit right, as I was importing the mods for it still. I had no prober, and my probe alt had fully probed the hole, and didn’t give bookmarks to Kasken. So all sorts of stupidity there.

I sent my probe alt to the exit hole in another null sec to get him out. Now to avoid possibly getting people in trouble for helping out, long story short, we had contacts with the owners of the space where the Archon was trapped. They helped move it back to “safe” space in which I still had to take it 5-6 carrier jumps to get it back home. That was a very long Sunday afternoon.


Anyone who has glanced at my killboard, or read my blog knows that my Moros has been rampantly flying around Insmother killing IHUBs, TCUs, and in general grinding space with very minimal support. This is completely the wrong way to do it, and a subcap support fleet should indeed consist of more than an alt in a grinding Armageddon. I was fairly surprised it took as long as it did for the ship to finally get caught.

I also have been doing this at work, which means I am not on TS3, or doing anything even remotely resembling intelligent in the use and handling of my Moros. I flew unscouted through gates, no exit cyno, and pretty much every single scenario you could consider using a capital wrong, I was indeed doing.

Enter system W-6GBI. I was on a roll killing IHUBs, and figured why not keep at it even if we weren’t looking to take the SOV. I plopped the dread on said IHUB and started shooting. An xxDeath appeared in local with Core probes out, and I was almost done reinforcing it by then, so I ignored him and kept going. It pops into reinforce, I set Moros to align to out gate, and scoop drones on my alt. Then, a wild Astero appears and drops a point on my Moros. The Armageddon had point, web, and neuts, but in my awkward moment, I didn’t cycle the neuts. So the Astero was instantly neuted, but plenty of time to recharge for his next scram cycle. I did kill it, but it was too late as more people arrived in local.

Arazu dropped points on the Moros, and a handful of addition al ships slowly started trickling in. I killed an Ishtar with the Armageddon, and then poor Heartcarver died. At this point, I casually mentioned on Skype… RIP Moros. They started pinging to get a fleet together to save me, and it became a race as xxdeath reinforcements and friends starting showing  up, and DIP, RA, and other coalition friends came to help.

It turned into a nice little brawl, and xxdDeath / Advent of Fate kept taking damage off me to shoot the random people who were showing up to help. It worked out in my favor as I wasn’t cap fit and it seemed like every time I got low on cap, they switched targets giving me some breathing room. It also sucked because this happened as I was getting ready to leave work, so I stayed at work almost 30 minutes later than normal to save the Moros!

Once RA and friends showed up, xxDeath and their friends took off. I believe they had us outnumbered, but c’est la vie. Battle report doesn’t show that, but the friendlies weren’t all in system at the same time. I am also fairly confident there were more hostiles that were piling in but didn’t make it onto report as didn’t catch a kill mail.

Battle Report

The highlight of course, in this entire fight is the most elite kill ever…

Yes I was in Siege for This

Although I did indeed survive, I think my Yolo Moros days are done for a bit. There really isn’t any new space to clean up, We are good with what we have, and I’m fairly sure people will be gunning for the Moros now.

In alliance level news, DIP is indeed in a solid place. Corporations are slowly starting to expand, and unity is beginning to show. We still have to work on fleet composition and individual pilot skill of course, but it’s happening. Eve being Eve though is amusing. 3Q is likely to be attacked very soon, probably by former friends who have decided we are the most evil people ever. Wicked Creek is solidly in TEST control now, and I’m not sure if they plan on taking 3Q for themselves either or letting it stand as a way to create easy content (once the jumpbridge is running).

We are still running into the same issues as always, recruiting quality corps. We lost one recently that I thought we would pull to CFC, and some other ones just… simply put, not have the balls to take a chance on a smaller alliance, but it happens. We are growing and prepping for Fozzie sov, and having a blast. Join us 😉

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CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


The last week has been extensively busy, in both RL and in game. Combine a pregnant wife, with a spastic four year old, lots to do at work, and then throw in SOV grinding, fights, diplomacy, and the life of an executor… time is one of those things I began to miss! The end result is this blog is a bit longer than normal.


So, RANE decided to make an effort and SBU 3Q on us again. Last time this happened, Ribor went out and soloed their fleet (IE Phantasm wrecking them) so this time I burned over immediately with my Malediction to help. I got there and found a bomber, which I wrecked pretty quickly. Then things got fun, I had an Ishtar in station, with no point on it) and with 11 of them, and only two of us in local, started grinding it. The dropped a few bombers, Ferox, Tornado, and Svipul on us. Ribor warped in, and shortly thereafter the Svipul warped off and everything else was dead.


RANE left and came back with two Scorpions, Tempest, Svipul, Nighthawk, and Vengeance. Ribor undocked a Rattlesnake and I chilled in my Ishtar. We ganked the Scorpion on the gate (who was never pointed) and proceeded to brawl. At this point our fleet arrived in bashing Oracles to kill the SBU. Ribor ended up losing his Rattle (barely) because he couldn’t buy the rigs he wanted on the market, and about two seconds after he popped RANE’s last DPS ship got wiped… so it was extremely close.

Final Tally Report

DIP Had a few additional fights I wasn’t present for sadly, but they have brawled PFR with our new members and took some video.


