Bio: A few years ago I had started a blog for an online game, Eve Online while in Afghanistan to kill time and write because I enjoy it. The blog ended up fairly successful for the community in Eve, and I had a blast writing it. The Kasken Kronicles had been born. Once the eventual decision to leave the game, I had nothing to focus my writing on. So after some thought, a new baby, and the holiday passed, I decided to start a new blog based on random writings, thoughts, and the rants and ravings of myself. I am choosing to keep the pseudonym Kasken from Eve. I hope to expand this blog and eventually get a start on my novel series I'd like to write. Part of why I do this is to get feedback and general criticism, good and bad for my writing, so feel free to leave comments! That blog ended up dying off a bit, and with my new job I met a group of people I could play some table-top with. I figured a blog devoted to our adventures could be highly comical due to the ridiculousness of these adventures thus far...

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  1. Marr21608 says:

    You should write an article. Would be a good read I am sure.

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