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Salt piles, epic piles… frequently how I feel after I lose a ship to things that irk the hell out of me. Losses happen in PvP, everyone knows that. I went through a series of stupid losses, partially cause of my piloting, and partially because people refit specifically to engage a specific ship.

It started with a Garmur loss. I’ve had it for a while, so there was that whole sentimental value thing. There was also a combination of me screwing up, IE aligned to a planet next to the station so I was  unable to “warp” to it. I was told the Huginn was triple damped, and apparently he was also remote SBed… so I got webbed at 55k and pretty much insta popped with volleys of stuff. Salt pile established. The good thing is I did get all my loot back from it, since everything faction dropped.

Next day I went back out solo in a Vexor Navy Issue. Warped in at a ping, 250 off… and promptly had a Stiletto warp and tackle. Of course, like most solid microgang PvP… they were all nano fit. I couldn’t maintain tackle on the Osprey long enough to get a kill so pop went the VNI.

I went back out shortly thereafter, and our good old Russian friends refit their ship with small guns, web, scram and the like to kill our small fleet. I had everyone align, and screwed up my own flight path getting caught by the Hurricane… Confessor down.

Finally, I went out another day in an other Confessor. I fought a Maller on a gate, he was able to de-aggress and jump back through the gate due to his tank. After roaming around, I came back out to his area. He landed on gate to fight me, refit his Maller entirely, and held me down long enough for the Caracal to get in and help finish me. Second Confessor down. I was highly irritated, that whole solo is dead thing just irked me.
hgaahHowever, after a few days of relaxing, I got some free time and went out on a roam last night. We were in mostly small ships, led by a first timer FC. We came upon a small fleet camping a gate with a Stratios, Sabre, and a Svipul. Our tackle was two jumps ahead, and got into the engagement a bit ahead of everyone else. I arrived second, followed quite closely by the Keres. It was a fun fight. The Keres (PlexedLive) kept the Sabre busy, and I worked on neuting out the Sabre + Svipul while alternating tracking disruption on them.

We lost several ships, but killed all three. The Sentinel is one of the most challenging ships in Eve to fly, well. Managing multiple neuts, a nos, tracking disruption, and drones frequently on several different targets at once, while working on surviving is incredibly fun.

I don’t think there is a single better ship to learn micromanagement and manual piloting than the Sentinel…


Finally, in less than 12 hours from the time of this posting, Kasken will indeed have Perception / Willpower skills complete. After years of training them, I will swap to Charimsa for a few months to max out the on grid boosts. I already have FC V, so only need roughly 90 days of training to max out the rest of what I need. Since I have two remaps, I will do Int/Mem right after.

Kasken’s Skills


The Once and Future Lobster King





As per request, I did indeed take a Drake out for a brawl. It ended up escalating into a pretty entertaining evening. It started because I was just chilling, and opted to take the Ham Drake out to BWF-ZZ. Jumping into BWF I ran into a an Omen Navy on the gate. I jumped and he followed. He of course managed to chill far away and tackled me, so I burned back to gate and jumped through. Soon as I saw him come back, I jumped back into BWF-ZZ. This time there was a Caracal waiting for me as well.

At this point a couple of alliance mates offered to join me and began heading in my direction. I played a few gate games with the Omen Navy and Caracal trying to split them. They refused to aggress in separate sides so finally when I got tackled by the Caracal in scram / web range I pinned him. He started going down pretty quickly. The Omen Navy had returned, as had a Maller. My shields were starting to bleed down through as the Caracal popped. I was still scrammed by the Maller at this part so I went to work on him.

One of my alliance mates arrived as I entered armor, and helped finish off the Maller. The Omen Navy broke off and tried running, as I was half structure since our Deimos had him tackled. I managed to escape, (droneless which is important) and left to go repair while the Omen Navy died.

Omen Navy


I repaired at the NPC station and headed back. A handful of alliance mates were there at this point brawling with a random assortment of Russians that kept coming back out to play. I was almost back, two-three jumps out when a while Advent of Fate fleet appeared. To make it even better, I was unable to replenish my drones, and had just loaded rage Hams. Their fleet consisted of all small ships, roughly 12 of them.

I landed on a gate, that was bubbled, and knew the other side was probably occupied so I jumped through. If I had drones and my javelins loaded, I probably would have gotten 2-3 more kills as most were fighting in Scram / Web range. But I didn’t take the time to reload. I managed to drop a Hectate and Sabre though putting me isk positive for that specific fight independent of the previous.

Battle Report

During this time my alliance mates were pretty occupied so I went back and grabbed a Malediction. It is by far my absolute favorite interceptor. I came back, and we proceeded to play nano games with Russians. They ended up catching a Lachesis that got a little too close, but beyond that we just had our way with them over and over.

