We Have Returned, Comrade

Posted: October 8, 2018 in Eve Online
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Many years ago when DIP was around and kicking for the first iteration, we lived in Insmother with Red Alliance as part of the RMC (Red Menace Coalition). RA are Russian (thus the terrible Comrade in title) and alot of folks in game had some strong feelings against them.

Back then, we helped run the US TZ part of their coalition, lead fleets, and started / fought wars with them. RA treated us right, always had our back, and we never had any issues with them. DIP was looking to leave QFC, because, well that place is a festering cesspool of whining “adults” who make my one year old look calm and collected (More on that below).

In short the RMC has offered DIP a place to rejoin the ranks and work on the US TZ piece once again. DIP has been slowly and steadily growing / maturing, so we accepted and moved down into the Period Basis region. We of course moved in with an Incursion down there, and TEST anchored bubbles in that space so the volume of folks who lost ships to incursion rats was… pretty amazing (horrifying). We are looking forward to the new journey and home to settle into for a bit. Of course, we move in and immediately the region gets cloaky camped (literally the region) which has produced some pain points

So let’s talk about the QFC (Querious Fight Club). I think the idea is phenomenal. Give a place for small alliances to build and grow with some protection. It allows Imperium to control a region, develop potential allies, and of course a small meatshield in the way. There’s a set of rules governing it, and in general I truly love the idea. The problem is, most of the alliances that live out there are… like the snot nosed whiny brats next door.

Let’s cover this in greater detail however.

A prime example of why the QFC is in a miserable state is this: “Rules lawyering will not be tolerated”

Southern Legion Alliance (SLA) started flexing their military might and dropped dreads on Divinity’s towers taking some of their sov by QFC rules. Black Legion came by (they had some cyno alts in region) and dumpstered SLA’s dreads. We got accused of hiring mercs to kill them… because everyone knows BL accepts contracts to kill three dreads… We also helped to save a Citadel of Divinity’s and were accused of bringing in Darwinism (who we have ZERO ties with) and then SLA pitched a fit to QFC Imperium leadership for us being there.

It was pretty funny, and technically we were not supposed to help save a structure. No big deal, we never actually landed on the structure, and it’s not like SLA would in the slightest fight us without greatly outnumbering us or sitting on a gatecamp kill. SLA got pretty angry about this though. The proceeded to kill the Astra later on without interference. The best part, which is what describes SLA to a tee, is what happened a bit later.

SLA was killing a Poco in a system they took near us. Due to QFC rules we were sadly unable to kill their anchoring Astra on our gate, but we saw a handful of mish mash ships on a poco. We bridged in, but due to their spacing was only able to snag one ship before the rest took off. We killed a VNI, and they proceeded in local to tell us to leave because they were on a “strat op”. A poco kill had become a strat op.

It gets better though, I get convoed by their executor, who asked for a refund of the isk value of the VNI because they were killing structures which is a “sov fight” and therefore me interfering was against QFC rules. I actually didn’t believe he was serious. Sadly he was. I laughed, and told him no, a poco is not a “sov event”. He told me he was done talking to me and when to QFC Imperium leadership demanding he be reimbursed. Thankfully, they realized what a stupid request this was and denied him.

The majority of groups in QFC, are not PvP groups. I watched tons of drama, whining, and raving in the QFC coordination channels from these groups. There is no fight club. It is a carebear haven. The entirety of existence out there for most of the folks are to mine and rat safely. It’s mostly blue to each other as well, Dusk / TXG (which is basically the same group) vs SLA + Outlaws + SR (who are the majority of QFC) now vs DVN.

I really hope that some new blood head out to QFC, and steam rolls folks. We are close enough to come say hi, and without the rule shackling us are probably going to gun down a couple of those ratting supers / carriers they are so fond of. The QFC just needs a handful of actual PvP groups to move out there and cause some mischief. DIP lost alot of ships out there, mostly due to newer folks learning the game. We never whined, complained, or attempted to argue rules in the slightest while we were out there. Nor did DUSK / TXG. Rest of the folks out there though…

Anyway, enough about that, DIP is in a good home, and still looking for some corps / folks to come fly with us. Stop being bored and come enjoy Eve again!

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Alliance Recruitment


Kasken – The One True Lobster King
CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.


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