Back in the Saddle Again

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Eve Online
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This is by far my best photoshop yet. It actually looks mildly realistic…especially compared to my usual. I’d say I am getting better…but it’s still just a copy and paste. Don’t be jealous, for only several billion isk and I can teach you these mad skills.

So I have been starting to FC again/ It feels good to be back in the saddle. I’ve even got to take out some more realistic fleets of 40+ people getting back into the mid-gang. I’ve also lead some small roaming fleet as part of my  job co-running a small gang SIG in Lawn. It’s lead to some fun little fights and lots of kills lately in various places around Eve.

The festivities that matter started when we took out an Interceptor training roam. We had a wormhole out to Querious  and took that. It ended up being a roam around all of Querious, Period Basis and Delve. We started with a 15ish man fleet. Upon arriving in Querious we were shortly thereafter greeted by a Short Bus Syndicate fleet of fun things for interceptors to fight, like Caracals, Armageddon, and various other kill Interceptor type items. We lost the sole Sabre we had and carried on.

We killed a handful of small things. The biggest thing we killed was a Drake. We tackled an Archon on a gate, with the 13 interceptors we had left. We kept it tackled for a little bit and they formed a fleet to stop us. We had a Cynabal in structure, but he caught Archon reps and that was the end of that fun little romp. On the way back to the wormhole we caught a Vexor on a gate, but sadly he killed me before popping.


imagesFriday night I took out a fleet of Frigates entitled a “Swarm” fleet. The requirements were simple, have 20ish K range. I asked for any frigate that can sit about 20k off and added Hyena / Keres support for tackle. We roamed down into Wicked Creek area getting some small skirmishes along the way. I stopped by my old friends Phoebe Freeport Republic but they were mostly docked. We had many kills, and the term is used loosely because we spent alot of time wrecking MTU’s, like 10+ of them. We had a few random kills as well, nothing amazing, but we capped off the night fighting a TEST Talwar fleet with frigates.


A quick backtrack, the SIG (special interest group) I am co-running is for small gang warfare. More specifically, the goal is to teach pilots to fly in a manner beyond anchor + F1. I am not the best pilot in Eve, but I am not that bad either. So our goal is how to fly ships. That being said, this frigate roam was that style. Each pilot was responsible for their own ship and piloting.

Battle Report

The ship we lost was a pilot who had left fleet and was heading home, the actual fight we took no losses vs Talwars which I am ok with. They also had a few get out that didn’t show up in reports. Overall I was pretty happy with the pilots handling their ships and ranges correctly.

Saturday morning I took out a “real” fleet. xxDeathxx came to play in a 30ish man Rupture fleet to our doorstep. I put together a fleet to fight, and went after them. It wasn’t exactly a fair fight, we used Cerberus vs Ruptures. Mostly because I didn’t want to use AB Moas against MWD Ruptures. Nor did I want Caracals because I didn’t think I would get the numbers we did. I lost no one in my fleet, losses we had were prior to said fleet.

Battle Report

Later in the day I lost a Stabber Fleet Issue to a Garmur fleet. That was highly annoying because I had warped but didn’t get MWD off fast enough so it sat there aligning in the same direction for a while without actually warping. I got tackled, and then damped beyond belief so I couldn’t lock anything within even 15k. No kills for me there.


Things got a little interesting and it appeared that xxDeathxx had a fleet waiting on a Titan to bridge. The accuracy of that statement we couldn’t verify, but we formed Cerbs again to go play. I ended up stepping up to FC that fleet, and we headed to BWF-ZZ to get a fight. After about 15 minutes xxDeathxx formed and undocked. They had an armor Ishtar fleet out. I thought we could two shot the Ishtars but they had enough Logi and were quick enough on their reps that we couldn’t break anything. I made a small mistake and didn’t turn on prop mods quick enough which cost us two Huginns and two Cerbs. I got our fleet out and we popped a few FlyCatchers on our way home. Nothing amazing, but at least the fleet was saved. Not my finest hour but it could have been far worse.

The weekend ended on a 20 man roam using Wormholes and Thera to get around. Instead of killing MTUs we killed several ESS instead. We managed a few small kills, an Oracle and a Tempest being the highlight of them. It was a fun roam even though we did not have anything overwhelmingly great for a fight.

I am enjoying starting to get back into the FC thing again. I need a focus or a war though. Roams are a pain to FC because the distance I need to travel means I can’t bring real fleets, need the warp speed. I am hoping Eve picks up again because I want to keep the FC train rolling and get into full blown brawling again. I am still having some fun at least in Eve which is always a plus.  Looking forward to more fights…


The Once and Future Lobster King




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