BWF Kills
IOO Kills
BND Kills

On the way back, their fleet followed us… and our alliance hot dropped them wrecking hte Rattlesnake. The Caracal was 100k off, and I chased him down to get tackle earning us one additional kill. Overall it was quite a productive night, and there was a great deal of solid piloting to make this all work. I absolutely love flying interceptors, and I had a blast helping get the fights by tackling, baiting, and flying my ship to make it work.

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I am a serious badass with Photoshop. Don’t be jealous. It takes years to hone these incredible skills, or at least 5 minutes at work.

So my Nano-Vigilant… has sadly been lost. It was a pretty good experience, although slightly awkward and painful. So let’s begin shall we…

It was a dark and stormy night (seriously I had thunderstorms going on) and the fateful decision was made to go roaming in nano ships. Plans were laid, pings were sent, and a fleet was formed. This really just meant I said in alliance I’m about to lead a nano roam and collected a small group of people daring enough to come with me.

We left our staging and headed out across Geminate, into Kalevala Expanse… and found absolutely nothing. Slight amendment to that, we did indeed get our kill of the night: Super Leet PvP. We made the decision to head towards Scalding Pass instead. We instead met a Drama Sutra fleet. I learned a few things that night:

1. These gentlemen know how to fly their ships
2. These gentlemen can afford to fit their ships with some pimp fittings.
3. They have links

We had a handful of blues in the next system who offered to engage as well. Our fleet consisted of a handful of smaller nano ships, Confessor, Thorax, Vigilant, Svipul, Scythe, Gila, Cruor, and Maller. Our blues had a Curse, and a couple of Ruptures I believe it was. Drama Sutra was rolling with Tengu links, Rapier, Typhoon Fleet Issue, Muninn, Sabre, Gila, Stiletto, and possibly more ships I forgot about.

Now that we got the boring ships listing out of the way, the enemy fleet was competent, their guys knew how to fly, and were very well fit ships. I was hesitant to engage even with our blues, as their nano fleet had DPS out the wazoo, and were quite competent. So we played some warp around games and in mid warp the Sabre dropped drag bubbles off the gate. Most of us were in varying locations scattered around the system Atioth. Our blues + Enemy fleet landed in the drag bubble. The Sabre and Stiletto were on the gate with a decent separation though. So my brilliant plan was to warp in blind to the gate (as our scout had to warp), gank the Sabre and and Stiletto and see what we could accomplish with the enemy fleet.

durr_answer_2_xlargeSo, if any of you are following… the brilliant move I made in my tactical decision was not realizing… I was in line with the gate when we warped in to kill the Sabre. I was excited for a kill after an hour+ of nothing and messed up that little part of it. So a handful of us who were right next to each other landed in the bubble as well. I overheated and started burning away. That was brilliant, if I hadn’t completely ignored the Rapier. I got webbed from well over 40k, and another fleet member said he got webbed at 90k+. Faction webs + overheat + links can be scary. It ended pretty much as expected…

Departed Too Young

It was an interesting little game for a bit of course. Then I got absolutely wrecked due to a really stupid warp in. It was a simple mistake and we got wrecked for it, so props to the Drama Sutra guys for taking full advantage of it. I always find it amusing when you are roaming through hostile space, and you end up fighting a separate hostile gang because the locals dock up and ignore you. It was fun though, and will definitely get another Nano Vigilant soon.

The Once and Future Lobster King




So I’ve been in Get Off my Lawn a few days now and settled in a bit. I got several ships moved, a handful of them blown up, and a good chunk of kills. As of writing this I shot myself up to #5 on the corporation killboard! I also managed to 1v1 Suitonia (EveIsEasy video maker on youtube) and had some fun fights.

So, impressions of LAWN / CFC thus far. The organization, communication, and the like is truly impressive. I’ve been GRRR CFC for a long time. I disagree with SRP, risk adversity, and a good chunk of that still. But, I can’t find a reason to dislike LAWN thus far as an alliance. Statistics, income, where the isk is going, and communication has all been transparent. The IT services are beyond top notch (it’s cool to see the auth system DIP used pimped out and functioning flawlessly from the user side). Fleets seem to be semi-frequent, and I am slowly starting to invite more people onto my micro-gang roams as I begin learning the area.

Contracts have been pretty well stocked, although there was a strat op last night I didn’t go on because I didn’t have a Tengu kicking around and none were up, but I got to mess with my nano vigilant which worked out. I flew on one op, with an FC… who has that “Dank frags man, bitches love my dank frags” type attitude. I figure most alliances have some of those dudes, and I just won’t fly under them. As a guy who has never done drugs (besides some heavy drinking in college), that way of talking sounds so uneducated and retarded to me personally, I just can’t listen to it. I’m also not a fan of, “it’s cool, I can say “nigger” because I’m not racist, I have black friends.”

