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Related imageAt the end of last week the decision was made to restart Vitri and begin again. Throughout the weekend I settled on our low sec home, recruited approximately 13 pilots and was contacted by a few interested corporations in the alliance. Two have had their applications accepted already and third is moving to fly with us and see how it goes for them. That’s a pretty solid start for a such a short time frame. Things are looking up and continued into the early week adding additional recruits and I took the next leap forward.

One of the things i did was buy, grab a server and pay for some alliance level service setup. I ended up going with This-Service after a few recommendations from folks I knew. They were extremely helpful, answered all my questions, and were pretty spectacular customer service throughout the entire thing thus far. Their server guy has been in constant communication on Discord, and a great dude to work with. I’d recommend them! So my little corp is ready to expand with full alliance level services currently being setup across the board.

We had our first real small corp brawl. There was a Typhoon looking for a fight, which I assumed was a trap, which we of course engaged. It ended up not being a trap, then the locals showed up. Somehow they managed to not pin my non moving, not aligned Maelstrom, with a Typhoon Fleet, Tempest, Manticore, or Sentinel. They also managed to not pin our Tengu, Hookbill, or Bomber either. Not really sure how that worked…

To be fair, they did kill my Thorax when I went after two Procurers. I knew they had a Stratios since they accidentally decloaked it earlier but went anyway. If i ad focused specifically on a Proc, I would have killed it but I tried to kill drones off instead, didn’t work. When I switched back to the procurer it melted faster than I had expected but was too little too late.

Now the more exciting stuff… I am going to run my first NPSI fleet. I figured it’s a great way to dive back into FCing a bit, it’s great advertisement for corp / alliance, and Image result for explosionshopefully it will get some kills for the KB which is pretty sad right now. It got even worse when all the tutorial NPC losses populated, I have one green item.

Discord was also too hard for me, and I screwed up my invites and had to go back and edit them all. So if you tried joining only to get an expired link it should be fixed now. Please let me know if it isn’t.

NPSI Fleet will be taking place Saturday night at 9pm EST (in game info listed in link). Assuming this is a success and goes well, I’ll start making an effort to run these type of things semi regularly – with different takes on ship or themes when I can. Having entertaining non serious fleets can be fun, or that’s the goal anyway! I’ve never actually run one of these before so I’m looking forward to it actually. Hopefully I see lots of you there!

PS: Vitri / Dip is Recruiting


Radjick DragonRider – The Lobster King Reincarnated
CEO: Vitriolic Animosity
Executor: Diplomatic Immunity.


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Well, it’s time for the Vitri comeback I’ve decided. With some of my postings I’ve had lots of folk messaging me with some advice, possible recruitment into their corner of space, or just some welcome back type things.

Those are all greatly appreciated. That being said, I want to rebuild. I made mistakes first time around. I was a bit angrier, and had some RL stuff going on that didn’t help. I cared too much about Killboard, and took things too seriously and took some of the fun out of what we were doing. I have no intention of repeating said mistakes of the past.

So in short this is what I am looking to do in no particular order:

  • Rebuild Vitriolic Animosity
  • Start recruiting Corporations into Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Find a low sec home near Null to build / grow / reacquaint with PvP
  • Move into Null sec
  • Take own Sov
  • Profit

Of course doing all this requires help, members, and a team of folks. So in order to make this work I need to recruit the following types of folks:

  • Recruiters
  • FC’s
  • Tinkerers (People who love EFT / Pyfa)
  • IT Dude – Need voice comms, discord, forums, SEAT setup and all that
  • Line Members
  • Bittervets tired of same old
  • Folks who want to survive with less than a galaxy’s worth of blues
  • Industry folks who want to form a backbone but don’t mind showing some teeth

So at this point, why join and what can I offer. To be fair… not much. I have a high sec moon in a .5 with decent ore and an Athanor that can used. Beyond that I don’t have much. Building from scratch is chaotic, hard, and at times time consuming. The tradeoffs are accomplishment, satisfaction, and knowing you have actually built something yourself. Eventually it will be more tangible than that, but need to start somewhere.

Vitri / DIP will go back to being goal based. Hopefully we get some folks who step up and want to help shape / form this. I had some big plans last time and rushed things in a bit. Some of it worked out, some of it didn’t. If you are bored with the same old thing, give flying with me a shot!

