Vitri’s Hatching and NPSI Beginnings

Posted: July 11, 2018 in Eve Online
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Related imageAt the end of last week the decision was made to restart Vitri and begin again. Throughout the weekend I settled on our low sec home, recruited approximately 13 pilots and was contacted by a few interested corporations in the alliance. Two have had their applications accepted already and third is moving to fly with us and see how it goes for them. That’s a pretty solid start for a such a short time frame. Things are looking up and continued into the early week adding additional recruits and I took the next leap forward.

One of the things i did was buy, grab a server and pay for some alliance level service setup. I ended up going with This-Service after a few recommendations from folks I knew. They were extremely helpful, answered all my questions, and were pretty spectacular customer service throughout the entire thing thus far. Their server guy has been in constant communication on Discord, and a great dude to work with. I’d recommend them! So my little corp is ready to expand with full alliance level services currently being setup across the board.

We had our first real small corp brawl. There was a Typhoon looking for a fight, which I assumed was a trap, which we of course engaged. It ended up not being a trap, then the locals showed up. Somehow they managed to not pin my non moving, not aligned Maelstrom, with a Typhoon Fleet, Tempest, Manticore, or Sentinel. They also managed to not pin our Tengu, Hookbill, or Bomber either. Not really sure how that worked…

To be fair, they did kill my Thorax when I went after two Procurers. I knew they had a Stratios since they accidentally decloaked it earlier but went anyway. If i ad focused specifically on a Proc, I would have killed it but I tried to kill drones off instead, didn’t work. When I switched back to the procurer it melted faster than I had expected but was too little too late.

Now the more exciting stuff… I am going to run my first NPSI fleet. I figured it’s a great way to dive back into FCing a bit, it’s great advertisement for corp / alliance, and Image result for explosionshopefully it will get some kills for the KB which is pretty sad right now. It got even worse when all the tutorial NPC losses populated, I have one green item.

Discord was also too hard for me, and I screwed up my invites and had to go back and edit them all. So if you tried joining only to get an expired link it should be fixed now. Please let me know if it isn’t.

NPSI Fleet will be taking place Saturday night at 9pm EST (in game info listed in link). Assuming this is a success and goes well, I’ll start making an effort to run these type of things semi regularly – with different takes on ship or themes when I can. Having entertaining non serious fleets can be fun, or that’s the goal anyway! I’ve never actually run one of these before so I’m looking forward to it actually. Hopefully I see lots of you there!

PS: Vitri / Dip is Recruiting


Radjick DragonRider – The Lobster King Reincarnated
CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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