Yesterday evening, as a good way to cap off April, Intrepid Crossing had some timers in The Spire as they are taking chunks of SOV up there with the approval of Triumvirate. They were bashing an IHUB, and we got together a fleet, but slightly too slow. They killed it before we could get close enough to fight. So our hero Sabres went ahead and tried to slow them down enough for us to get some kills in our Phantasm fleet. Yes, we run Phantasm fleets now, we figured if Ribor can solo a fleet with them…they must be good!sushiboat

We caught and killed four Domis + pods.

Domis Round 1
Domis Round 2

We then proceeded to go to IRC staging to see if they would fight. They undocked a couple of random ships, which ended with us getting an Onyx and a Blackbird was it.

IRC Battle

The way home was pretty entertaining. There was an Incursion in The Spire, which we almost lost a Scimitar to gate rats as a result. The comms were pretty amusing, and a random Raven appeared on gate with us which provided an additional kill on the way home.

Video of IRC + Almost dying to Incursion Rats

So, what else has DIP been doing, or the Almighty Lobster King – Kasken? Grinding. Lots and Lots of Grinding.




My Moros has gotten tons of use lately. Thanks to an awesome corpmate Synthec, I get the school bus version of it, and can now stare at it with pretty yellow while wreaking havoc upon hapless structures. These new ship skins, will either bankrupt me in game, or real life. I am not sure which. The patch came out for skins on my birthday (IRL) so I was pretty excited. Of course now my AUR is entirely gone, and I own an extremely small collection of skins. I feel this urgent need to buy more, but ISK / Wife wise I just don’t see it happening, SIGH. I am definitely accepting large ISK donations towards purchase of new ship skins!

So DIP has been expanding our borders, thus all that grinding. We are prepping for the influx of members we have had, and setting us up with future plans. As of writing this DIP has SOV in 15 systems (within a few hours anyway as TCUs are onlining). Three more systems to follow shortly. Although that is a good chunk of SOV, parts of it are currently meaningless & useless, but we have plans in action for them.

Also, on a serious note, I am willing to sell 3Q-VZA off to someone. I know RANE wants it back, and they are quite wealthy so I’d be willing to let it go for the equivalent of a station since I need to drop one soon. So if anyone wants a foothold in Wicked Creek let me know! If it isn’t a RANE affiliated group… they show up for some entertaining fights here too 🙂

Wicked Creek Has Overflowed its Banks

This last week was definitely a turning point in Wicked Creek as well. Rumors abound of course as to the reasoning, but Pandemic Legion has shown up and proceeded to help / complete TEST timers. Blue Alliance had been successfully holding their own with the assorted random alliances that have shown up to help. Now, they are getting stomped into the curb with the appearance of PL.


Now i have no idea why PL is here. I have been told TEST paid them 200-300 billion ISK to fully evict Blue and friends. I’ve heard it’s because PL is best bros with TEST. Rumors that PL doesn’t think anyone else should abuse TEST besides themselves, or that some sort of dev conspiracy has caused these events to occur.

There is of course chest beating on both sides of this. Blue thinks it’s hilarious a 5500+ man alliance needed the help of PL to evict them. TEST is happy because their continued campaign of Wicked Creek is being successful. PL, well they get to use supers and kill things which is really the sum of their happiness.

Within a week, all traces of resistance in Wicked Creek will pretty much be gone. Gorgon Empire still has some SOV and stations, but if PL helps plow through those as well, Wicked Creek will firmly be in TEST alliance hands. RANE still owns a significant portion of the SOV, it will be ientresting to see if TEST lets them keep most of it or take it for themselves. Defending RANE space with RANE’s pvp, err, ahem, “Prowess” might be too much to handle come Fozzie SOV. The downside is Wicked Creek has indeed changed. Gone are the last few glorious months of all small groups fighting and contesting SOV. TEST has stepped in to be the super power by numbers in the area, and if PL will keep backing them, there is no chance of them being dislodged anytime in the near future.

DIP is out of that little picturesque area though. I forsee a reset coming on extremely shortly with some of the entities there. We are growing, and DIP has welcome in several new corps, pushing us between 325-350 members. Sadly, there was one extremely solid corp we had been on contact with that ended up choosing to go to the safety of the CFC as opposed to us, but we are still looking for corporation who want an actual challenge. It is a great time to be in DIP currently!


So where does DIP go from here. April was an extremely turbulent month. Rolled out and their friendly corps left. Rumors of DIP cascading were obliviously greatly exaggerated. We have more than doubled our size, and actively looking for additional corps to join. We will own 18ish systems shortly, and have laid out framework and strategic plans to accomplish goals. Infrastructure is being setup, or already in place. New doctrines, ship training, and future plans are being announced giving us more options for PvP. Several FCs have joined or are stepping up, and I am having a blast.

Alliance leadership is now in place, and delegation of duties allows me to free up more and more of my own time in order to play the game. Sadly, Slevin recently quit Eve, and his parting shot was to donate me his isk. It went a long way to acquiring and getting much needed infrastructure upgrades to get DIP running smoothly. It’s amazing how fast isk goes. I miss the days where 100m isk was a fortune. i also miss not being bankrupted all the time!

I look forward to seeing what changes May will bring, as the SOV map looks far more vibrant than it used to. I hope this continues on in this trend. I also hope to keep DIP growing and adding our own color to the actual influence map as we get there. As always, if you are a corp in a failing alliance or bored out of your mind, take a chance. Look at something new, bold, and different culturally than most of what you have experienced in Eve so far…

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CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.