I do plan on posting updates and general items in this blog like I used to, so even if you have no interest in flying with us, you are welcome to follow the adventures, trials, and tribulations of corp rebuild in today’s Eve.

Radjick DragonRider

I would be happy to discuss this more with anyone who has any interest or wants to know more information, so hit me up on Discord to chat (it’s on all day at work) – Heartcarver#1296


Fly Dangerously my Friends!

Radjick DragonRrider
Alliance Executor Diplomatic Immunity.
CEO Vitriolic Animosity


Ratting.jpgI am officially bored to tears of ratting and isk making. I setup an Athanor on an alt corp for high sec mining with some moon mining. That lasted an entire day and I’m debating on tearing down the rigged structure to sell (unless I can find someone who wants it in a very quiet .5 with decent minerals (Crokie, Hed, Coesite, and Scord).

Ratting in a Nyx is spectacular isk as a whole, but so boring. I wanted to get a solid jump start on SP and skill, which I have 82m+ SP – with another 5ish mil SP injecting soon. If I sell my Nyx + liquid isk I have now I’ll have 30b + isk which is plenty for PvP or restarting Vitri and DIP. Plus, the guys I am making isk with currently are, unique in their view of PvP. They were quite upset I was ratting with an active WH in system. Didn’t bother arguing too much, I was aligned, watching local, was pretty much fine.

So now it’s decision time. Comes down to a couple of questions:

  • Do I have the time to work on rebuilding a corp / alliance?
  • Where would said entity live?
  • Does Eve’s current political climate support a new unknown alliance with no realistic resources trying to make a name for themselves currently?

I could probably make the time and put forth the effort easily enough, especially if I found a few friends to help recruit and all that. Where to live would be rough, one of those catch-22’s. Hard to build a stable base without a solid home, and hard to get one without a real playerbase. Getting logistics, and all that setup takes a bit to get the Infrastructure as well.

Finally, in Eve’s current state, how hard is it to establish a new entity? I don’t have many contacts anymore, and although my last toon wasn’t famous, he had a little bit  of notoriety which helped open some doors. He had insane SP, and a very solid KB


backing him plus years of FC experience. I think this might be the hardest challenge. Build something new on old school ideals in an Eve where it doesn’t seem to belong anymore.

The other option is find a solid PvP option to join. I really want to get back into FCing, and there’s some new ships in the game that I haven’t seen in action or know the capabilities. So there definitely is some to relearn and shake two+ years of rust off. I really do miss the small / medium gang roams and fleet pvp though. Especially if it’s objective based. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and leading fleets up to 100ish people, although my favorite were 10-20 man fleets give or take.

The feeling of taking an objective though, was incredible back in the day with DIP. Fighting PFR, hell even being in LAWN and fighting that week long Provi war was crazy fun. Scheduling ridiculous stupid roams and getting kills and small gang warfare was what drew me back.

So at this point, I ask you my readers (of whom there is still a decent number when I reactivated the blog), what’s your thoughts? Is it worth trying to rebuild from the long dead ashes, or should I look for some non FW/WH (I find both terrible boring) PvP home where small to medium gang is king and their are dreams and ambitions to do more? Let me know your thoughts on the Reddit thread or the comments of the blog!

Either way, I need to get away from the isk whoring and back into the action at this point. Looking forward to some ideas from other folks while I wrap my head around where to go next. Lobster king Returns or New Adventures…



Fly Dangerously All!

The Once and Potentially Future Lobster King

Radjick DragonRider (Yes this is my new toon)

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So I’ve been back in game about a month now. I spent some time in high sec but the isk flow was pretty terrible, so found a null corp and headed out there to carebear, or krab I guess it’s called now. Would love someone to explain how “krab” became a term.

All in all that’s gone pretty well, made enough and grabbed a super + relevant things to make said isk printing better. Interestingly even when I could fly all races supers with max skills, I’ve never purchased one. being able to dock it now though made a pretty huge difference on that and I read / heard how great they were supposed to be for isk making.

The isk flow is pretty stupid, without maxed skills, still learning how to do it, and a normal non pimped fit I’m 80-100m ticks post 10% tax. I have a small high sec mining group I use as well with some alts, so my setup looks pretty entertaining at home (wife calls it my “Command Center”. The far right screen has two side by side clients with mining toons, middle is my main monitor with my ratting account, and far left is another miner running off a separate PC. Sidenote: I love a sit/stand desk!


