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Birdy.jpgI am once again…. Kasken. Both Kasken and Heartcarver have been transferred to my accounts and I have returned to my toons. I was pretty damn excited to get them back. I honor this with another incredible terrible photoshop.

I also sold Radjick on the forums. He was good to me for a few months, but with my boys back… I’m good with my well trained alts now!

DIP has gone through some major growth and revision in the last month since my previous blog post. We have several corporations join, putting DIP at approximately 300 on paper which is solid. This is where we were in Insmother a few years ago and are off to an excellent start. We are starting to get kills, slowly increasing the PvP roams, and adding green to killboard now to help balance the red.

It’s been fun, as we slowly integrate more of our folks together, the alliance feel is maintaining it’s strength, just with more folks. We got slanted more towards US TZ with the acquisitions than before, and definitely can form up much better than a month ago as well.

DIP is in  a good position, rebuilding an alliance is extremely challenging at times. I get pretty frustrated, and dealing with the diplomacy is… quite painful. But, I’ve got several of my old crew back for round two at this point. Delegating has been a tremendous help. Thrakkar has rejoined, stepped back into alliance XO spot and has been crazy helpful organizing / running things.

Eve is returning to a fun world to play in. DIP is slowly progressing to what I want it to be. It’s simply a culture / numbers game and the the culture side is holding it’s own very solidly. For all you bittervets, it’s pretty damn hard to believe in much in Eve…. but legit give us a shot. It’s been a hell of a ride with plenty more to come…


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As always, fly dangerously my friends!

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An Indecent Proposal

Posted: August 19, 2018 in Eve Online
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Image result for horrible wedding ringI received quite the interesting proposal earlier this week. The CEO of Neuralink, a member of Stella out in Querious wanted to chat with me about an idea he had to “benefit” both his corp and our alliance. Upon discussion with him, he basically said their corp is growing dramatically, and they needed space to expand.

Stella owns 24 systems in Querious, and are a 575 man alliance. Apparently this 100ish man corp has outgrown that space entirely and decide they wanted our pocket. So the offer that was made was this:

“They will join Diplomatic Immunity (my alliance) and be handed executor of alliance. At this point, they will run things, and graciously allow me to stay on as a Director in the “Board of Directors” they would be instituting of the remains of my alliance leadership to help run things. They have, and I quote “very deep pockets and a plan to help.” Apparently I have made a mess of things, and since we have been in Querious two weeks at the time of this proposal, all we are apparently are “ratters and miners.” Now, Stella has come down a few times, and had some kills of AFK Orcas which is in general pretty terrible. We were also moving out here, setting stuff up, and the usual grind of two weeks worth of crap that folks do when moving to a new area.

Image result for cartoon minersThey also stated that if we did not in fact capitulate to their extremely awesome plan (he claimed they were around for three months and had recruited 90 folks so are pretty pro) that “this would be settled in space.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not super Eve famous, or the world’s best Eve player. I have a young small alliance so I’m not dropping full fleets of T3s on people. This guy though “Claina” did zero research on me. I told him to look up my KB specifically, not my alliance which has a buncha newbros who are learning… painfully in some cases, about nullsec. I also suggested he read this blog and look back at previous accomplishments to see exactly who he was threatening. He semed to think I was a complete noob with no idea about Eve in general which made me laugh a bit. I mean, researching your foe seems like a good idea, especially if you are telling them to surrender or die.

He also lied to me, and his corp had been around longer than three months, his description basically says that their corp is carebear entirely, and I suggested we do indeed settle this in space. My alliance immediately got pretty excited to have something to gear up for against a group of dudes punching roughly in our weight class, since they only outnumber us 4-5 vs 1.

Apparently after we politely explained to him that unfortunately such an arrangement would not work out (I eve legit asked the other CEOs who laughed at this) he went around begging for folks in Stella to come to war against us with them. No one took the bait. So it looks like there will not be any sort of major war for SOV at this time. They did however give a few of my guys a solid place to focus on for roams now…

Querious will soon be pretty busy anyway, but a war against folks who field roughly the same amount of people as us, with similar comps would be a good little brawl to have. We are still growing, still small but clawing our way upwards. I look forward to what conflict / fights come out of this longer term. After all, their space is much nicer than mine is anyway…

On a side note – DIP finally submitted a logo in for approval! Not the below lobster!

