To Lobster King or New Frontiers

Posted: July 3, 2018 in Eve Online
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Ratting.jpgI am officially bored to tears of ratting and isk making. I setup an Athanor on an alt corp for high sec mining with some moon mining. That lasted an entire day and I’m debating on tearing down the rigged structure to sell (unless I can find someone who wants it in a very quiet .5 with decent minerals (Crokie, Hed, Coesite, and Scord).

Ratting in a Nyx is spectacular isk as a whole, but so boring. I wanted to get a solid jump start on SP and skill, which I have 82m+ SP – with another 5ish mil SP injecting soon. If I sell my Nyx + liquid isk I have now I’ll have 30b + isk which is plenty for PvP or restarting Vitri and DIP. Plus, the guys I am making isk with currently are, unique in their view of PvP. They were quite upset I was ratting with an active WH in system. Didn’t bother arguing too much, I was aligned, watching local, was pretty much fine.

So now it’s decision time. Comes down to a couple of questions:

  • Do I have the time to work on rebuilding a corp / alliance?
  • Where would said entity live?
  • Does Eve’s current political climate support a new unknown alliance with no realistic resources trying to make a name for themselves currently?

I could probably make the time and put forth the effort easily enough, especially if I found a few friends to help recruit and all that. Where to live would be rough, one of those catch-22’s. Hard to build a stable base without a solid home, and hard to get one without a real playerbase. Getting logistics, and all that setup takes a bit to get the Infrastructure as well.

Finally, in Eve’s current state, how hard is it to establish a new entity? I don’t have many contacts anymore, and although my last toon wasn’t famous, he had a little bit  of notoriety which helped open some doors. He had insane SP, and a very solid KB


backing him plus years of FC experience. I think this might be the hardest challenge. Build something new on old school ideals in an Eve where it doesn’t seem to belong anymore.

The other option is find a solid PvP option to join. I really want to get back into FCing, and there’s some new ships in the game that I haven’t seen in action or know the capabilities. So there definitely is some to relearn and shake two+ years of rust off. I really do miss the small / medium gang roams and fleet pvp though. Especially if it’s objective based. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and leading fleets up to 100ish people, although my favorite were 10-20 man fleets give or take.

The feeling of taking an objective though, was incredible back in the day with DIP. Fighting PFR, hell even being in LAWN and fighting that week long Provi war was crazy fun. Scheduling ridiculous stupid roams and getting kills and small gang warfare was what drew me back.

So at this point, I ask you my readers (of whom there is still a decent number when I reactivated the blog), what’s your thoughts? Is it worth trying to rebuild from the long dead ashes, or should I look for some non FW/WH (I find both terrible boring) PvP home where small to medium gang is king and their are dreams and ambitions to do more? Let me know your thoughts on the Reddit thread or the comments of the blog!

Either way, I need to get away from the isk whoring and back into the action at this point. Looking forward to some ideas from other folks while I wrap my head around where to go next. Lobster king Returns or New Adventures…



Fly Dangerously All!

The Once and Potentially Future Lobster King

Radjick DragonRider (Yes this is my new toon)

  1. CivilWars says:

    Building from nothing will be extremely hard unless you are someone like Elo. GL whatever you decide. I am still playing if you want any advice from an old friend.

  2. Robert says:

    I remember you from LAWN, my corp is in GSF now. Be great to see you back, in LAWN or GSF was fun with you on the small stuff.

  3. IamLynch says:

    Glad to see you back in the game man, good luck!
    Probably best place for a PvP corp/alliance to cut their teeth in NS atm would be western tenerifis though the alliances living there are caught up in a huge war so perhaps not the best place to nurture something new and fragile

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