I am starting to miss the PvP though. I have done nothing besides work on my isk flow, with some purchases, injections and setups, I’m currently at 81.5m SP and a little over 3b isk. It looks like without much effort, I can make 4-5b weekly with the super (not counting loot + escalations). So roughly a month I’ll have the nest egg I wanted to start with… question is, I’m not sure which way I want to go.

I need to get back into PvP / FCing for sure. I definitely miss outmaneuvering someone and watching those killmails roll in.  I also miss leading a corporation / alliance and playing politics, leading a fleet, then relaxing and watching the empire grow.

Granted my life is busier than it used to be, and I honestly don’t know with very few contacts anymore how feasible it is to actually make an effort to build something new. Starting up an unknown, without massive amounts of friends, and zero desire to be a pet (is this still a term?) while wanting to live in null… might be impossible at this later stage in Eve’s life.

Still, I haven’t decided yet which way to go. I’d love for folks to throw their ideas if it’s actually feasible to rebuild Diplomatic Immunity. and Vitriolic Animosity! Return of the lobster king maybe?


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$RR29BVRWell, a couple of years ago I quit Eve for good, said goodbye and I was gone. I figured giving my toons to a friends would prevent me from ever coming back. My old toons are still being used and not coming back to me, so I did the unthinkable. I made brand new characters.

The char looks awfully similar to my old Kasken photo… and if I had thought about it I would have named him “Kasken Heartcarver” in homage but alas I did’t even consider it until I had injected lots of SP.

I’m a different person than I was two years ago when I left. I had another “oops” kid, new house, new job at a video game company, and am in general a much more relaxed person. I’ve been kicking around the idea of rebuilding Vitri / Diplomatic Immunity with a new mindset but we’ll see. A much more relaxed mindset than previously, odds are some similar goals but reached in different ways.

So I’ve been in game for slightly less than three weeks, injected myself up to 60m SP using Plex sales and joined a null corp in order to farm some isk. Still not entirely sure what direction I want to go in yet, but figured making ISK and keep injecting to 80m or so will give me a solid start.  Id like to be able to fly the “basics”, maybe not with fully maxed skills like Kasken was but decent.

I know I do want to get back into FCing but there’s quite a few changes to learn and see who I still know kicking around.  I’m hoping some of my old friends are still playing. If not, can always make new friends by killing folks! Although my killboard is an amazing 1 loss and no kills currently… damn insta locking ships!

A Kasken post wouldn’t be complete without some ridiculous picture… so this will tide you over until I start doing interesting things again!

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The End of an Era

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Eve Online
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Well, it’s been months since I posted, and this will be my last post here about Eve. I haven’t actively played since the Providence week war. With the birth of my newest daughter in September, real life, and various other games Eve has slowly been losing its appeal. No, you cannot haz my stuffz.

First and Foremost…Kasken and Heartcarver have both been transferred off my account (with all their assets) to a friend’s accounts. I won’t divulge who it is, if he wants to say… it’s his call. This ensures I will not be returning to Eve. There is no way I would go from billions of isk, assets, and 220m SP to nothing again.

an_waving-happy.gifI will miss Eve in many ways. The community was both amazing and ruthless. I made some solid friends in Eve, and met some people that I couldn’t stand (remember Roweena anyone). I just lost interest, game has moved in a way that I no longer enjoy, or like.

Nostalgia makes you remember things a bit more fondly than it perhaps was, but the overall game has shifted into an area where it’s no longer about the thrill and about winning. Yea, there’s pockets of “good fights” and groups that still do that sort of thing. Eve was fun for me because of a few major activities:

  1. Fleet Commanding
  2. Major Goals and Objectives for PvP
  3. Sense of Community
  4. A purpose to activity beyond random PvP

The new SOV system… was not my cup of tea. The stagnation of the massive entities in Eve, suffocating the life of the game, and a lack of excitement, well retirement time. I want to thank CCP, the friends and enemies I’ve made along the way… it was an amazing 10 years.  If anyone wants to remain in touch feel free to let me know… and if anyone just enjoys my writing I will be making a new blog. It will entail random rants, ravings, various life things, and other assorted random things.