Image result for terrifying lobster

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As always, fly dangerously my friends!

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It’s been a while since my last post. There’s a pretty good reason for that though. DIP has officially become a SOV holding nullsec entity. We have spent the last week+ moving, setting upDIP.PNG infrastructure, and getting us to a place where we can actively play the game. Even thought we held far more systems in the past, for the first time ever DIP officially shown up on the Influence Map which is pretty cool. We have to abide by the rules of QFC (Querious Fight Club) which are actually pretty awesome for a small group like us.

So, what has actually changed. DIP has grown to about a 100 person alliance. This is obviously not huge by any means, but it’s a solid start for a young alliance. This group of guys is pretty stellar, with folks all over donating towards infrastructure, helping with logistics, and dealing with the petty crap of entosis and clearing structures. The pull together between folks has been phenomenal.

I attribute this to a couple of things. Most alliances, corps all hang out in their own channel. They come together for fleets and the like, but generally folks keep to their corps. So far in DIP most people all congregate together. This helps foster / build a much bigger sense of community and binds folks together more so than an ordinary alliance. It may not be sustainable at higher levels, but for now it seems to be working and it’s pretty awesome to see the unity.

The other thing that helps is  a non-toxicity.pngtoxic culture we are actively trying to maintain. We have quite a few newbros, and quite a few people who make some, err questionable, decisions. Generally that elitist PvP mentality doesn’t come into play which is pretty nice. It helps foster a helpful community where people actually want to help out. It’s made a fairly huge difference thus far in our ability to start achieving goals.

Numbers are slowly rising across the alliance, Vitri is almost 50 members on the books, with only a small handful of inactives. We are looking to start PvP fleets again now that we have moved out and are prepped in general. I’ve started delegating a bit too so I can spend some more time doing fun things in Eve like FCing and the like. Looking forward to getting back to basics in the next week or two and taking out fleets and racking up killmails. My personal KB is still not terrible, alliance’s needs some work but we expect it to look pretty rough for next few months while teaching folks.

Anyway, in a shameless plug, DIP and Vitri are looking for corps and pilots alike willing to try something different. Stop sitting in the relative safety of giant blocs and try joining a smaller group where you can make a difference and the outcome of most fights are a guarantee!

Check out our recruiting posts and see if maybe you are getting bored with Eve.. to give a different style a chance! Everyone makes corps / alliances with plans… ours is actually in progress with clear results. Too many folks only login for a ping or getting bored with the game… we are revitalizing bittervets and giving them something new to focus on.

Corp Recruitment
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As always, fly dangerously my friends!

Radjick DragonRider
CEO Vitriolic Animosity
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Vexor.PNGOne does not expect a Vexor to be a figurine of raw power and survivabilty in Eve. I actually fit it expecting to lose it pretty fast. Somehow, the kill markers keep going up though. As a matter of fact, this trusty little ship has given me my most entertaining little fight since I’ve been back in Eve.

I jumped into the low sec next door to us, and lo and behold, there was a Svipul, Scorpion, and Stratios on the gate. I figured, well, going to lose this Vexor, let’s see what I can do. So I decloaked, flipped on AB and “burned” back to gate. I of course was locked up but for a minute no one opened fire. Then, the Svipul, on a gate in low sec, 1k away from me opened up. I thought, I’ll trade this, grabbed tackle and between the gate guns + drones + blasters it went down stupid fast. Scorpion aggressed trying to jam me, and somehow failing, and the Stratios.

I went for the Stratios, pulled my drones off Scorpion (which was half shield) and when gate guns cycled, he went down in short order. By this point a Gnosis had warped in and started in, but the Scorpion was getting lower in shield so I dropped drones on him and tackled. His jam finally landed and he warped out, I’m guessing low armor. By this point my passive tank was getting lower and I started burning away from Gnosis and applying DPS to him. It was a race, but a buddy in a bomber came in and he popped while I was at 35% structure or so. I was laughing on comms by this point, considering what I fought in a Vexor and surviving.



So my NPSI Frigate fleet flopped hard. I was trying ot setup fleet and brilliantly didn’t realize that you cannot put an advert out for neutrals. Nor did I have an ingame channel listed in my ads, so we had five people total. We flew into Providence, went through a pocket and came out to find a anti-frigate gatecamp waiting for us. It went as expected and 2/4 folks died.

