This is DIP – And We Shall Not Be Revoked!

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Eve Online
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Yes, I have zero graphical talent and I can’t be bothered to make the picture look good in Paint… get over it.

So I hadn’t posted any battle reports or interesting things because I was trying not basically draw attention / drama to this fight. Why do you ask? Because we took apart LP1M and PFR chose the RANE style defense. This defense entails, doing nothing being unable to accomplish anything, and praying TEST saves you. Sounds terrible if you have any self-respect, but it does work if TEST likes you.

So we decided to refocus briefly on G9L. Early this week both station and IHUB was reinforced. The first timer was last night and a three hour battle ensued. Three hours is a pretty long time considering there wasn’t super epic massive numbers fighting. DIP formed up our Aug Navy fleet, logistics, and a handful of Zealots mixed in and started to shoot IHUB. PFR took their JB, and chose to come in with a Railgun Moa fleet initially. It went about as well as expected, they lost a handful of things and left to reship. We went back to shooting said IHUB, and had dreads cycle on it. IHUB hit 60% armor when PFR came back (dreads were safely out of system by then).


PFR showed back up in a Phantasm fleet. They brought ECM and Maulus using lots of Damps. We spent probably a good hour warping around each other picking smaller stuff off, trying to break through ECM. PFR sat on the ihub with four basilisks repping shield. There was a turning point, when their links was probed out on the edge of a POS. We landed blapped it as it went back into shield, and poof links down. The wreck had coasted into shield sadly but c’est la vie.

At this point we had reports that a neutral A4D fleet was nearby and en route to us. When they got into local, we convoed them and asked if they wanted to shoot PFR as we were struggling with the ECM at the time. We received some noncomittal responses, and suspected they were there to help PFR. They brought roughly 45ish man assault frigate fleet. They landed on grid with PFR, and gunned for us. One guardian managed to get tackled due to a late warp off but that was it. We played bounce bounce games for a while waiting for A4D to take off. They finally did, and we headed back to IHUB. PFR landed on us and the real fight began.

After they died and filtered home, we went to work again on the IHUB. More dreads were dropped for a single cycle, and then we hear, handful of neuts next door, only six. Not TEST or PL, alright we good. THey jump in… it’s Verge of Collapse. I immediately flashback to my carrier whelp a few weeks ago and brace myself for incoming dread losses. They end up finishing cycle and jumping out without incident though, and IHUB is at 52% armor. We received word PFR is enroute back with Typhoons, a Geddon, and guardians with additional miscellaneous support.

At this point it becomes a race, fighting a large group of typhoons + ECM with ANI is a bit less than optimal. They took their JB into system and landed on a ping on IHUB grid. As they landed, IHUB went into reinforced and we moonwalked out. It was an overall pretty fun fight, although ECM is extremely annoying. It was for most of the fights specifically DIP vs PFR which is nice.

Final Battle Report


Walter Cohen gave his SOTA last weekend that I got to sit in attendance for. It was a little dull. My personal suggestion is to liven it up a bit but, some interesting nuggets for DIP were mentioned.

One of my favorites is that Third Crusade was a success. Not financially, territorial, or military, but because they learned things. That is always a good thing. I will congratulate PFR on their alliance logo submission being accepted, That is actually sincere.

They want to harass DIP’s mining fleets and income. It worked on RANE (an Industry alliance) so it would on DIP was the rational. We have welcomed then in but alas have yet to see them show up. A shout out to Rolled Out however who seem to be saying hello nightly now that Tri is neutral. PFR also wants to build three stations, that’s a rough feat to accomplish without much in the way of money moons. Naturally if you build them, DIP will come 🙂

The rest of their SOTA was overall boring, basically they want no blues, which I can respect, except they call in neutrals for everything anyway so why not just set them blue. PFR obviously isn’t looking for “GoodFights” as they keep going out of their way to make sure there isn’t one. They claim we use RA to drop supers all the time, but most real fights don’t involve supers so not sure why they keep saying that. Apparently supers reinforced for the initial timer so that’s the claim. I do know A4D was contacted almost as soon as engagement happened last night, so they didn’t even wait to see how it would turn out. Last time we fought in LP1M it was the same thing, Snails and Frogs were called because we had caps on the field. I believe I was told if we come into PFR local and request a fight and sit politely waiting that is how we can earn a fair fight. Eve most definitely works that way…

Also TEST bros who read this, DIP won’t be taking SOV in those systems if you don’t interfere you know. I wasn’t lying, I do not want any of those systems. I haven’t even purchased a TCU for any of them, whether you guys call it and let PFR drop them or not 🙂

Either way, the fight last night was an absolute blast, and I wish we could have more engagements like that where it didn’t involve numerous third parties. Walter pretty much promised to bring them though sadly. Either way, to motivate players one needs narratives, and PFR is an excellent narrative for us currently and I know they are using DIP to help solidify their alliance which is chilling on a very shaky foundation currently. I hope PFR believes me when I say I don’t want them dead, just sitting in a corner thinking about their life for a bit!

We’ve cleared 400 members now… looking for more pilots / corporations to join and fly with us!

Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment

Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

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