The Kasken Fleet Commander Hat

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Eve Online
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Yes, I have indeed started you fine gentlemen off with more terrible photoshop! That is now the official FC hat of Diplomatic Immunity. I finally got a chance to break off form the ungodly amount of tedious work that is Executor, and decided to take a flash form fleet out. Allow me to explain…

After LP1M was successfully defended by TEST, without RANE, err PFR interference, DIP decided to hit G9L as it was nearby, and had no SBUs present. After a fairly epic evening of fighting with PFR, and winning, the next night local was almost 200ish (hostile) and system was saved.

The final IHUB timer came out the day after however. We had no SBU’s up, but PFR  had caps they were bouncing around and it appeared they might try to rep IHUB with said caps, so we flashformed a fleet (and I use the term loosely here) and rolled on over. We ended up around 35ish pilots give or take, 3 Scimitars (one of which apparently ended up being AB fit), a Scythe, and roughly 15ish Ishtars with misc support (including a small handful of Blackbirds).

We show up in system, and PFR has a Sabre on gate that bubbles us to slow us down so their logistics repping the IHUB can safely dock. PFR has us outnumbered, with more Logistics but far less DPS than us. Once we realized they were going to refuse to come out, we warped over to one of their onlining defensive SBUs and started to shoot it. I figured maybe we could force a fight somehow.PFR reacted as expected


TEST was rang and they started heading out in our general direction with a small Tornado fleet and miscellaneous support. I nodded my head and kept shooting the SBU waiting. Fast forward a bit and TEST arrives next door. I misheard the intel here, and we had roughly 40ish TEST next door combined with 40 PFR in our local. I have less than 40 in fleet, what could possibly go wrong.

I later found out a roaming TEST Caracal fleet linked up with the Tornados and came in to get in on the fight. I did was any sort of madman would do, and setup on the gate to fight incredibly outnumbered. As expected PFR warped in, and TEST jumped through their Caracals and random ships, leaving Tornados out of system briefly. Our handful of Blackbirds did fine work, and since PFR was close to us, we started popping their logi with ease. The Tornados jumped in, and I went to primary them, but they began pinging around.

We lost a Scimitar who had gotten out of range of the Ishtar fleet and was literally alphaed by Tornados when he reversed course to head back, and then a Scythe because… it’s a Scythe. We were officially down to two Scimitars, and I was considering warping off when TEST got on top of us, webbing / scramming myself and poof went my Ishtar. I don’t even think Scimitars got a rep cycle on as they were still fixing their range.

We lost a few Ishtars, not terrible though and rest of our fleet escaped. I had fun, and even though we were terribly outnumbered we won the isk war…barely. I will concede, we won it because TEST managed to kill a PFR Sabre / Basilisk without assistance from DIP as mistakes were made. Ishtars are by far not my best fleet to FC, as I simply put hate them and when I fly in Ishtar fleets it doesn’t require skill so paying attention to how to FC them…meh.

Battle Report

It was a really fun fight though, and we popped something like 40+ ships which even though many were cheap, made it entertaining. Thanks to TEST for showing up and PFR for undocking once TEST came in.


This lead into the weekend in which we had a burn PFR tower plan setup. A hellcamp was setup in 4-C on PFR home station staging and DIP with friends burned and reinforced several PFR towers in the area. It was a fun day with tons of kills to be had, mostly on DIP side and the ensuing drama in PFR was highly entertaining. Of course all drama will be denied and I will probably be told how wrong I am by those Reddit masters of the downvote button, but I should start recording PFR comms and saving chat logs because they are great.

Hell Camp Report

Many thanks to Boom over at Game of Sov for making the battle report easy for me!

In other news, I recently discovered (IE buddies of mine told me) that I have the best tears on reddit. This actually made my day and I laughed. PFR smug posting about how I cry terrible when i lose (loose and lose are not the same thing). Thankfully I rarely have to cry.

Finally I would like to add, many of the people on Reddit who read my blog, seem to think that I am an angry fellow. Like everyone else, I can get mad, but in general I am not supermad. My dislike of PFR stems from two things, distrust of PFR leadership, and the hypocrisy in which they exist.

“We want to fight DIP 1v1”439069-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Black-And-White-Outline-Design-Of-A-Boring-Speaker
“We stand on our own military might”
“We don’t want blues nor need them”

If you would like to face just DIP, please stop calling in every third party within two regions.

You do not stand on your own military might when constant reliance on neutrals for support is obvious. Nor can it keep being blamed on the fact RA has supers. They were dropped on structures, and on your Hel once…. which is a super. Beyond that, RA is not dropping supers in at fights we have.

You may not have many blues, and I would commend PFR for that, except, you call in everyone and expect not to get shot in fights with them. So you treat tons of people as blue, but don’t blue them. At least DIP is honest with our friends and don’t “use” them when it’s convenient.

Finally, in general, narratives drive Eve. PFR is an excellent narrative for DIP currently. We are using you as a rally point for DIP, flexing the small muscle we have been building, and getting good fights out of it. It is akin to the Third Crusade PFR attempted. PFR exists on the supposed narrative of Freports, IE Diana’s Crossing Zebra post. Reading the comments made me chuckle though.

Anyway, despite everything else, this campaign against PFR has been a blast for DIP, and thank you PFR for bringing it, and as annoying as it is to be required to fight a larger entity who calls in even larger entities, it has been an absolute blast. I look forward to seeing you out in space more 🙂

DIP vs PFR has been providing more small gang and fun content then most anywhere else in Eve currently…


Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment

Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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