Thus far my overall impressions of CFC / Lawn in TLDR: Incredible organization + communication. Badass IT setup. Fights are rough to come by (even on a border region) but that is a general state of Eve. Also… dronelands aren’t the most active of regions in general. Onto the fights!


So I took my Confessor out, which is still one of my favorite ships, promptly got myself stuck in a bubble, and forgot to switch into defensive mode… I did manage to pop the tackling Taranis but pretty much insta popped with it. After that wee bit of embarrassing stupidity, I grabbed an arty wolf and headed back out to roam the Geminate area. Our fleet consisted of the overwhelming DPS of… the arty wolf, a claw, and an ares. Naturally, what we end up finding that we can catch is two procurers mining in a belt. We pin both and go to work. We are deep in a dead end pipe series of systems, we have seen some people floating around, and the though process is gank and run…. with our overwhelming DPS against mining barges that can beast tank.

The procs did what you would expect, dropped drones and start hammering us. My wolf fit was not exactly what could be considered cap stable, and this entire process involved took a while. I had to warp off to rep + regain cap, and since we were expecting backup we didn’t kill the drones right away. One of our inties had to burn out almost dead, and the second inty kept tackle while I warped off and back, he survived with 2% structure left. We managed to kill one procurer finally, second warped off. The Arty wolf is decent in some respects, but as a primary DPS source…. not so much.

We took a small break and went back out, I brought a Stabber and Kibitt came with me in a sniper Cormorant. A Blackbird and Myrm came after us… which allowed us to kill the Blackbird and get out before Myrm could tackle. Not an amazing kill but it was amusing. We then caught and killed an interesting Vexor fit in a bubble.

Fast forward to the next day when I fought Suitonia 1v1 TO THE DEATH!!!!!!! If you don’t know who Suitonia is… here is a link to his youtube stuff. He is a very good manual piloting fellow, who knows his stuff inside and out. I had, at work, watched his video of his troll ceptor entosis stations to get fights video. I then logged on, and saw his name in intel, and that he was in a Raptor. A short period of time later we got the message that one of our stations was being attacked. I did the only logical thing, which was jump into my Malediction and head straight over.

Disclaimer: my Malediction fit is used as tackle, if I had paused in my excitement long enough to realize I was indeed going to dogfight, I would have refit a scram instead which could have made the difference. I still rarely lose fights with my Malediction, and I figured let’s do this. I got there before most anyone else (for some reason they were trying to form a full on fleet which was silly) and found him as expected near the station. I landed and burned away, not at full speed because I wanted to separate him from the other person there as well. Note: the second inty didn’t even move (zero velocity) so it was quickly obvious he was going for the solo fight. I turned, rolled in to engage and we shot past each other as expected.

This is where lack of scram and inability to hold range murdered me. He was able to kick my MWD back off before I could pull any sort of range letting him get back on top of my with blasters extremely quickly. I had my rockets overloaded (and even had javelin loaded so I got some free hits, however he was buffer fit. I took him down to about 1/3 shield before I popped, which isn’t terrible. With a scram I might have been able to hold him at Null range instead of anti-matter which would have let my rep keep up much better and possibly won me the fight. Either way, he was cool and we chatted in local for a bit after so I was happy.

Malediction Loss   (Suitonia’s Raptor Fit)


A bit later I went roaming in my Confessor (cause it’s so fun to fly), ganked a Covetor, that I burned 107k towards to tackle without him noticing. I was talking to a friend in one of the hostile forces near us that said they won’t fight us because, well LAWN always hot drops them. I was telling him in general I don’t do all that and the like. Ironically, we catch word of a Gila coming to us, get tackle prepped with a random alliance mate who is nearby. He happened to be the blops cyno… so our kill (Gila) ended up getting blopsed on mid conversation of me saying I don’t do that. At least my buddy knew it wasn’t specifically me since I had been roaming the area.

We returned and intel reported a Vaga was 2 jumps out from where i was staged. I  jumped into my Deimos and headed over, to discover the Vaga had a Loki with him as well. I tackled the Loki as the Vaga ended up being far off,  but he kept burning out of range. I had forgotten to get Null in my cargo as well since I had just moved all my ships out here. I was trying to bait tank him in a bit, and the Vaga finished killing something and came on in to play. I was perfectly fine with this, as he burned into web / scram range of me, at which point I had to legit rep and brawl. I did fine… until the Hyperion landed. I popped the Vaga, and worked more on the Loki but I couldn’t get range to live and eventually died, however more people in alliance started to show and maintained tackle. I swapped out to a Garmur because I wanted to keep Loki / Hype pointed safely at range and I had no other good ships to brawl them with. Loki ended up getting killed, and the Hyperion played some gate games with it’s crazy beast tank. Only two of us recognized when he deaggressed, so when he jumped gate myself and a Sabre jumped with him. Caught tackle, and he died on other side.

