The Deadliest Drake

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Eve Online
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As per request, I did indeed take a Drake out for a brawl. It ended up escalating into a pretty entertaining evening. It started because I was just chilling, and opted to take the Ham Drake out to BWF-ZZ. Jumping into BWF I ran into a an Omen Navy on the gate. I jumped and he followed. He of course managed to chill far away and tackled me, so I burned back to gate and jumped through. Soon as I saw him come back, I jumped back into BWF-ZZ. This time there was a Caracal waiting for me as well.

At this point a couple of alliance mates offered to join me and began heading in my direction. I played a few gate games with the Omen Navy and Caracal trying to split them. They refused to aggress in separate sides so finally when I got tackled by the Caracal in scram / web range I pinned him. He started going down pretty quickly. The Omen Navy had returned, as had a Maller. My shields were starting to bleed down through as the Caracal popped. I was still scrammed by the Maller at this part so I went to work on him.

One of my alliance mates arrived as I entered armor, and helped finish off the Maller. The Omen Navy broke off and tried running, as I was half structure since our Deimos had him tackled. I managed to escape, (droneless which is important) and left to go repair while the Omen Navy died.

Omen Navy


I repaired at the NPC station and headed back. A handful of alliance mates were there at this point brawling with a random assortment of Russians that kept coming back out to play. I was almost back, two-three jumps out when a while Advent of Fate fleet appeared. To make it even better, I was unable to replenish my drones, and had just loaded rage Hams. Their fleet consisted of all small ships, roughly 12 of them.

I landed on a gate, that was bubbled, and knew the other side was probably occupied so I jumped through. If I had drones and my javelins loaded, I probably would have gotten 2-3 more kills as most were fighting in Scram / Web range. But I didn’t take the time to reload. I managed to drop a Hectate and Sabre though putting me isk positive for that specific fight independent of the previous.

Battle Report

During this time my alliance mates were pretty occupied so I went back and grabbed a Malediction. It is by far my absolute favorite interceptor. I came back, and we proceeded to play nano games with Russians. They ended up catching a Lachesis that got a little too close, but beyond that we just had our way with them over and over.

BWF Kills
IOO Kills
BND Kills

On the way back, their fleet followed us… and our alliance hot dropped them wrecking hte Rattlesnake. The Caracal was 100k off, and I chased him down to get tackle earning us one additional kill. Overall it was quite a productive night, and there was a great deal of solid piloting to make this all work. I absolutely love flying interceptors, and I had a blast helping get the fights by tackling, baiting, and flying my ship to make it work.

The Once and Future Lobster King



  1. Yay for undocking in a drake as requested.
    Stabbed anti-frigate caracal, single repper ships without buffer. 🙂 Not discounting your skills but it looks like those hostiles could have come up with better fits for pvp?

    Suprised that with rage missiles and no painter you still managed to kill two hostiles before succumbing to fire from over half a dozen hostiles.

    Just noticed the LAWN gnome head also looks like a hermit crab, or at least the small thumbnail does.

    • Kasken says:

      Scram web + the missile guidance in my lows helped alot. With the cruisers and Omen Navy I was using javelins which allowed for full DPS. The fit itself is pretty solid…and I won’t com plain killing people who have me crazy ountumbered 🙂

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