Lobster King Crawling out of the Ashes

Posted: July 6, 2018 in Eve Online
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Well, it’s time for the Vitri comeback I’ve decided. With some of my postings I’ve had lots of folk messaging me with some advice, possible recruitment into their corner of space, or just some welcome back type things.

Those are all greatly appreciated. That being said, I want to rebuild. I made mistakes first time around. I was a bit angrier, and had some RL stuff going on that didn’t help. I cared too much about Killboard, and took things too seriously and took some of the fun out of what we were doing. I have no intention of repeating said mistakes of the past.

So in short this is what I am looking to do in no particular order:

  • Rebuild Vitriolic Animosity
  • Start recruiting Corporations into Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Find a low sec home near Null to build / grow / reacquaint with PvP
  • Move into Null sec
  • Take own Sov
  • Profit

Of course doing all this requires help, members, and a team of folks. So in order to make this work I need to recruit the following types of folks:

  • Recruiters
  • FC’s
  • Tinkerers (People who love EFT / Pyfa)
  • IT Dude – Need voice comms, discord, forums, SEAT setup and all that
  • Line Members
  • Bittervets tired of same old
  • Folks who want to survive with less than a galaxy’s worth of blues
  • Industry folks who want to form a backbone but don’t mind showing some teeth

So at this point, why join and what can I offer. To be fair… not much. I have a high sec moon in a .5 with decent ore and an Athanor that can used. Beyond that I don’t have much. Building from scratch is chaotic, hard, and at times time consuming. The tradeoffs are accomplishment, satisfaction, and knowing you have actually built something yourself. Eventually it will be more tangible than that, but need to start somewhere.

Vitri / DIP will go back to being goal based. Hopefully we get some folks who step up and want to help shape / form this. I had some big plans last time and rushed things in a bit. Some of it worked out, some of it didn’t. If you are bored with the same old thing, give flying with me a shot!

I do plan on posting updates and general items in this blog like I used to, so even if you have no interest in flying with us, you are welcome to follow the adventures, trials, and tribulations of corp rebuild in today’s Eve.

Radjick DragonRider

I would be happy to discuss this more with anyone who has any interest or wants to know more information, so hit me up on Discord to chat (it’s on all day at work) – Heartcarver#1296


Fly Dangerously my Friends!

Radjick DragonRrider
Alliance Executor Diplomatic Immunity.
CEO Vitriolic Animosity



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