An Indecent Proposal

Posted: August 19, 2018 in Eve Online
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Image result for horrible wedding ringI received quite the interesting proposal earlier this week. The CEO of Neuralink, a member of Stella out in Querious wanted to chat with me about an idea he had to “benefit” both his corp and our alliance. Upon discussion with him, he basically said their corp is growing dramatically, and they needed space to expand.

Stella owns 24 systems in Querious, and are a 575 man alliance. Apparently this 100ish man corp has outgrown that space entirely and decide they wanted our pocket. So the offer that was made was this:

“They will join Diplomatic Immunity (my alliance) and be handed executor of alliance. At this point, they will run things, and graciously allow me to stay on as a Director in the “Board of Directors” they would be instituting of the remains of my alliance leadership to help run things. They have, and I quote “very deep pockets and a plan to help.” Apparently I have made a mess of things, and since we have been in Querious two weeks at the time of this proposal, all we are apparently are “ratters and miners.” Now, Stella has come down a few times, and had some kills of AFK Orcas which is in general pretty terrible. We were also moving out here, setting stuff up, and the usual grind of two weeks worth of crap that folks do when moving to a new area.

Image result for cartoon minersThey also stated that if we did not in fact capitulate to their extremely awesome plan (he claimed they were around for three months and had recruited 90 folks so are pretty pro) that “this would be settled in space.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not super Eve famous, or the world’s best Eve player. I have a young small alliance so I’m not dropping full fleets of T3s on people. This guy though “Claina” did zero research on me. I told him to look up my KB specifically, not my alliance which has a buncha newbros who are learning… painfully in some cases, about nullsec. I also suggested he read this blog and look back at previous accomplishments to see exactly who he was threatening. He semed to think I was a complete noob with no idea about Eve in general which made me laugh a bit. I mean, researching your foe seems like a good idea, especially if you are telling them to surrender or die.

He also lied to me, and his corp had been around longer than three months, his description basically says that their corp is carebear entirely, and I suggested we do indeed settle this in space. My alliance immediately got pretty excited to have something to gear up for against a group of dudes punching roughly in our weight class, since they only outnumber us 4-5 vs 1.

Apparently after we politely explained to him that unfortunately such an arrangement would not work out (I eve legit asked the other CEOs who laughed at this) he went around begging for folks in Stella to come to war against us with them. No one took the bait. So it looks like there will not be any sort of major war for SOV at this time. They did however give a few of my guys a solid place to focus on for roams now…

Querious will soon be pretty busy anyway, but a war against folks who field roughly the same amount of people as us, with similar comps would be a good little brawl to have. We are still growing, still small but clawing our way upwards. I look forward to what conflict / fights come out of this longer term. After all, their space is much nicer than mine is anyway…

On a side note – DIP finally submitted a logo in for approval! Not the below lobster!

Image result for terrifying lobster

Corp Recruitment
Alliance Recruitment


As always, fly dangerously my friends!

Radjick DragonRider
CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.


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