Geminate – The Region of Wasted Space

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Uncategorized



This is how I feel when I am searching through Geminate for someone to fight. In the US TZ it’s a barren wasteland of anything even remotely resembling PvP. We occasionally get some small fights, or the occasional gank… but the xxdDeath Russians are not like the RA Russians in the slightest. RA would fight frequently with us. We fought TEST . PFR many times, sometimes with numbers, sometimes without. xxDeath guys thus far, are all about upshipping or not fighting, it’s boring.

We did manage to get a few small fights though. Nothing epic. We popped a drake on a roam. Played with the various groups chilling and PVEing in Geminate. Killed an ESS after looting it, couple of small ships, and then came a rather confusing encounter.

Anyone who has seen a Mr Hyde video, or Triumvirate PvP videos has seen the power of Rattlesnakes. A small roaming gang of LAWN guys got tackle on a couple of Rattlesnakes on a gate. The fight ended up progressing from gate to gate and we brought in some additional DPS.

Rattle 1
Rattle 2

I cannot figure out what they were trying to do with these Rattles. The rapid heavies, ancillary boosters, and neuts to me would suggest PvP. Then there is a lack of anything else PvP related, like… drones or points to tackle people. I cannot figure out what they were attempting, but they provided us with a few free kills.


So the people I wrote about in my last blog (The Stratios fight) have moved in to FDZ4-A.  Their alliance is Brothers in Arms. The majority of what they do is camp a couple of key gates in null sec with links and instalock nanoships. If anything real comes through they run. It’s an annoying tactic of people who care more about killboards than actual fights. We managed to catch a couple of them when I was returning a fleet. They had caught a few stragglers and were chest beating about it in local. We sent some bait recons through and caught a Cynabal.


A handful more roams went out, catching some ships like Hectate, Drake, and a ratting Dominix we dropped a ton of people on out of boredom. Both our blops fleet and my roaming fleet went on him after initial tackle due to an overwhelming lack of targets. God I hope we invade Providence soon so there’s actual content in the US TZ!

In other news, I can officially FC now, more than eve just Caracals. Hopefully things will pick up so I can shake off the FC rust. I missed FCing larger fleets on occasion. Hopefully I can pick up a bit more and keep Eve interesting!


The Once and Future Lobster King




  1. Liam says:

    Nice post. Geminate does get quite boring. I can see the invasion of Provi in the horizon though!

  2. Fenris says:

    “A small roaming gang of LAWN guys got tackle on a couple of Rattlesnakes on a gate”

    lol it was 2 gilas and 2 ishtars fit for ratting running a site…oh a a huggin that bumped a rattler of gate twice…teh cries in allaince were amazing..rattler caught on gate, 2 rattlers caught on gate, free km….gotta hand it to em tho man, they lasted under fire for a good 10 min from 25+ dudes primariy the shit outta them, THEN jumped through the gate and we got them separated and off gate. it was a matter of time, but hilarious…

    also, 4x gecko kills before ANYONE but the 2 gilas and ishtars showed up…they had drones, and pop they went….

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