So long, and for the last time for Eve…


The Once and Future Lobster King




Brush Fire Along I-84 ca. 1990s Near Boise, Idaho, USA

So this week was Imperium’s campaign to burn Providence. There was of course tons of hype on Reddit and various other places for it. Groups from all over Eve deployed down to the area for insane amounts of content, fights, and the general mayhem. Mittani stated he wanted all the IHUBs burned to the ground within a week to test Fozzie Sov and concepts.

So what did Kasken do during this war? I deployed as a Lawn FC running the majority of US Timezone fleets… a total of three for this war. It was quite an interesting experience and I learned a pretty good amount from it. Before I delve into the specifics I will add a quick recap however.

Imperium Constellation Breakdowns

Lawn was assigned the two constellations on the eastern side of Providence in conjunction with TNT. As I did not pay much attention to the rest of the groups out here, I can focus specifically on what happened in our little area. Yulai Federation and Sev3rance both defended these constellations. I want to give both those groups mad props for fighting the entire time. I dealt personally with [-7-], and from what I understand Yulai was fielding 150-200+ fleets (combinations of Yulai + friends and 3rd parties) daily in their defense of their constellation. So regardless of anything else, thanks for bringing some seriously fun fights to the table.

Lawn’s EU side of the house got hammered fighting Yulai. They had full blown defense fleets, and did an exceptional job tying up the EU TZ. As a result, only 1 IHUB in that TZ was destroyed. I’ve only got the hearsay for those fleets as the whole real life got in the way, so other than props to Yulai, that’s the extent of my knowledge for there.

US TZ Lawn had a total of five us timer systems. Monday night we went out for the initial reinforcement. TNT organized and lead a “main body” Cerberus fleet, and I lead a Svipul support fleet and troll ceptors for entosising. The concept behind it was that the Cerbs could lock down B-WPLZ entrance to pocket system leaving out entosis dudes free reign to hit everything back there. We painfully learned several things.


Troll ceptors are great for isolated roaming and annoying null sec dudes. For a “serious invasion” they are pretty terrible. [-7-] did an excellent job of dropping quick blap ships, Griffins, damp ships, and various other annoyances on them breaking their cycles. Waiting for the warm up over and over was extremely time consuming. After flying the Svipuls all over, I quickly split off a handful of small groups and assigned them systems to defend. This seems like common sense with Fozzie Sov. Have several “squads” of pilots who are dealing with small threats. In theory, it is very easy to manage. Allow me to explain why in practice it’s much harder.

Not all pilots are Camel Empire / Warlords of the Deep style competency at piloting ships. Nor are all FC’s created equal. In a Fozzie Sov assault, I was personally trying to manage:

  1. Assigning people to specific capture points
  2. Calling targets, fleet warps, moving systems, and other normal FC jobs with the support fleet
  3. Replacing entosis inties that got popped with new ones
  4. Tracking who was engaged where by what
  5. Watching Intel
  6. Coordinating with various other comms channels and fleets

Now with time, tons of troll ceptors, micromanagement of Svipuls, and willing pilots we did entosis all the assigned Ihubs, stations, and a TCU or two that was not on a POS on Monday night over the course of a couple hours. The small squads were effective at stopping the straight Entosis ganker that would show on grid, or at a minimum would lose a ship to do so.

Fast forward to Wednesday  night. We adjusted our game, as did [-7-]. Our entosis ships were upped to Drakes, going with a better tank and the goal of surviving longer so support can help. I want to focus more on this night because personally this is where I feel more lessons hit home.


I lead a Cerberus fleet Wednesday night. TNT had jump cloned back due to needing to defend their own SOV that had been hit while down in Providence, essentially leaving Lawn on our own at this point to hit two of the more heavily defended constellations in Providence. I had roughly 90 people, including 20ish entosis Drakes, and a standard set of Cerbs, Scimis and support ships.

The first problem… nodes. So   many    nodes. Mistake #1 was trying to do everything in a single shot. A large alliance that can field full fleets, and split up for constellation control, perhaps it works just fine. A smaller group needs to bite off more manageable chunks, or at a minimum understand not all contests will be won.

Another major issues, is Providence itself. I do NOT fault [-7-] in the slightest for abusing this, but they had stations in ever single system. At the start of the capture event, they had pilots spread across, and docked in all of said systems. Multiple ships of different types were in each station allowing them to switch on the fly as needed. For defense it worked great. Undock 15 Caracals, warp to node, pop entosis, warp back. Coordinated hits on entosis ships made it almost impossible to defend. Combine that with their own troll ships entosising untouched nodes, that we had to keep scouting for and ganking provided hours of harassment.

