The Wayward Carrier and the Schoolbus Moros

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Eve Online
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The last couple of days have been quite interesting for some of my capital ships. The adventure began on Sunday, as we had an annoying wormhole in our home system, so I decided to be a good executor and close it so people could get some of the taskings done I wanted completed.

Unbeknownst to me, apparently someone had done this partially before, as when my Archon jumped into the wormhole. Now I am not completely slow, I checked and made sure the wormhole was not critical. It said stability had been affected but not critical. I assumed I was good. I jumped in… and watched it dwindle and close behind me.

Compound this level of oh crap by a few additional factors. I had no fuel in the Archon. It wasn’t even completely fit right, as I was importing the mods for it still. I had no prober, and my probe alt had fully probed the hole, and didn’t give bookmarks to Kasken. So all sorts of stupidity there.

I sent my probe alt to the exit hole in another null sec to get him out. Now to avoid possibly getting people in trouble for helping out, long story short, we had contacts with the owners of the space where the Archon was trapped. They helped move it back to “safe” space in which I still had to take it 5-6 carrier jumps to get it back home. That was a very long Sunday afternoon.


Anyone who has glanced at my killboard, or read my blog knows that my Moros has been rampantly flying around Insmother killing IHUBs, TCUs, and in general grinding space with very minimal support. This is completely the wrong way to do it, and a subcap support fleet should indeed consist of more than an alt in a grinding Armageddon. I was fairly surprised it took as long as it did for the ship to finally get caught.

I also have been doing this at work, which means I am not on TS3, or doing anything even remotely resembling intelligent in the use and handling of my Moros. I flew unscouted through gates, no exit cyno, and pretty much every single scenario you could consider using a capital wrong, I was indeed doing.

Enter system W-6GBI. I was on a roll killing IHUBs, and figured why not keep at it even if we weren’t looking to take the SOV. I plopped the dread on said IHUB and started shooting. An xxDeath appeared in local with Core probes out, and I was almost done reinforcing it by then, so I ignored him and kept going. It pops into reinforce, I set Moros to align to out gate, and scoop drones on my alt. Then, a wild Astero appears and drops a point on my Moros. The Armageddon had point, web, and neuts, but in my awkward moment, I didn’t cycle the neuts. So the Astero was instantly neuted, but plenty of time to recharge for his next scram cycle. I did kill it, but it was too late as more people arrived in local.

Arazu dropped points on the Moros, and a handful of addition al ships slowly started trickling in. I killed an Ishtar with the Armageddon, and then poor Heartcarver died. At this point, I casually mentioned on Skype… RIP Moros. They started pinging to get a fleet together to save me, and it became a race as xxdeath reinforcements and friends starting showing  up, and DIP, RA, and other coalition friends came to help.

It turned into a nice little brawl, and xxdDeath / Advent of Fate kept taking damage off me to shoot the random people who were showing up to help. It worked out in my favor as I wasn’t cap fit and it seemed like every time I got low on cap, they switched targets giving me some breathing room. It also sucked because this happened as I was getting ready to leave work, so I stayed at work almost 30 minutes later than normal to save the Moros!

Once RA and friends showed up, xxDeath and their friends took off. I believe they had us outnumbered, but c’est la vie. Battle report doesn’t show that, but the friendlies weren’t all in system at the same time. I am also fairly confident there were more hostiles that were piling in but didn’t make it onto report as didn’t catch a kill mail.

Battle Report

The highlight of course, in this entire fight is the most elite kill ever…

Yes I was in Siege for This

Although I did indeed survive, I think my Yolo Moros days are done for a bit. There really isn’t any new space to clean up, We are good with what we have, and I’m fairly sure people will be gunning for the Moros now.

In alliance level news, DIP is indeed in a solid place. Corporations are slowly starting to expand, and unity is beginning to show. We still have to work on fleet composition and individual pilot skill of course, but it’s happening. Eve being Eve though is amusing. 3Q is likely to be attacked very soon, probably by former friends who have decided we are the most evil people ever. Wicked Creek is solidly in TEST control now, and I’m not sure if they plan on taking 3Q for themselves either or letting it stand as a way to create easy content (once the jumpbridge is running).

We are still running into the same issues as always, recruiting quality corps. We lost one recently that I thought we would pull to CFC, and some other ones just… simply put, not have the balls to take a chance on a smaller alliance, but it happens. We are growing and prepping for Fozzie sov, and having a blast. Join us 😉

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment


CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. From the advent side….our Munnins were being punched right in the dick by bouncer 2’s because they were fit to fight tengus. So the RA Ishtar fleet was wrecking our face. It happens. Perhaps next time. At any rate I didn’t make it I was burning in a saber to help your Moros continue to not move. 😦 I just wanted to help…

  2. Exdios says:

    Sounds like abit of excitement was to be had hehe

  3. Maliente Nevor says:

    Nice read. I enjoy your tales of building and it brings back memories from doing the same. Quick question about the Archon in WH, why didnt you just move bm’s from your alt over to corp bm’s? Since you had good relations, I guess it went well, but that would have been my first move if I ended up in the same situation.

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