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Posted: May 1, 2015 in Eve Online
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The last week has been extensively busy, in both RL and in game. Combine a pregnant wife, with a spastic four year old, lots to do at work, and then throw in SOV grinding, fights, diplomacy, and the life of an executor… time is one of those things I began to miss! The end result is this blog is a bit longer than normal.


So, RANE decided to make an effort and SBU 3Q on us again. Last time this happened, Ribor went out and soloed their fleet (IE Phantasm wrecking them) so this time I burned over immediately with my Malediction to help. I got there and found a bomber, which I wrecked pretty quickly. Then things got fun, I had an Ishtar in station, with no point on it) and with 11 of them, and only two of us in local, started grinding it. The dropped a few bombers, Ferox, Tornado, and Svipul on us. Ribor warped in, and shortly thereafter the Svipul warped off and everything else was dead.


RANE left and came back with two Scorpions, Tempest, Svipul, Nighthawk, and Vengeance. Ribor undocked a Rattlesnake and I chilled in my Ishtar. We ganked the Scorpion on the gate (who was never pointed) and proceeded to brawl. At this point our fleet arrived in bashing Oracles to kill the SBU. Ribor ended up losing his Rattle (barely) because he couldn’t buy the rigs he wanted on the market, and about two seconds after he popped RANE’s last DPS ship got wiped… so it was extremely close.

Final Tally Report

DIP Had a few additional fights I wasn’t present for sadly, but they have brawled PFR with our new members and took some video.


Yesterday evening, as a good way to cap off April, Intrepid Crossing had some timers in The Spire as they are taking chunks of SOV up there with the approval of Triumvirate. They were bashing an IHUB, and we got together a fleet, but slightly too slow. They killed it before we could get close enough to fight. So our hero Sabres went ahead and tried to slow them down enough for us to get some kills in our Phantasm fleet. Yes, we run Phantasm fleets now, we figured if Ribor can solo a fleet with them…they must be good!sushiboat

We caught and killed four Domis + pods.

Domis Round 1
Domis Round 2

We then proceeded to go to IRC staging to see if they would fight. They undocked a couple of random ships, which ended with us getting an Onyx and a Blackbird was it.

IRC Battle

The way home was pretty entertaining. There was an Incursion in The Spire, which we almost lost a Scimitar to gate rats as a result. The comms were pretty amusing, and a random Raven appeared on gate with us which provided an additional kill on the way home.

Video of IRC + Almost dying to Incursion Rats

So, what else has DIP been doing, or the Almighty Lobster King – Kasken? Grinding. Lots and Lots of Grinding.




My Moros has gotten tons of use lately. Thanks to an awesome corpmate Synthec, I get the school bus version of it, and can now stare at it with pretty yellow while wreaking havoc upon hapless structures. These new ship skins, will either bankrupt me in game, or real life. I am not sure which. The patch came out for skins on my birthday (IRL) so I was pretty excited. Of course now my AUR is entirely gone, and I own an extremely small collection of skins. I feel this urgent need to buy more, but ISK / Wife wise I just don’t see it happening, SIGH. I am definitely accepting large ISK donations towards purchase of new ship skins!

So DIP has been expanding our borders, thus all that grinding. We are prepping for the influx of members we have had, and setting us up with future plans. As of writing this DIP has SOV in 15 systems (within a few hours anyway as TCUs are onlining). Three more systems to follow shortly. Although that is a good chunk of SOV, parts of it are currently meaningless & useless, but we have plans in action for them.

Also, on a serious note, I am willing to sell 3Q-VZA off to someone. I know RANE wants it back, and they are quite wealthy so I’d be willing to let it go for the equivalent of a station since I need to drop one soon. So if anyone wants a foothold in Wicked Creek let me know! If it isn’t a RANE affiliated group… they show up for some entertaining fights here too 🙂

Wicked Creek Has Overflowed its Banks

This last week was definitely a turning point in Wicked Creek as well. Rumors abound of course as to the reasoning, but Pandemic Legion has shown up and proceeded to help / complete TEST timers. Blue Alliance had been successfully holding their own with the assorted random alliances that have shown up to help. Now, they are getting stomped into the curb with the appearance of PL.


Now i have no idea why PL is here. I have been told TEST paid them 200-300 billion ISK to fully evict Blue and friends. I’ve heard it’s because PL is best bros with TEST. Rumors that PL doesn’t think anyone else should abuse TEST besides themselves, or that some sort of dev conspiracy has caused these events to occur.

There is of course chest beating on both sides of this. Blue thinks it’s hilarious a 5500+ man alliance needed the help of PL to evict them. TEST is happy because their continued campaign of Wicked Creek is being successful. PL, well they get to use supers and kill things which is really the sum of their happiness.

Within a week, all traces of resistance in Wicked Creek will pretty much be gone. Gorgon Empire still has some SOV and stations, but if PL helps plow through those as well, Wicked Creek will firmly be in TEST alliance hands. RANE still owns a significant portion of the SOV, it will be ientresting to see if TEST lets them keep most of it or take it for themselves. Defending RANE space with RANE’s pvp, err, ahem, “Prowess” might be too much to handle come Fozzie SOV. The downside is Wicked Creek has indeed changed. Gone are the last few glorious months of all small groups fighting and contesting SOV. TEST has stepped in to be the super power by numbers in the area, and if PL will keep backing them, there is no chance of them being dislodged anytime in the near future.

DIP is out of that little picturesque area though. I forsee a reset coming on extremely shortly with some of the entities there. We are growing, and DIP has welcome in several new corps, pushing us between 325-350 members. Sadly, there was one extremely solid corp we had been on contact with that ended up choosing to go to the safety of the CFC as opposed to us, but we are still looking for corporation who want an actual challenge. It is a great time to be in DIP currently!


So where does DIP go from here. April was an extremely turbulent month. Rolled out and their friendly corps left. Rumors of DIP cascading were obliviously greatly exaggerated. We have more than doubled our size, and actively looking for additional corps to join. We will own 18ish systems shortly, and have laid out framework and strategic plans to accomplish goals. Infrastructure is being setup, or already in place. New doctrines, ship training, and future plans are being announced giving us more options for PvP. Several FCs have joined or are stepping up, and I am having a blast.

Alliance leadership is now in place, and delegation of duties allows me to free up more and more of my own time in order to play the game. Sadly, Slevin recently quit Eve, and his parting shot was to donate me his isk. It went a long way to acquiring and getting much needed infrastructure upgrades to get DIP running smoothly. It’s amazing how fast isk goes. I miss the days where 100m isk was a fortune. i also miss not being bankrupted all the time!

I look forward to seeing what changes May will bring, as the SOV map looks far more vibrant than it used to. I hope this continues on in this trend. I also hope to keep DIP growing and adding our own color to the actual influence map as we get there. As always, if you are a corp in a failing alliance or bored out of your mind, take a chance. Look at something new, bold, and different culturally than most of what you have experienced in Eve so far…

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Keep growing mate – may the coming brawls be spectacular.

  2. Testie says:

    “Blue Alliance had been successfully holding their own with the assorted random alliances that have shown up to help.” I didn’t know RED and DRF were random alliances, thanks for clarifying 🙂

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