Operation PayPorts Has Begun

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Eve Online
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Diplomatic Immunity. was founded to be the alliance where it’s fun to be, and I knew it was going to be challenging. I knew going in as a little guy to null and trying to play against the bigger groups would be extremely rough. Occasionally, you meet a group that has somewhat similar virtues and become friends. Of course, Eve being Eve, means frequently these friends wait for an opportune  moment and ram the knife into your back.

Welcome Phoebe Freeport Republic. The first few times I fought them, things were cool, mutual respect for each other doing their own thing in their own corner of Eve. We got to know each other, and then two incidents happened. Iam Lynch joined DIP, and DIP managed to win a station contested by PFR.

Allow me to clear a few things up, Iam had ZERO to do with the station. I became friends with him via http://warptozero.net/ Before he joined DIP, we had already discovered a station was in its final timer in the pocket we planned on taking from RANE and decided to see if we could nab it. We successfully contested PFR (and the several different neutral entities that were called in to help them) and won the station. It was good fights all around, and an epic day. Iam was unaware of the station attack until we went to save a staging tower and it went from there.

I bring this up, because after Roweena’s chat logs were posted, and DIP’s actual stance became public, I was approached by Walter (guy who runs PFR), and we chatted on his TS3. I was of course warned about how evil Iam Lynch is (who also warned me how Walter is evil) and told that PFR would be willing to work with DIP.  Temp blues for ops, joint hits on RANE stations, and a NIP was in place between our entities. Fast forward a bit, TEST protected RANE, and pretty much took over Wicked Creek.


DIp / PFR still fought for things, and then Walter launched a surprise attack on our sov. We held the field, with help from our allies, and just missed killing PFR’s sole super. We got trashed on for having friends. This does have a point… keep reading.

Walter then decided to go on their third crusade (it doesn’t deserve capital letters). I think it lasted roughly three days. They couldn’t accomplish much in Querious, bought SOV in Catch and promptly lost most of it. There was massive internal debate in PFR about these… ideas. Walter stated, it is not open to discussion. PFR, thoroughly disheartened, came back to Wicked Creek to lick their wounds and try to salvage things. As TEST protects RANE space, they have a NIP in place with entities in Scalding Pass (not that NIPs mean much to PFR), they apparently decided to once again hit 3Q as their revitalizing battle cry.

DIP stood firm, reinforced their tower, and spent the day back and forth with defensive SBUs. This was DIP, not a massive coalition fleet. At this point, our alliance got annoyed. PFR, although three times our size, was being held off by us, but we needed to explain to them going after us numerous times… is not an option they should pursue. Walter claimed it was just for content, and then declared a full on CTA to defend their staging tower. A CTA which consisted of the ever amazing… Caracal doctrine.

DIP had different plans. We entered into Operation Payport. PFR exists on the ridiculous notion that creating NPC null, ahem I mean Freeports, all over Eve will create content. The fact no one will live seriously there, or trust assets in them because they can be removed at anytime doesn’t appear to factor in. Diplomatic Immunity has decided to fight to take away PFR’s freeports (excluding their home). We are doing this because we keep getting pushed around by larger alliances who think their numbers make them better. It gets frustrating, and since PFR is only 3x our sidz we figured we have a chance. Luckily for us, our friends and allies are annoyed with PFR too, and we formed a very substantial fleet, and reinforced a PFR system. We also killed their defensive SBUs in another system, and saved 3Q…all in the same day.

Walter has since declared a massive alliance meeting upcoming, this weekend I believe. PFR will no longer be freeporting. They are choosing to not defend their freeports that DIP is attacking. Ironically, I don’t want the SOV. I’ve got plenty as it is. I even offered to sell Walter 3Q that he keeps attacking but I was told, PFR will  no longer conduct relations with DIp diplomatically, only on the battlefield. I guess you could say we have….immunity. ha    ha    ha

So we will drive PFR down to their home, and let them rebuild and grow. I have zero desire to kill PFR, as they are great fun to fight. Their line members are gung ho, ready to brawl, and always bring it… although lately they seem to be going nuts on the overship versus us now.