I did indeed once again, take some extremely capable pilots, hand them a few small guys as squads, and let them play anti-tackle. [-7-] stepped up their game, and started dropping larger fleets on entosis ships that the tackle couldn’t touch. If I left with my Cerb fleet to chase them down, their 40ish man Cerb fleet of their own would hit things on the other side of the constellation. I did not have the numbers to be able to split too much more and maintain ability to handle their main fleet as well.

I learned from the previous fleet though. I had help on this one. Another FC managed Entosis Drakes, assigning to various nodes, and handling requests for help. Eventually they split into a separate fleet and a 30 man Goon Harpy fleet came to back us up and chase away the smaller [-7] fleets that were hitting Entosis Drakes. Cards were played well, and [-7] kept harassment, bouncing different systems, never staying long someplace. ECM ships kept making appearances, jamming and leaving forcing cycle restarts.

imagesI realized halfway through this fleet part of what we were doing wrong. We focused the majority of our Drakes in a single system targeting all  nodes. The thought process was defending was easier since in a single system. I kept the light tackle bouncing different systems to try and find [-7-] entosis ships and catch/kill them as well. The Cerbs were positioned to block the larger fleet from entering the pocket, but they still had at least 40 pilots spread across those systems making it difficult.

I should have concentrated on specific nodes for targeted systems. The overwhelming amount of nodes pretty much made sure I could not cap everything, and if I had focused 20 drakes on every IHUB node for a single system at a time, we could have capped the IHUBs much quicker, shrinking the pool of nodes much more quickly. Doing so would mean less scouting, less defense needed, and more  node control. The initial brawl would still be difficult, but once a system or two’s worth of nodes despawned, it would have been far more manageable. By the time we started focusing on all of a single system’s nodes it was too late. We regrettably let KBP’s nodes fall in an effort to make sure we capped the rest of the IHUBs.

It is extremely hard to maintain control in an environment like this. [-7-] had the ability to turn loose all their pilots and say go forth and cause mayhem. They could entosis willy-nilly all over, and have 3-4 semi organized groups ganking individual entosis ships. They also were able to reship quickly, reform quickly, titan bridge back and forth, and cause havoc. They played quite fair of course, as they were defending their home and did an excellent job using all the available tools. We managed to catch their main fleet a few times, inflicting losses, and slowing them down.


FozzieSov is chaotic, and the sheer amount of information being flung at FCs is incredible. There is a massive amount to track and deal with. If Lawn does an invasion, turns to me and says: “Kasken, run this invasion”, I will do a few things.

  1. “FC can I bring drake?” I will say YES… seriously I love annoying certain individual by allowing drakes!
  2. Start smaller, Lawn is not fielding massive fleets, we will hit a few systems at a time, or if we do hit them all, do it specifically allowing certain nodes to fall uncontested.
  3. Train additional FCs to handle the small stuff. These need to be FCs who are good small gang pilots, and can instinctively rejoin the larger fleet as needed without needing to be told what to do every step of the way. Ideally these are 5 man groups that can tackle, kill, and scout effectively.
  4. Implement a system of taking nodes that do not involve a main FC tracking each individual node and assigning a player to it.

It was a great experience, I had fun, got lots of kills, several fights, and some good times over the week. We also had some long, extremely painful fleets, and alot of “I know what I am doing better than you” attitudes in fleets. I don’t think line member pilots can truly appreciate the insane amount of info being passed around in command comm channels, plus fleet channels and jabber pings that the FC is watching during the course of fighting for nodes in Fozzie Sov.

The theory of putting out squads all over and taking it that way is perfectly well and good, applying it into practice is much more difficult than one would expect. Once more, props to Sev3rance for the fights, and their ability to maintain what they could. Lawn US TZ killed 4/5 in our assigned constellation that had US timers. Pretty Map. XHQ-7V is actually an EU timer.

It was a fun week, lots of fights, third parties everywhere, and a hella learning experience. I got to FC most of the major fleets, feeling very comfortable in the FC slot again and had a blast. I would definitely invade providence again for content 🙂 Mad props for the fights guys!

The Once and Future Lobster King