Vitri Moving Forward and Some Solo Work

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Eve Online
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Cultural DifferencesSubtle-Cultural-Differences-iexparts

So with the dissolution of Diplomatic Immunity I have been refocusing on my actual corp…Vitriolic Animosity. Our numbers have dropped significantly, but it’s mostly because we underwent a cultural revolution. Vitri had been growing, and the people who took over recruiting had their own corporate vision and culture they wanted to have. My own style was not necessarily on the same course as them. However I was so focused on DIP I ignored that part entirely.

With DIP gone, and me refocusing on corp, we were looking at alliance offers. We’ve received many of them of course, and different ways to go were thrown out there. Several CFC / N3 alliances or style alliances were brought up as possible places to go. I didn’t really want to go to a huge coalition or have that militaristic angry style experience while having “quadruple max CTA you space aid fucksticks” screamed at us.

A large group of our newer to Vitri players chose to leave us and go more towards that. There was a pretty big schism in their thoughts, ideas, and belief in their abilities vs my thoughts about pretty much all of that. Therefore we lost a chunk of our players through that. I’ve also been cleaning out inactives and players who are active but not actually part of the corp. Basically we are consolidating down to our core group of players who want to grow again, re-learn small gang and combat… and head back to null. I don’t want people in corp who want to do their own thing and ignore the rest of us.


I posted on the forums, we have probably a completely non-achievable set of things we would like to  have in an alliance. We’ve had some very good offers, my top choice offer sadly is in the CFC so it would tear apart my corp if we went there, plus my own personal anti-coalition and we join the biggest one in the game. Great group of guys, just hanging out with the wrong crowd 🙂

We haven’t fully ruled anyone out yet, and still sorting through offers. Our current decision is to hang out in  high sec, roaming low / null for a bit while getting our group back into the Vitri of tight knit dudes. Of course if the “perfect” offer hits us we will leap up and head in that direction 🙂

Ze Explosions are Le Cool!

download (1)

That’s right, I finally got to PvP. We settled into an area, and by settled I mean I moved a handful of ships somewhere and opted to go out roaming without a care if I would lose a ship. I opted to do this in a brilliant and stupid way, and created a hull-tanked Typhoon fit. The theory was I could gank small tackle that would scram me and keep mjding away giggling like a schoolgirl. It started off well, I went through low, into Cloud Ring, and headed towards SMA space in Fade. I jumped through a gate and had a Jackdaw say hello to me. It was adorable. SMA reacted violently and swiftly to a hostile in their carebear heaven, and a fairly large fleet ended up following me. I use the term “following” loosely as I was in a BS not designed for warping with any speed. I thought I was good as the MJD animation went off but a last second scram must have caught me, because I had the light flash, and then didn’t move. I did kill an old corpmate though before popping. I could have had another few kills but chose to go after the Brutix navy instead… poor decision on my end. RIP my beautiful Typhoon.

I got back and jumped into my Kestrel and went around low. I found a Tristan in a site, and burned after him. He dropped his drones on me and burned away, I realized by time I caught him… this would be bad so I turned and warped. Things got amusing though, as I didn’t get a chance to aggress (scram + web + rockets) and landed on a gate. Three of his buddies landed with me… and aggressed. They were all in frigs, I only whored on two of the mails sadly. Then a CO2 Svipul showed up and decided to end the entertainment.

Rawr Kestrel


I took a brief break, jumped into my Omen Navy and headed back out to SMA space. Now that I know they form kitchen sink defense blobs, and react quickly, i figured I would go say hello again. I went with no hardwirings, implants, or links…which lost me some kills sadly. They had a mining fleet out, and left either an afk… or bait Procurer in the site. I made sure to stay well outside of scram + web range and shot at it…endlessly. Damn brick tanks. I saw more of them enter local and watched combat ships appearing on scan. I overheated guns a bit to finish it, and managed to pop it as combat ships started landing on grid.

I played some cat and mouse, and eventually left system being chased. I was left with a Stabber, Brutix Navy, and a Drake who wanted to play. I pulled them off gate a bit, and had Stabber about into armor but couldn’t keep point on at the right range to not get wrecked by his friends so he escaped (links would have killed him). The Brutix Navy kept chasing me so I worked on him for a while too. He ended up being hull tanked… insanely so. I took him to like 70% hull and gave up, because too many ships were flitting in and out, including things I expected to scram me. Since he kept burning at me, I figured he had plenty of help if he ever became in real trouble. Was fun but only kil for like 30-45 minutes of fighting was the Proc.

I got back, repaired and reshipped into a Stabber and went looking for more trouble in low sec. I jumped into a medium, and was shortly thereafter followed by a slicer + comet. Slicer engaged as I burned away, separating him slightly from what I assumed was a scram / web comet. Once he got a little closer I turned and engaged, ripping chunks out chasing him. A Stabber is fast… but it’s no Slicer. He pulled far enough out and warped off. I had manually piloted to avoid the Comet, whom I now turned to say hello to. He died, and as I was warping out the slicer had landed again but I called it good.



At this point, I opted to fit what is still one of my favorite ships in Eve, and proceeded to have an epic brawl… The Confessor. I don’t fly mine the way your average Confessor does. I don’t kite, nor do I pretend it’s a Navy Omen. I have a Navy Omen and Slicer for that. I treat it like an in your face tank the world and kill you ship. SO I scanned down some sites, and discovered a Jackdaw in one. I warped, found him on the outside of the gate, and we both engaged. Enter a good 4-5 minute fight. He was linked + crystals I believe, small neut, web, scram, and dual MASB + rockets. He made a few mistakes, and I think he wasn’t worried due to crystals + links and ignored things like range control which he could easily do. After brawling for a few minutes (in which a buddy warped in a Tristan and got blapped) I burnt out a repper and went down as expected. His shields were still holding, but had made it down to half structure, and I still had 20 cap boosters in my hold. Another cycle or two of his ASBs and I think I would have gotten him. If I had links in system… I would have been completely fine. A small neut even running both reps and lasers is not an issue in the slightest with my Confessor fit, and that extra resistance + rep would have made it easy peasy to tank. I was mostly keeping up with t he reps with the AAR out of paste, and overheating on occasion. It was a long fight, and tanking almost 15k damage in a local tanked Confessor… I’m cool with. Another one has already been fit 🙂


Overall it was good times, I definitely didn’t come out isk efficient for the evening, but a night spent solo… that can be expected. I am hoping to rebuild Vitri to where we can take small roams out, and find an alliance where we can do this, make isk back as needed, and have bigger fleets as well. I basically want the PvPer’s perfect world… in a game where it doesn’t exist. Ah well, it was fun to just go out doing dumb stuff and not worry about it. I’ve been watching lots of Warlords of the Deep’s PvP videos lately too which is probably inspiring some of this. I need some work on my manual piloting, but still not too shabby 🙂


Vitri Recruitment

Kasken – The High Klaw

CEO: Vitriolic Animosity

P.S. We are indeed keeping Lobsters in Space alive!

  1. Ellegos says:

    Glad to see you’re getting back to your roots Kasken. DIP was a tragic story, but I hope you take some good from the experience.

    Hope to see you around in the future brother!

    – Lego

  2. tsuhelm says:

    Flaming LOBSTERS!

  3. carl raholan says:

    Was fun seeing you up round us. Hope you find your feet soon buddy.

  4. Orion Sa-Solo says:

    Good to see you rolling still brother. Hope to fly with you sometime.

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