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The End of an Era

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Eve Online
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Well, it’s been months since I posted, and this will be my last post here about Eve. I haven’t actively played since the Providence week war. With the birth of my newest daughter in September, real life, and various other games Eve has slowly been losing its appeal. No, you cannot haz my stuffz.

First and Foremost…Kasken and Heartcarver have both been transferred off my account (with all their assets) to a friend’s accounts. I won’t divulge who it is, if he wants to say… it’s his call. This ensures I will not be returning to Eve. There is no way I would go from billions of isk, assets, and 220m SP to nothing again.

an_waving-happy.gifI will miss Eve in many ways. The community was both amazing and ruthless. I made some solid friends in Eve, and met some people that I couldn’t stand (remember Roweena anyone). I just lost interest, game has moved in a way that I no longer enjoy, or like.

Nostalgia makes you remember things a bit more fondly than it perhaps was, but the overall game has shifted into an area where it’s no longer about the thrill and about winning. Yea, there’s pockets of “good fights” and groups that still do that sort of thing. Eve was fun for me because of a few major activities:

  1. Fleet Commanding
  2. Major Goals and Objectives for PvP
  3. Sense of Community
  4. A purpose to activity beyond random PvP

The new SOV system… was not my cup of tea. The stagnation of the massive entities in Eve, suffocating the life of the game, and a lack of excitement, well retirement time. I want to thank CCP, the friends and enemies I’ve made along the way… it was an amazing 10 years.  If anyone wants to remain in touch feel free to let me know… and if anyone just enjoys my writing I will be making a new blog. It will entail random rants, ravings, various life things, and other assorted random things.

So long, and for the last time for Eve…


The Once and Future Lobster King