A Game of Isk Farms

Posted: June 21, 2018 in Eve Online, Uncategorized
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So I’ve been back in game about a month now. I spent some time in high sec but the isk flow was pretty terrible, so found a null corp and headed out there to carebear, or krab I guess it’s called now. Would love someone to explain how “krab” became a term.

All in all that’s gone pretty well, made enough and grabbed a super + relevant things to make said isk printing better. Interestingly even when I could fly all races supers with max skills, I’ve never purchased one. being able to dock it now though made a pretty huge difference on that and I read / heard how great they were supposed to be for isk making.

The isk flow is pretty stupid, without maxed skills, still learning how to do it, and a normal non pimped fit I’m 80-100m ticks post 10% tax. I have a small high sec mining group I use as well with some alts, so my setup looks pretty entertaining at home (wife calls it my “Command Center”. The far right screen has two side by side clients with mining toons, middle is my main monitor with my ratting account, and far left is another miner running off a separate PC. Sidenote: I love a sit/stand desk!


I am starting to miss the PvP though. I have done nothing besides work on my isk flow, with some purchases, injections and setups, I’m currently at 81.5m SP and a little over 3b isk. It looks like without much effort, I can make 4-5b weekly with the super (not counting loot + escalations). So roughly a month I’ll have the nest egg I wanted to start with… question is, I’m not sure which way I want to go.

I need to get back into PvP / FCing for sure. I definitely miss outmaneuvering someone and watching those killmails roll in.  I also miss leading a corporation / alliance and playing politics, leading a fleet, then relaxing and watching the empire grow.

Granted my life is busier than it used to be, and I honestly don’t know with very few contacts anymore how feasible it is to actually make an effort to build something new. Starting up an unknown, without massive amounts of friends, and zero desire to be a pet (is this still a term?) while wanting to live in null… might be impossible at this later stage in Eve’s life.

Still, I haven’t decided yet which way to go. I’d love for folks to throw their ideas if it’s actually feasible to rebuild Diplomatic Immunity. and Vitriolic Animosity! Return of the lobster king maybe?


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  1. Stabs says:

    “Would love someone to explain how “krab” became a term.”

    It’s from how Russians pronounce “carebear”. They say it with a hard c a bit like K – arb – r. Which sounds to English and American ears like Krab.

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