Good news is we linked up with our fifth and went out again… finding nothing. We eventually ran into a smartbombing gatecamp, and a bunch of bubble gatecamps were we all died at some point with zero kills. It was painful. Frigte swarms dont work with low numbers, so in hindsight without knowing my turnout that’s probably a bad idea.

I did have some folks expressing a desire to go though, and alot of folks were sad they missed it so might shoot for a cruiser roam sometime soon. Hard part is judging actual interest. A three man cruiser roam kinda sucks, Id like to get 10-15 cruisers with some logi + tackle but not the easiest thing to predict.

In lobsterland news, Vitri has been experiencing slow but steady growth. It’s pretty hard recruiting folks in general as a smaller entity. I just need to push past that and get the initial round of PvPers willing to give us a shot and then we will be golden. We got our “Marmite Collective” wardec though so that’s… uhh fun I guess. A large chunk of us chilling in low sec so doubt I’ll even see them.

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

Radjick DragonRider – The Lobster King Reincarnated
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Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


PS: Vitri / Dip is Recruiting

Related imageAt the end of last week the decision was made to restart Vitri and begin again. Throughout the weekend I settled on our low sec home, recruited approximately 13 pilots and was contacted by a few interested corporations in the alliance. Two have had their applications accepted already and third is moving to fly with us and see how it goes for them. That’s a pretty solid start for a such a short time frame. Things are looking up and continued into the early week adding additional recruits and I took the next leap forward.

One of the things i did was buy, grab a server and pay for some alliance level service setup. I ended up going with This-Service after a few recommendations from folks I knew. They were extremely helpful, answered all my questions, and were pretty spectacular customer service throughout the entire thing thus far. Their server guy has been in constant communication on Discord, and a great dude to work with. I’d recommend them! So my little corp is ready to expand with full alliance level services currently being setup across the board.

We had our first real small corp brawl. There was a Typhoon looking for a fight, which I assumed was a trap, which we of course engaged. It ended up not being a trap, then the locals showed up. Somehow they managed to not pin my non moving, not aligned Maelstrom, with a Typhoon Fleet, Tempest, Manticore, or Sentinel. They also managed to not pin our Tengu, Hookbill, or Bomber either. Not really sure how that worked…

To be fair, they did kill my Thorax when I went after two Procurers. I knew they had a Stratios since they accidentally decloaked it earlier but went anyway. If i ad focused specifically on a Proc, I would have killed it but I tried to kill drones off instead, didn’t work. When I switched back to the procurer it melted faster than I had expected but was too little too late.

Now the more exciting stuff… I am going to run my first NPSI fleet. I figured it’s a great way to dive back into FCing a bit, it’s great advertisement for corp / alliance, and Image result for explosionshopefully it will get some kills for the KB which is pretty sad right now. It got even worse when all the tutorial NPC losses populated, I have one green item.

Discord was also too hard for me, and I screwed up my invites and had to go back and edit them all. So if you tried joining only to get an expired link it should be fixed now. Please let me know if it isn’t.

NPSI Fleet will be taking place Saturday night at 9pm EST (in game info listed in link). Assuming this is a success and goes well, I’ll start making an effort to run these type of things semi regularly – with different takes on ship or themes when I can. Having entertaining non serious fleets can be fun, or that’s the goal anyway! I’ve never actually run one of these before so I’m looking forward to it actually. Hopefully I see lots of you there!

PS: Vitri / Dip is Recruiting


Radjick DragonRider – The Lobster King Reincarnated
CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.

Image result for lobster rising from the ocean cartoon

Well, it’s time for the Vitri comeback I’ve decided. With some of my postings I’ve had lots of folk messaging me with some advice, possible recruitment into their corner of space, or just some welcome back type things.

Those are all greatly appreciated. That being said, I want to rebuild. I made mistakes first time around. I was a bit angrier, and had some RL stuff going on that didn’t help. I cared too much about Killboard, and took things too seriously and took some of the fun out of what we were doing. I have no intention of repeating said mistakes of the past.

