Operation Payports Is Officially Ended & Dipdate

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Eve Online
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DIP has officially ended the campaign aimed at PFR entitled Operation Payports. I call it ended with limited success. We achieved some of the goals we wanted, but not everything. One thing we did have, were some pretty amazing fights.

For starters, DIP now has a NIP in place with PFR. SOV / POS are off limits for engagements. The Reddit flame war should also die down.

What did DIP achieve during this? We unified our coalition for starters. We gave people a focus, got them logging in, forming fleets, and woke people up. We proved what DIP itself is capable of, and that we can hold our own within our coalition. We also had FC’s step up into the mix, and in general made things happen.

I had originally wanted to take two systems from PFR, possibly the 3rd if they manage to build the station in their “hidden” system where another corp lives hidden away. That obviously didn’t happen. DIP cannot contest TEST in the US TZ. TEST opted to help PFR. DIP vs PFR in the US TZ was extremely close, and some of those fights where a hairs breadth from swinging from a win to a loss as it was.

The campaign was a blast. I had fun, at least when I could log in and actually play Eve in Eve, not via Skype where I seem to live a good chunk of my life now. I even managed to FC a fleet or two and that is one of the more entertaining aspects in Eve. With the campaign ended DIP is going into cleanup mode.

TakingOuttheTrashThat’s right, DIP is cleaning house. Mass purge incoming. DIP has been struggling with identity issues. Yes I said identity, not gender. Our killlboard has been littered with silly losses, and people were farming our home area because too many easy kills were happening. So DIP will be doing what any entity does when they are fattening up and want to remain PvP oriented… cleaning house. Inactive corporations, or corporations that are culturally non-fits will be leaving our alliance, voluntarily or ejected.

Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. There is one corp who is voluntarily leaving us who will be missed, as they are small, an excellent set of PvPers, and punch way above their weight class. I am sad to see them go, but it happens. So sometime within the next week DIP will drop roughly 150ish members on paper. The good news is we already in discussions that would more than fill that void if everything goes as planned. This being Eve… I doubt it will happen but things surprise you.

We are in the process of streamlining alliance leadership, roles, and positions. In the last month we fattened up a bit, pulled in some serious quality talent, but haven’t organized it to put it to use. Each time DIP grows, and purges excess we end up leaner and in better shape than previously. We have more people to shoot at than we used to, a better crew in which to do it, and a higher sense of PvP than previously. Our recruitment standards are more selective, and we are actually turning some groups away for inactivity, terribadness, or full on carebears.

This means we are going to scrutinize applicants more. I was giving people the benefit of the doubt, glancing at efficiency and seeing if they had a clue. Now I am looking over killboards. I’ve learned to read the fine print there.

“Kasken, wtf are you talking about?”

A corp can have a super high efficiency, because 5 people run in fleets and get a bajillion kills. The rest of the corp may do nothing but carebear. Or a pilot can have average efficiency, then you look at what they do and its pvp all the time, and taking on risky fights. I’ve learned to look behind the overall picture and go into the details a bit.

This does not mean we only accept pro godlike pilots. There is an attitude we are looking for. Someone doesn’t need to know everything. Nor do they have to be elite pvpers. They need to have a few things in mind:

PVP First and Foremost
Everyone can learn something
Alliance is in it together, we are not a collection of individuals, we are DIP (brainwashing!)
Self starters
Non dickheads

So since I know everyone out there is dying to know what the hell I mean, allow me to enlighten you. I want to be Black Legion (Not PL cause I dun care about supers) without the toxic mentality or cult worship mentality. I want an alliance of dudes who are damn good at PvP, who can function regardless of which leadership figure is around, but aren’t absolute dickwads. Tis a noble goal, but hella hard to build. However, DIP is now only 4 months old. I am proud of where we are, what we’ve done, and hopefully what we will continue to do.


Vitri Recruitment
DIP Recruitment

Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

  1. Efficiency isn’t a great stat for judging PvP prowess. Ganking will give you around 90% on average and a pretty green killboard. I’m much more wary around a pilot who has <50% efficiency but obviously a good amount of combat experience.

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