Kasken Has Come Home to Roost

Posted: September 17, 2018 in Eve Online, Uncategorized
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Birdy.jpgI am once again…. Kasken. Both Kasken and Heartcarver have been transferred to my accounts and I have returned to my toons. I was pretty damn excited to get them back. I honor this with another incredible terrible photoshop.

I also sold Radjick on the forums. He was good to me for a few months, but with my boys back… I’m good with my well trained alts now!

DIP has gone through some major growth and revision in the last month since my previous blog post. We have several corporations join, putting DIP at approximately 300 on paper which is solid. This is where we were in Insmother a few years ago and are off to an excellent start. We are starting to get kills, slowly increasing the PvP roams, and adding green to killboard now to help balance the red.

It’s been fun, as we slowly integrate more of our folks together, the alliance feel is maintaining it’s strength, just with more folks. We got slanted more towards US TZ with the acquisitions than before, and definitely can form up much better than a month ago as well.

DIP is in  a good position, rebuilding an alliance is extremely challenging at times. I get pretty frustrated, and dealing with the diplomacy is… quite painful. But, I’ve got several of my old crew back for round two at this point. Delegating has been a tremendous help. Thrakkar has rejoined, stepped back into alliance XO spot and has been crazy helpful organizing / running things.

Eve is returning to a fun world to play in. DIP is slowly progressing to what I want it to be. It’s simply a culture / numbers game and the the culture side is holding it’s own very solidly. For all you bittervets, it’s pretty damn hard to believe in much in Eve…. but legit give us a shot. It’s been a hell of a ride with plenty more to come…


Corp Recruitment 
Alliance Recruitment



As always, fly dangerously my friends!

Kasken – The One True Lobster King
CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.



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