So in short this is what I am looking to do in no particular order:

  • Rebuild Vitriolic Animosity
  • Start recruiting Corporations into Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Find a low sec home near Null to build / grow / reacquaint with PvP
  • Move into Null sec
  • Take own Sov
  • Profit

Of course doing all this requires help, members, and a team of folks. So in order to make this work I need to recruit the following types of folks:

  • Recruiters
  • FC’s
  • Tinkerers (People who love EFT / Pyfa)
  • IT Dude – Need voice comms, discord, forums, SEAT setup and all that
  • Line Members
  • Bittervets tired of same old
  • Folks who want to survive with less than a galaxy’s worth of blues
  • Industry folks who want to form a backbone but don’t mind showing some teeth

So at this point, why join and what can I offer. To be fair… not much. I have a high sec moon in a .5 with decent ore and an Athanor that can used. Beyond that I don’t have much. Building from scratch is chaotic, hard, and at times time consuming. The tradeoffs are accomplishment, satisfaction, and knowing you have actually built something yourself. Eventually it will be more tangible than that, but need to start somewhere.

Vitri / DIP will go back to being goal based. Hopefully we get some folks who step up and want to help shape / form this. I had some big plans last time and rushed things in a bit. Some of it worked out, some of it didn’t. If you are bored with the same old thing, give flying with me a shot!

I do plan on posting updates and general items in this blog like I used to, so even if you have no interest in flying with us, you are welcome to follow the adventures, trials, and tribulations of corp rebuild in today’s Eve.

Radjick DragonRider

I would be happy to discuss this more with anyone who has any interest or wants to know more information, so hit me up on Discord to chat (it’s on all day at work) – Heartcarver#1296


Fly Dangerously my Friends!

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CEO Vitriolic Animosity


Ratting.jpgI am officially bored to tears of ratting and isk making. I setup an Athanor on an alt corp for high sec mining with some moon mining. That lasted an entire day and I’m debating on tearing down the rigged structure to sell (unless I can find someone who wants it in a very quiet .5 with decent minerals (Crokie, Hed, Coesite, and Scord).

Ratting in a Nyx is spectacular isk as a whole, but so boring. I wanted to get a solid jump start on SP and skill, which I have 82m+ SP – with another 5ish mil SP injecting soon. If I sell my Nyx + liquid isk I have now I’ll have 30b + isk which is plenty for PvP or restarting Vitri and DIP. Plus, the guys I am making isk with currently are, unique in their view of PvP. They were quite upset I was ratting with an active WH in system. Didn’t bother arguing too much, I was aligned, watching local, was pretty much fine.

So now it’s decision time. Comes down to a couple of questions:

  • Do I have the time to work on rebuilding a corp / alliance?
  • Where would said entity live?
  • Does Eve’s current political climate support a new unknown alliance with no realistic resources trying to make a name for themselves currently?

I could probably make the time and put forth the effort easily enough, especially if I found a few friends to help recruit and all that. Where to live would be rough, one of those catch-22’s. Hard to build a stable base without a solid home, and hard to get one without a real playerbase. Getting logistics, and all that setup takes a bit to get the Infrastructure as well.

Finally, in Eve’s current state, how hard is it to establish a new entity? I don’t have many contacts anymore, and although my last toon wasn’t famous, he had a little bit  of notoriety which helped open some doors. He had insane SP, and a very solid KB


backing him plus years of FC experience. I think this might be the hardest challenge. Build something new on old school ideals in an Eve where it doesn’t seem to belong anymore.

The other option is find a solid PvP option to join. I really want to get back into FCing, and there’s some new ships in the game that I haven’t seen in action or know the capabilities. So there definitely is some to relearn and shake two+ years of rust off. I really do miss the small / medium gang roams and fleet pvp though. Especially if it’s objective based. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and leading fleets up to 100ish people, although my favorite were 10-20 man fleets give or take.

The feeling of taking an objective though, was incredible back in the day with DIP. Fighting PFR, hell even being in LAWN and fighting that week long Provi war was crazy fun. Scheduling ridiculous stupid roams and getting kills and small gang warfare was what drew me back.

So at this point, I ask you my readers (of whom there is still a decent number when I reactivated the blog), what’s your thoughts? Is it worth trying to rebuild from the long dead ashes, or should I look for some non FW/WH (I find both terrible boring) PvP home where small to medium gang is king and their are dreams and ambitions to do more? Let me know your thoughts on the Reddit thread or the comments of the blog!

Either way, I need to get away from the isk whoring and back into the action at this point. Looking forward to some ideas from other folks while I wrap my head around where to go next. Lobster king Returns or New Adventures…



Fly Dangerously All!

The Once and Potentially Future Lobster King

Radjick DragonRider (Yes this is my new toon)