A Break and Some Change

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Eve Online
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I’ve made some fairly significant Eve changes lately. I’ve taken the last 2-3 weeks pretty much off, not doing much in Eve. I’ve played some Attila Total War, some SWToR, and in general ignored Eve. I had a few random fights, including watching my Drake get ganked while being outnumbered outgunned, and ecmed by drones cause never not enough overkill.

First off, I turned over Vitri to one of the most enthusiastic semi-newbro dudes I’ve met in game…Marc Skitsurr. He is going to try and rebuild Vitri, which is something I don’t have the time or inclination to do. I also have been browsing various corps to possibly join, and couldn’t find that absolutely perfect fit.

I spent some time talking to a few corps, and opted to join one that I knew were a good group of guys. I spent a while trying to recruit them into DIP actually, and was pretty familiar with them. I joined Cat0ps. Yes, I joined a corp in the CFC. I’ve spent enough time anti-CFC, and I still disagree with some of the changes they brought to the game. However, a good chunk of these guys said Lawn is a pretty awesome alliance, and I figured I’m on the verge of quitting, why not give it a shot.


I joined, got their services setup…. which was the same system DIP used but much more polished. It of course made it quite easy to know how to setup though 🙂 I then setup the Goon coalition stuff, pretty easy to do. I will give their IT stuff props, was crazy easy to get everything running. I had contracts accepted and stuff moved already, which is pretty awesome, and already killed / lost my first ship. Trade my malediction for  crow, but since I was outnumbered I was ok with that. I bought a new inty went back out and caught tackle on one of those Caracals and got him killed after so I ended up happy:)

We’ll see how this new journey takes me. With the upcoming advent of FozzieSov, and in a few weeks I can FINALLY change my attributes and train something other than Perception/Willpower… I am hoping that such massive changes will rekindle that Eve fire and bring the game back to an exciting level. I have no responsibility for the first time in 6 months right now. My goal is to learn the area and start FCing again, because that’s one of the few things I really enjoy doing. Without needing to worry about moons, politics, and keeping people happy, hopefully if I focus on FCing and just having fun… Eve will be awesome for me again. This also means if I am active again… I can start writing in the blog!

The Once and Future Lobster King,


  1. Companion says:

    Ah so that’s what happened. Sorry to see that lowsec pvp doesn’t seem to appeal you.
    Gotta admit that your blog has lost the fun factor now that the vitri experiment is closed.
    But it seems you’ve finally found out what you enjoy in eve. Hopefully your fleet will get a spotlight in sovnews someday 😉

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