Fight on 1 Side (Notice Garmur = top damage with EM missiles on a Loki cause of my Deimos dying)

I am aware some of the deaths / fits were…. interesting. I didn’t “FC” I was in fleet with Ashimmu and a Caracal, that was it.

Finally, after that we went down to BWF-ZZ to play, as one of my friends brought in his Tengu. We engaged on the station, and even though an Archon undocked, we had plenty of kills and no losses there as well, that was pretty fun. They had a Claymore, another Ishtar, and some other things that did not show up on report as they didn’t die or get any kills.

Battle Report

377537310_1024I went out again last night, but only got a couple of hauler kills. I also lost a Jackdaw vs an overkill response by xXDeathXx but it happens. I wasn’t overly impressed with the Jackdaw, it was underwhelming after flying the Confessor. I haven’t taken out my Svipul yet, but I finally bought one. We managed to kill a Cerberus but that was it.

The industrial kills we had, weren’t impressive, besides the decloak we got on the Crane, however I might have found a new favorite ship to fly. The nano-Vigilant was a frigging blast. I survived skirmishing with a nano-gang, of course I didn’t kill the Stiletto or Heretic because changing ammo types apparently is too difficult for me. It aligns fast as hell, warps decently of course, and can project dps solidly while stopping real tackle from landing on you with a faction web. I intend of rolling with this a bit more. Granted, with links it would be far more effective, but even with just regular fleet bonuses it is solid.

Vigilant Fitting

Lastly, I actually have a big chunk of readers now, which I greatly appreciate. Writing is fun, writing where no one reads it though is boring. So first off, thank you to all of you who read this. Second, I am thinking about trying to make this more interactive.

IE: Let readers pick out some ships for me to roam and write reports about, take some of the readers with me in small fleets if people are interested, and things like that. I also am very interested in making some PvP videos, I just have absolutely zero knowledge of using things like Vegas and the like to make it happen. I’d absolutely love someone who is good at it to help teach me, or fly with me so we can make movies together (that sounds a little like bro-love). Or any advice, commentary, things, suggestions, I’d like to start getting some feedback from people and expand my Eve gameplay using you readers to do it.

Basically I am encouraging you, the reader, to take an active part on my Eve life, get in touch with me in game (Kasken) or leave comments on here if you have any interest…

The Once and Future Lobster King




I’ve made some fairly significant Eve changes lately. I’ve taken the last 2-3 weeks pretty much off, not doing much in Eve. I’ve played some Attila Total War, some SWToR, and in general ignored Eve. I had a few random fights, including watching my Drake get ganked while being outnumbered outgunned, and ecmed by drones cause never not enough overkill.

First off, I turned over Vitri to one of the most enthusiastic semi-newbro dudes I’ve met in game…Marc Skitsurr. He is going to try and rebuild Vitri, which is something I don’t have the time or inclination to do. I also have been browsing various corps to possibly join, and couldn’t find that absolutely perfect fit.

I spent some time talking to a few corps, and opted to join one that I knew were a good group of guys. I spent a while trying to recruit them into DIP actually, and was pretty familiar with them. I joined Cat0ps. Yes, I joined a corp in the CFC. I’ve spent enough time anti-CFC, and I still disagree with some of the changes they brought to the game. However, a good chunk of these guys said Lawn is a pretty awesome alliance, and I figured I’m on the verge of quitting, why not give it a shot.


I joined, got their services setup…. which was the same system DIP used but much more polished. It of course made it quite easy to know how to setup though 🙂 I then setup the Goon coalition stuff, pretty easy to do. I will give their IT stuff props, was crazy easy to get everything running. I had contracts accepted and stuff moved already, which is pretty awesome, and already killed / lost my first ship. Trade my malediction for  crow, but since I was outnumbered I was ok with that. I bought a new inty went back out and caught tackle on one of those Caracals and got him killed after so I ended up happy:)

We’ll see how this new journey takes me. With the upcoming advent of FozzieSov, and in a few weeks I can FINALLY change my attributes and train something other than Perception/Willpower… I am hoping that such massive changes will rekindle that Eve fire and bring the game back to an exciting level. I have no responsibility for the first time in 6 months right now. My goal is to learn the area and start FCing again, because that’s one of the few things I really enjoy doing. Without needing to worry about moons, politics, and keeping people happy, hopefully if I focus on FCing and just having fun… Eve will be awesome for me again. This also means if I am active again… I can start writing in the blog!

The Once and Future Lobster King,