Salty Losses & Super Sentinel of Dooooooooom

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Eve Online
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Salt piles, epic piles… frequently how I feel after I lose a ship to things that irk the hell out of me. Losses happen in PvP, everyone knows that. I went through a series of stupid losses, partially cause of my piloting, and partially because people refit specifically to engage a specific ship.

It started with a Garmur loss. I’ve had it for a while, so there was that whole sentimental value thing. There was also a combination of me screwing up, IE aligned to a planet next to the station so I was  unable to “warp” to it. I was told the Huginn was triple damped, and apparently he was also remote SBed… so I got webbed at 55k and pretty much insta popped with volleys of stuff. Salt pile established. The good thing is I did get all my loot back from it, since everything faction dropped.

Next day I went back out solo in a Vexor Navy Issue. Warped in at a ping, 250 off… and promptly had a Stiletto warp and tackle. Of course, like most solid microgang PvP… they were all nano fit. I couldn’t maintain tackle on the Osprey long enough to get a kill so pop went the VNI.

I went back out shortly thereafter, and our good old Russian friends refit their ship with small guns, web, scram and the like to kill our small fleet. I had everyone align, and screwed up my own flight path getting caught by the Hurricane… Confessor down.

Finally, I went out another day in an other Confessor. I fought a Maller on a gate, he was able to de-aggress and jump back through the gate due to his tank. After roaming around, I came back out to his area. He landed on gate to fight me, refit his Maller entirely, and held me down long enough for the Caracal to get in and help finish me. Second Confessor down. I was highly irritated, that whole solo is dead thing just irked me.
hgaahHowever, after a few days of relaxing, I got some free time and went out on a roam last night. We were in mostly small ships, led by a first timer FC. We came upon a small fleet camping a gate with a Stratios, Sabre, and a Svipul. Our tackle was two jumps ahead, and got into the engagement a bit ahead of everyone else. I arrived second, followed quite closely by the Keres. It was a fun fight. The Keres (PlexedLive) kept the Sabre busy, and I worked on neuting out the Sabre + Svipul while alternating tracking disruption on them.

We lost several ships, but killed all three. The Sentinel is one of the most challenging ships in Eve to fly, well. Managing multiple neuts, a nos, tracking disruption, and drones frequently on several different targets at once, while working on surviving is incredibly fun.

I don’t think there is a single better ship to learn micromanagement and manual piloting than the Sentinel…


Finally, in less than 12 hours from the time of this posting, Kasken will indeed have Perception / Willpower skills complete. After years of training them, I will swap to Charimsa for a few months to max out the on grid boosts. I already have FC V, so only need roughly 90 days of training to max out the rest of what I need. Since I have two remaps, I will do Int/Mem right after.

Kasken’s Skills


The Once and Future Lobster King




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