Overpowered Vexor, NPSI Fails, and Infamy!

Posted: July 18, 2018 in Eve Online
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Vexor.PNGOne does not expect a Vexor to be a figurine of raw power and survivabilty in Eve. I actually fit it expecting to lose it pretty fast. Somehow, the kill markers keep going up though. As a matter of fact, this trusty little ship has given me my most entertaining little fight since I’ve been back in Eve.

I jumped into the low sec next door to us, and lo and behold, there was a Svipul, Scorpion, and Stratios on the gate. I figured, well, going to lose this Vexor, let’s see what I can do. So I decloaked, flipped on AB and “burned” back to gate. I of course was locked up but for a minute no one opened fire. Then, the Svipul, on a gate in low sec, 1k away from me opened up. I thought, I’ll trade this, grabbed tackle and between the gate guns + drones + blasters it went down stupid fast. Scorpion aggressed trying to jam me, and somehow failing, and the Stratios.

I went for the Stratios, pulled my drones off Scorpion (which was half shield) and when gate guns cycled, he went down in short order. By this point a Gnosis had warped in and started in, but the Scorpion was getting lower in shield so I dropped drones on him and tackled. His jam finally landed and he warped out, I’m guessing low armor. By this point my passive tank was getting lower and I started burning away from Gnosis and applying DPS to him. It was a race, but a buddy in a bomber came in and he popped while I was at 35% structure or so. I was laughing on comms by this point, considering what I fought in a Vexor and surviving.



So my NPSI Frigate fleet flopped hard. I was trying ot setup fleet and brilliantly didn’t realize that you cannot put an advert out for neutrals. Nor did I have an ingame channel listed in my ads, so we had five people total. We flew into Providence, went through a pocket and came out to find a anti-frigate gatecamp waiting for us. It went as expected and 2/4 folks died.

Good news is we linked up with our fifth and went out again… finding nothing. We eventually ran into a smartbombing gatecamp, and a bunch of bubble gatecamps were we all died at some point with zero kills. It was painful. Frigte swarms dont work with low numbers, so in hindsight without knowing my turnout that’s probably a bad idea.

I did have some folks expressing a desire to go though, and alot of folks were sad they missed it so might shoot for a cruiser roam sometime soon. Hard part is judging actual interest. A three man cruiser roam kinda sucks, Id like to get 10-15 cruisers with some logi + tackle but not the easiest thing to predict.

In lobsterland news, Vitri has been experiencing slow but steady growth. It’s pretty hard recruiting folks in general as a smaller entity. I just need to push past that and get the initial round of PvPers willing to give us a shot and then we will be golden. We got our “Marmite Collective” wardec though so that’s… uhh fun I guess. A large chunk of us chilling in low sec so doubt I’ll even see them.

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

Radjick DragonRider – The Lobster King Reincarnated
CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


PS: Vitri / Dip is Recruiting


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