One of the things Walter mocked us for was “PFR stands on our own military might.” Interestingly enough, every time I’ve had a real fight with PFR…neutral entities magically appear and come swarming at us. Granted PFR doesn’t have many blues, but their bat-phone list is pretty damn long. Yes DIP is part of a coalition, and they do support us when we ask. PFR acts superior due to not being in one, but if people are called in over and over to help… not much of a difference there. DIP just doesn’t deny the fact we ask for help at times. We are 360ish man alliance, fighting a 1k+, I’m not ashamed of that.

It’s a great time to be in DIP though. I should thank Walter for completely unifying us, and giving us a solid focus to fight on. I could care less about 3Q. I just refuse to let it be overtaken by people who I thought were friends until they slid the knife in. PFR stood for Freeports, the little guy, and what could be accomplished by a small entity right after Phoebe changes. Now it’s just another null sec alliance trying to push around smaller groups to feel bigger and more important. It’s sad PFR is losing their identity, but it happens.

We are looking for more people who want to join a relaxed environment. As a whole, turnover in DIP is one of the lowest rates I’ve seen. Obviously pilots leave, but in general they like where we are, what we are achieving, and what we plan to do. A four month old alliance with plenty of SOV, solid numbers, and a killboard that’s recovering from the initial JF losses immediately after opening its doors is somewhat unprecedented. Get in touch with us to learn more about being a lobster!


Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment

Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. J Rustled says:

    As an elite top member of Phoebe Freeport Republic, i can infact tip my hat to this since m’lady vampire Huunaras was quite rustled in his jimmies. The official drama director (Xenuria) loved this article as it created a wave of juicy drama to sip on.

    Thankyou for the article sir,

    Your’s Truly,
    J Rustled.
    PFR Low Command

  2. Exdios says:

    Have never liked the PFR, There reason for existing always seemed to be based on a whim and when you listened to their statements I was left questioning their existence. Show them the door. 🙂

  3. SkyMeetFire says:

    A few comments from someone in PFR:

    1) Iam wasn’t well liked within PFR as a whole. He constantly started arguments, berated others on comms, and was generally a dick to anyone that disagreed with him. He was basically ass-cancer for PFR – best removed quickly. And since his removal, he’s done his best to be a general annoyance to us, including trying to: place spies, leak our forum, mess with our markets, and whine in 4-C local. His current saltiness is perfect sign that he wasn’t a good match for PFR in the first place. If he is working out better in DIP, then good for him and you guys – its better he finds an alliance that matches what he is looking for.

    2) I have no idea what Walter has said to you guys concerning pretty much anything. In general, PFR as a whole likes DIP, and just want to have good fights with you guys. You guys are usually fun and good sports. Also compared to the local-chat cancer that is TEST, you’re quite refreshing.

    3) There wasn’t an alliance consensus on the third crusade as our leaked forum contents were shown – which Iam has been reported as the one that leaked those (no idea if it was or not). Personally, its annoying as fuck getting quoted on EN24, especially when I don’t know about it until friends let me know a few days later. And taking a static picture of GIF completely ruins it….

    4) I’ll try to pop down and dump some GIFs in your local later this week. For mutual lols…


    • Iam Lynch says:

      1) I was a controversial person in PFR post-Coelomate, though i agree my attitude during those times was pretty awful, this was pointed out too me (a bit too late!) and i’ve since been working on it hopefully i have resolved my ‘bitterness’ :).
      2) Walter has been telling us one thing, then doing the opposite. Back-stabbing is his game pretty much.
      3) Yeah i was the one who ‘leaked’ the logs.
      4) Bring some ones with cats pls! Never see enough cat gifs nowadays 😀

  4. Canenald says:

    Hey, guys, nice Game of Thrones you got there. Did you know that winter is coming?

  5. DeepsSpai says:

    I can confirm that DIP always fights honorably, having skirmished with them many times.

    Love reading the blog, as always, keep up the good work!

  6. valc says:

    god i hate this blog but i cant stop reading lol

    luv ya

    – dream

  7. […] wrapped up a ‘war’ with DIP and friends. The conflict began with Kasken proclaiming Operation Payports and then ended exactly three weeks later. The whole thing was indeed a farce, with most of the […]

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